Freelancer or Employee? Who needs to be more cautious?

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  1. Eric Alfred

    Eric Alfred New Member

    In my own opinion, I would say both parties should be cautious. If your an employee, even if your already regular, there's no guarantee that you will stay there longer, because with just one mistake you can be fired by your bosses, managers. Same with being a freelancer, you might have no boss, but your risking your salary there, if your not doing your job well, you will not get paid, and sometimes even if you did already your best, and your boss don't like it, still you might not receive your pay. So I would say both employee and freelancers should be cautious.
  2. higbreeze

    higbreeze New Member

    We'll everything under the sun is temporal and I am not a believer of tenure. So whether you are an employee or a freelancer. Be cautious.
    But to compare the two, I must say the employee should be more cautious. Compared to a freelancer, an employee has a lot more to loss. Especially if the employee is not yet ready to leave the company then must be very cautious. Imagine being fired and losing all your expected benefits from serving the company for years. Just thinking about it gives me an uncomfortable feeling hrrrr.
    The freelancer on the other hand has no strong ties with the employer and that everything is dependent on the quality of service being provided. A wise freelancer knows this and will not bank on just one employer. With this as given, freelancers, have much lesser to loss compared to an employee.
  3. gladysgrace0117

    gladysgrace0117 New Member

    I love both! They have both benefits. Being employee, you get to enjoy chatting with your co-employees, to learn from your immediate superior, get to be promoted, and enjoy dental, health, life insurance, bonuses, and retirement. On the other hand, being freelancer, you get to enjoy your own time, your own job, your office or place to work, you get to attend to your child's needs whenever needed anytime. I guess both provide benefits it depends if which is most important for you - stability or freedom.
  4. jacob13

    jacob13 New Member

    For a freelancer , They it must be important to review the reputation of the employee or site before submitting an application . The way to do that is too easy , First is to check if the site is legit and paid well second is the review of the people who work with the employee you want to work with .
  5. JulyDiscarga

    JulyDiscarga New Member

    An employee must invest knowledge, time and effort to become permanent in a given position and expect for a reasonable promotion to gain a salary increment in chosen field of endeavor. Aside from these, an employee should learn skills and develop good relationship with co-employees and the boss before stepping up the ladder of promotion in the company. Should these factors failed to realize, then he/she (employee) is at risk of stagnant position and may cause a reason of leaving the company which is a big loss for an employee. A freelancer must develop a habit of persistent and hard-working in looking for jobs in an unbounded opportunities not limited to a single position in the company as long as you have a wide-range of knowledge, skills and talent to confidently finish any accepted job in due or ahead of time. Learning the best time management and acting like a boss, a freelancer has the chance to maximize his/her self-value to practice working alone in a very productive and tractable way. Thus, an employee must be more cautious.
  6. Ruth B

    Ruth B New Member

    Based on my experience, I think that the employee is the one to more cautious on accepting or declining a job because there were bogus employers who ask for fees before they could lend you the job and I believe that freelancers are the applying to get paid not to be robbed. There were also instances where you provided your best effort to finish and submit jobs flawlessly but in return you were not being paid. I am not telling the majority but there were some of them who unethically just posting job without the considering thier responsibility in return.
  7. cindylawrence17

    cindylawrence17 New Member

    There is nothing ever better than being your own boss. In as much as one has to be cautious all the time. Its much better when you are your own boss than working for someone else. If their are any damages, as an employee, sometimes you get to repay and still loose your job, if you are a freelancer, even if u fail, u are always there and free to do better without taking directives. You got your time which is one of the most important thing in the world, instead of you to waste about 8 to 12 hours making money for someone else, you invest the time in yours
  8. jamjam2017

    jamjam2017 New Member

    For me both the freelancer and the employer should be cautious.
    They are both taking the risk and investing their time. Freelancers like me , it is my bread and butter and it would be very disappointing after doing the job , employer will not pay for your hardwork. At least in my case I haven't experienced that , cause my first employer who responded to my application, I met him and his business partners personally. that builds my confidence and trust.

