Freelance Writing Jobs is A Good Job For Beginners

Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Jobs' started by Kingsleycpaul, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. Kingsleycpaul

    Kingsleycpaul New Member

    For newbies, things are generally ambiguous and almost confusing. Sometimes, you feel like going back when you invest money and time, but still can't earn a penny. You almost conclude that no one can make money online as a result of the chaos and difficulties experienced. There is nothing online so sweet like making money with your own website, but this is not attracting when you are just starting out. This is the reason some people prefer to work for others in form of promoting other people's websites for the first few years of staying online.

    It's always easier and, of course, necessary to start as a writer online. Eventually, you get trained to become a professional content writer and this becomes an added advantage when it's time to begin with a website. So, starting as a freelance writer would always be preferable when it comes to running an online business.
  2. Rish08

    Rish08 New Member

    Yes, I would definitely agree with this. I believe that there is two fundamental things that a normal person has in common that can be used as paid service to others, it is speaking and writing. For beginners, speaking would be difficult to other person who's specially timid and not comfortable communicating with others at first. On the other hand, writing is an easier task, since you only need to have an idea about the topic and get a well understanding on the instructions posted by the administrator. At first, writers would be not that good since they're only starting but in time, through going with the same process over and over it serves as a training to the writer and will eventually be a good writer someday.
    Plus, in modern days, writing online as starting jobs is preferable since it's more accessible and easier for most especially those who are at homes. Who knows? Maybe there were great minds just waiting for their thoughts to be discovered but cannot go outside for work, so writing jobs online has become an important part of business, also most of the transactions needed are of writing, and it is easier to hire online writers as well as to get a job for writing.
  3. Jeff S Kazzee

    Jeff S Kazzee New Member

    I am currently disabled and my significant other has had to take up part time employment to make ends meet. I feel that this is a good way to 'get my foot in the door' as it were. Allowing me to bring some income in to help ease our financial woes and her work related anxiety.
  4. katsybitsy

    katsybitsy New Member

    I think it depends on individual goals and of course, the niche of the person. A lot of people want to quit their office jobs and go straight to freelancing. However, not everyone knows how extensive the freelancing world is - that there a lot of different skills needed other than writing. You cannot force someone to write if he or she isn't comfortable in writing. It takes talent, passion, and dedication. Writing is just one of them and if you really like to be a writer, then using this skill for some freelancing work does really help you reach your goal.
  5. sucexgold

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    I have always wanted to be a freelancer. I signed up with different freelancing companies but hardly get bids. I have not given up anyway. Though discouraging but I believe one day, I will be a big-time coach on freelancing. I will appreciate it if anyone here will assist me in getting to the top. Thanks
  6. charlierichey

    charlierichey New Member

    I absolutely agree! I'm disabled and do it as work from home, it helps you feel more human due to all the interaction.
  7. Msplayer

    Msplayer New Member

    For sure 100% agree. Entry level writing, or most freelance work out there in general can be a bit discouraging. A lot of companies will ask that the freelancer has experience in what their doing. And it's not like a lot of fields of work where you have startup options in the beginning, but you can use said experience to get better jobs. It's kind of dependant on landing a writing gig. From there just picking up training as a content writer. It can be tough to begin, but if one shows persistence they should have little to no trouble eventually.
  8. Shamimbilha

    Shamimbilha New Member

    I once started out as a freelance writer at a popular freelancing website and gosh! It is a tough world out there. I literally got no job and for some time, I gave up. What I am saying is, freelance writing for beginners is a tough experience and you just need to be of tough mettle to survive. I believe however that there is no easy job out here. We just need to take one step at a time.
  9. ahmedelrazky

    ahmedelrazky New Member

    yes writing jobs is consider as easy jobs and if you write in your native language the percent of faults will be low so you can raise your rate in freelancers sites then go for hard job like designer and video editing ,but the problem in writing job is that no many writing job posts in freelancer sites and it is hard to find one of them.
  10. BettyG

    BettyG New Member

    I want to begin writing. Well I have been writing a long time, what I mean is it has always scared me to actually just write about what I like and what I know about. As I grow older, I find myself wanting to be more creative and expressive. To talk to others about things I have great passion about. I have a blog/vlog that we started a year ago but have done very little writing on it until recently. But now that I got going on it I am really enjoying the feeling I get when I write! So I came here to see if I can get some practice writing for others. To see if I am actually any good.
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  11. AstringentP

    AstringentP New Member

    Same, I have tried blogging too back then. Problem for me is I ran out of things to say and my smartphone was stolen (I have unpublished notes there), so I paused. Currently, I found this postloop and gave it a try and I think it's working for me (I got to admit I wasn't able to follow the instructions properly at start so I was 2 days behind). I kind of enjoy this format of writing, and it feels more like a past time.
  12. Davisho

    Davisho Member

    It's just that some freelance sites keep you waiting for work and other people get the same offer so you might miss out on the job all together.
  13. snipertrolls

    snipertrolls New Member

    In my case, this kind of job helps me a lot. Writing helps improve my memory and mental alertness.
    It is also my stress reliever as i feel lighter when i try to read or write things that can reduced problems.
    Becoming a freelance writer also have big responsibility as it affect things both in positive or negative way.

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