    For the employers, same with them, they should also be extra careful . We are all dealing here to people with different background and values. Not because the person is very articulate, or highly intellectual we easily put all our trust in them. Find ways to investigate or try to know the person first , I think it is better if the applicant is being recommended by somebody you know and that's an edge , at least if something happened you can ask help with that person to trace or go after that applicant.
  9. Anonzere

    Anonzere New Member

    Both the freelancer and employee need to be cautious in their line of duty. An employee will always have a constant earning, I.e get paid at the end of every month while a freelancer will always work according to his/her schedule. At the end of it all both get paid for accomplishing their jobs. It all depends with the employer who basically chooses whether to hire a freelancer or an employee.
  10. jjjjj12345

    jjjjj12345 New Member

    Whatever you do, you have to be CAUTIOUS. That's it.

    Freelancers and employees both deal with hazards in performing their jobs. Freelancers have the luxury of getting a hold of their time, most, if not all employees don't. Employees have a steady income, freelancers on the other hand will depend on the amount of work they do. Both types of workers have pros and cons, both have dangers in doing their jobs. Some people offering freelance work could be fraud, to good to be true offers just so free lancers will be attracted easily. Freelancers needs to take advantage of the different verification process done by freelance website to assess if the person offering the job is worthy of their time (e.g. high ratings, payment verification). For regular employees, employers do a thorough background check before hiring, and you should to. As a prospective employee, the online world has been very helpful in providing you insights to a company. Websites such as Glassdoor shows reviews from current and former employees of the company you are applying for.
  11. angeldchaz

    angeldchaz New Member

    Freelancers. On the ongoing competition of online freelancers compared to the employees of a certain company is incomparable. If you are an employee, you are only competing against all the employees in your own company. When you're doing freelance, you compete with almost all possible people globally with the same skill set that you are pertaining to. Therefore, a reputation and performance of a freelancer is really important in terms of getting hired for a job.
  12. Mattia Scarella

    Mattia Scarella New Member

    One has the freedom the other doesn't. In my opinion being a freelancer is better for the person and their family, as it puts perhaps less stress and earns you more than being an employee. It all depends obviously, but working for a company as an employee makes you a number, on average. Neither better or worse than other workers in that company or any other company.
    Being a Freelancer is a step to better life. Again, it all depends on your skills and possibly luck a little bit, but you sure have more chances in living the better life.
  13. MgtulunganPinoy

    MgtulunganPinoy New Member

    Having a freelance job for me is more comfortable but a bit risky. Comfortable in a way that you don't have to go out of the house to start working. No boss and you can start at your own preferred time. It's home based. Risky because you'll never know until when you can have the job. A lot of good freelancer are out there who are willing to bid a better offer just to have the job and that's what most employer are looking into. Another risk in having a freelance job is that you'll never have the chance to meet the employer. Most of the time it's written instructions and email. Few employers have established a good reputation online though. Being an employee on the other is much secured. You know the company, there's a written agreement and lots of benefits. But just the opposite of being a freelance, you have to go out of the house, ride in public vehicle, stuck in a traffic before you can reach the office and worst of all, having a boss with a little attitude. ;) In the end, it's all about having an income for a living. Both requires patience and work, work, work.
  14. Maria Salazar

    Maria Salazar New Member

    I think that both need to be cautious because both are investing their time and effort in completing a job or a task. Being a freelancer you are at risk of some fraudulent activities, especially if your work is online. For an employee, sometimes you get hired but you'd be given a job which is actually not part of your LOB or line of business which can be frustrating. For example, you apply in a call center and you got hired as an email support specialist, however, later on you find yourself taking calls or making calls to your clients without additional pay. It is best to be careful before accepting any job offers.
  15. Mhayz

    Mhayz New Member

    I would say, its more of being an employee.. why? because you never known when does the company ceases its operation, most company do not divulge the status of its operation, an employee will only know at the time they will be given their retrenchment letter at times you will be caught unprepared because this is given at least a month prior to cessation..isn't it surprising? a month or two isn't enough to prepare yourself for a major change in your life especially if this is your only bread and butter. Unlike being a freelance, there are lots of opportunities open for everyone, you can even do multiple work, working from home, do some side businesses .. it will only depend on how a person will be diligently find a freelance job that would make him excel rather than being a full time employee.
  16. MacRingel

    MacRingel New Member

    Well both parties needs to be cautious in this kind of platform because both of them will invest. As for the employee investing money for a certain job to be done, it is important if they will choose the right person to do it by checking their profile. Sometimes having a standard for the said job will help them choose the capable person to do the task and not ending on receiving the final output they paid having low quality on the said project. While on the other hand, freelancers should also be cautious as there are lots of scammers out there pretending to give high pay rate but after you do the certain task and submit it, they will not pay you. Thus, as a part of the freelancer his or her time and effort got wasted. Advise is to check the profile and reviews first to avoid wasting your invested time, effort and money.
  17. inielgabriel

    inielgabriel New Member

    I think its Employee is the one who should be cautious. Because its understood to be cautious when you start a freelancing life.
  18. marjun borga

    marjun borga New Member

    hi!for me its a freelancer,because you didn't have any assurance about your job.
    employee is in a condition that you can know what will happen to you,if your a subcontract then you can have a back up plan for applying again or renew your contact,and also employee have a privilege for a health and life insurance because that's one of the requirements by the government.
    While the freelancer is its like your taking your own risk,because you don't have an idea if that certain client will pay for your service's,and maybe from one of your mistake they will fired you immediately,and also they will never offer about the health insurance,The worst thing there is freelancer can encounter scammers also,because we never know because we never meet that client.
  19. Nelly Ann Ambas

    Nelly Ann Ambas New Member

    I am an employee, with specific time schedule to report for work, Mondays to Fridays, 8am to 5pm. I have the same schedule, the same everyday pattern. I receive a fixed salary, competition for promotion is tough, i also receive employee benefits.

    My husband is a freelancer, he owns his time, very flexible in his time and that he is always the one attending meetings in the school and deals with other school matters, his time is more devoted to the needs of our children. Though he has no employee benefits, he earns more than what i earn. His self is his own boss, no one to criticize your works, no one to yell at you, no deadlines to meet.

    For me, it depends on your personality, on how you want to work, your priorities, and will it make you happy and contented?
  20. honeybits

    honeybits New Member

    For me the one that needs to be more cautious is the freelancer. Freelancers are not certain when are they going to be hired and I guess, at times if they are, it's only for a short period. Also, freelancers' finances will mainly depend on how diligent they are, therefore, laziness must be out of his vocabulary for him to earn a good life. Once given the chance for a job, they always have to give their best so their client will keep them or re-hire them since freelancers have been growing these past years. For me, being a freelancer is a good option since you are your own boss but you must also think that it also has its downside and can easily be resolved with proper management.
  21. red palm

    red palm New Member

    Freelancers need to be more cautious because

    Freelancing is not a permanent position.

    A freelancer is the same as being an independent contractor. Just as an organization may hire a caterer for a party or a landscaping company to take care of the grounds, a freelancer is a provider of specific services for a negotiated rate and time period. Typically, both sides sign a contract spelling out details of the arrangement. After the work has been performed, more contractual agreements may be made—or either side may choose to discontinue the working relationship.

    Freelancers must excel at looking for work.

    Because a freelancer’s career depends on keeping a steady stream of income, they need to think about future projects while completing the work at hand. If a freelancer isn’t able to balance working on current projects while simultaneously searching for new work at the same time, they could find themselves without any more work lined up. Freelancers have short-term goals of finishing a project, getting paid, and moving onto the next job. That is why working as a freelancer requires a delicate balance of tending to one’s current projects and always keeping one eye on the future.

    Employees, on the other hand, have the ability to continue working on one project day after day.

    Freelancers don’t usually receive benefits.

    Similarly, independent contractors typically are responsible for their own medical insurance and retirement plan, and they do not receive paid vacation, maternity leave, holidays, or sick days.
  22. avipascual1015

    avipascual1015 New Member

    I think both party should be cautious. Both have their own pros and cons. For an employee once you're regularized you can call it a stable job. Aside from earning every month it comes with benefits as well. The cons for me were you'll have a boss and coworkers to please. You might feel a little bit stagnant since you're doing the same thing everyday.
    While for a freelancer you have the chance to choose the projects that you want and enjoy. You can manage your time as well and you can do all this in the comforts of your own home. The down-side of it will be the amount of jobs that you can get or received.
  23. rumaizasaleem

    rumaizasaleem New Member

    The Freelancer is earning opportunities for everyone. That platform have present good and bad. We choose the correct option with help of people guidelines. I strongly recommend employee need more cautious.
  24. unikk

    unikk New Member

    "Caotious" need to be everybody or both groups of workers.
    If you do a good job apart from the fact that something or somebody is affected from your job, you will have lots of other benefits, like for instance:
    - As an employee you have a very strong and good reason to ask for salary increment;
    - As a Freelancer you will be good rated which automatically means more chances to get more jobs.
  25. zarex09

    zarex09 New Member

    While freelancers and employees may both provide similar services to a company, there are a few key differences between the two. Being aware of these variations before embarking on a freelance career can help increase your chances of success and satisfaction.
  26. falco80

    falco80 New Member

    As a Freelancer, you have a business.
    The next step is to be more on the business admin side, while resorting to delegating on others, Freelancers and Businesses.

    When you are Freelancing, depending if you're marketing something or just responding to job and project solicitations, you don't have defined rules and methodologies, as well as not much guidance.

    It's a bit of a tricky business to be in. Not for all.
    Some do better at regular jobs.

    But you can get 2 or 3, 4 small real jobs from home.
    There are a few sites that allow you to work or find steady and defined work.

    So, yes, you do need to be extra carefull going freelancing or into any business.
  27. fisher post

    fisher post New Member

    Both parties need to be cautious since they can all end up on a loosing end.The freelancer should be cautious in terms of ensuring he or she gets the pay that he or she deserves for his/her work since the employer can try to to engage him into some mind games when it comes to paying for the service rendered.The employer should be cautious before paying the freelancer so he/she should carefully review the submitted work before handling his cash to the freelancer.
  28. fruityloopkiddo

    fruityloopkiddo New Member

    Anything can change. I believe both need to be cautious and careful with their next steps. Like most of you said, being an employee, even one for decades, can always change. For freelancers, work can be hard to come by, and sometimes it can take months or years for something to come up. Not to mention that if you do a bad job, for both positions, people will talk/gossip. Just be careful!
  29. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Member

    I would like to point out some misconceptions on being a freelancer.
    1. Signup and Start Earning - theres no such thing as easy earnings, when your new to a site, it takes time and effort so you really need "Patience" and "Focus" to master the site before you could earn from it.
    2. A site that pays $50 - $100 per day - well if you find one then please message me asap with the details Lol. Most freelance sites will let you earn from $1 up to $10 per day.

    My average daily earnings from the 4 sites I'm working on including postloop is only $8+ and I'm extremely happy about it, you know why? Because I started working online 5 months ago with only $0.25 - $0.50 per day earnings on lottery sites Baymack and Skylom. After a month I then concentrated on doing survey sites AIP Rakuten, Global Test Market, InstaGC and others this earned me an average of about $1 per day. After another month I was doing UpWork and Freelancer where I earned about $5-$6 per day. Then I found postloop where I'm presently earning about $2 a day. So from a daily income of $0.25 I'm now at $8 in just 5 months. Some will say that this amount is too low. They are right it's still low that's why my next goal is to double it in the next 5 months. Focus on your goals, be Steadfast on what you are doing and always have Patience.
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  30. Tamtam28

    Tamtam28 New Member

    Both parties are investing resources in every transaction they make. And the risk is a part of every investment. In order to find balance and secure protection for both parties, the freelancing platform site took the initiative to formulate rules for a successful collaboration and business deals for both freelancers and employee.

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