Freelancer or Employee? Who needs to be more cautious?

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  1. Vince Jaren

    Vince Jaren New Member

    Freelancer or Employee? I think there is no safe on Earth other than submitting yourself to God and praying before you do a work. For me both should be cautious in thier field because there is no safe place on Earth. Both needs to do well and strive well for them to get the fruit of thier labor.
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    JACONiAH New Member

    I agree. I think that both parties need to be cautious at some point. Freelancer must see to it that every employee that he/she will hire must meet his/her demand within the time table. Employee must look for a reliable and trusted freelancer.
  3. barbaracorotanhome

    barbaracorotanhome New Member

    Free lancers can have larger unsecured pay than employee. The bigger your earnings, the more cautios you should be. free lancers are less secured compared to employee
  4. rebeccaverdad

    rebeccaverdad Member

    Being a full time employee you will think some other ways to be more profitable and just stay at home. Just what I'm doing I'm looking for some home job online, after my work I just render some 2-4 hours a day to make some profit to add to my daily living.
  5. shannettemc

    shannettemc Member

    I think the freelancer needs to be more cautious, because while looking for work, with no set contract, you are subject to the chance of getting scammed, not getting paid, and no guarantee of success. It is a rewarding but risky way to make a living in my opinion.
  6. yajisrael

    yajisrael New Member

    Being freelance is difficult sometimes.
  7. Mafanikio

    Mafanikio New Member

    A freelancer is the same as being an independent contractor. Because a freelancer’s career depends on keeping a steady stream of income, they need to think about future projects while completing the work at hand. If a freelancer isn’t able to balance working on current projects while simultaneously searching for new work at the same time, they could find themselves without any more work lined up. Freelancers have short-term goals of finishing a project, getting paid, and moving onto the next job. Employees have more benefits from the employer. Insurance, security, assurence of payments and salary.
  8. OrogoCA

    OrogoCA New Member

    Absolutely Freelancers. It's just recently that I began looking at Freelancing seriously. I used to watch videos on YouTube on how to make money online and mostly that I stumble upon are apps that you have to download, explore, and earn points. Not bad as some of these are legit (paying), but some are scams. Then networking, a type of home based/online job where you need to invest a small amount of money. And then came Freelancing, a much more serious, professional type of online/home based job. I got interested and began digging deeper.

    From what I've learned so far, Freelancing is not for all. There a requirements that needs to met first to be able to find a Freelancing job. A computer, internet connection, an a quiet spot anywhere in your home. I submit that Freelancers are the ones that needs to be cautious, for the simple reason that they don't see the people they work with, scammers abound on the internet. You risk working on something for hours if not days and not compensated for your efforts. Another reason is stability/tenure. If you're raising a family you've got to have a constant flow of clients.
  9. mcase

    mcase New Member

    Having been on both sides of the same coin as a former employee and now as a returning freelancer, I must say that freelancers enjoy much more freedom of time and unlimited earning potential than employees. But this added freedom and potential that a freelancer enjoys also comes with greater risks, compared to a more controlled yet more secured employee. Such risks include not getting compensated for the hardwork, not getting a steady inflow of clients and projects, and many others. Although I'm not saying that employees don't have to take caution as well during their tenure in the company, still, more caution is needed by freelancers, since we are all on our own and the degree of freedom that we have as freelancers also has an equivalent amount of risk that we have to take. The bigger the perks, the bigger the risks. So caution is much needed for us freelancers to mitigate these risks and thrive happily in the freelancing world.
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  10. andykarve

    andykarve New Member

    I suppose both freelancers and employees need to be very cautious . The employee who states any proposal that's too good to be true is most likely a scam artist. On the other hand, a freelancer, is not very likely to be a scam artist, but may have a reputation of not paying on time or not paying as promised, which could be a big trouble for the employee.
  11. Maricawriter818

    Maricawriter818 New Member

    Freelancer versus employee. I choose to be a Freelancer because I can work whenever I want, any time of the day. It offers a lot of freedom and flexibility that a regular desk job can't. Since I mostly get to choose the type of work I
    do. There's a lot of opportunities working as a freelancer and I have lots of time with my family. I can travel anytime and no hassle of traffic.
  12. Gigusek

    Gigusek New Member

    Both parties need to be somewhat cautious, you should be able to check the other one's reputation no matter if you're the freelancer or employee, and also be able to tell if their information and portfolio/business are legitimate. It's recommended to use those people for jobs who've already proven their ability to work with you and if you haven't had this sort of agreement before, you can always check out sites like Upwork and find whatever you need.

    The employes need to clearly specify their needs and expectations and give the freelancer some room to work. You also need to be wary of what kind of freelancer you hire and if his strengths are the best fit for this specific job and industry. When the content is finally submitted by the freelancer, don't mindlessly use it without checking it and eventually asking for revisions.

    As a freelancer on the other hand, always make sure you specify your strengths to your potential employee, it will give them insight into who you are and if you're the right fit for the job. If the employer hasn't done this yet, make sure you know when you should get paid, the method that will be used for payment and any deadlines you should meet.

    The best agreement is the one where both parties know the process and expectations for the job, whether you hire or get hired, always work towards preemptively reducing anything that can cause disagreements and confusion on either side in the future.
  13. rhanda

    rhanda New Member

    They need to both be cautious, but I believe a freelancer might need to be slightly more cautious. Freelancer is someone working on their own and this person might not sometimes do all the research to protect themselves.
  14. livity6900

    livity6900 Member

    There is nothing so fun like being a freelancer. I believe the life of an employee is a very risky one hence the need for him to be extra cautious.
    There is nothing like Job Security with an employee and every day you live your life at the mercy of the employer who can fire you anytime. All they have to do is to give you a one month notice with pay even if you had worked with them for so many years or they can choose to compensate you with a token. Especially when it is a sales and marketing job, they can increase the target such that you cannot exceed your quota and they will have reason to fire you. The employer owns your life and can play gamble with it at any given time. This will tend to have an effect on you because you think you have worked for a long time to help built the company to its current standing yet the employer does not think like that. The employee is treated as a slave or a robot and you work from 9 to 5. You cannot have any holiday and might die of stress trying to build an empire for the employer but with the freelancer you work at the comfort of your home and make so much money that the employee. Work from home is the best you can ever think of.
  15. Imcorbo95

    Imcorbo95 New Member

    Employee and freelancer has its own advantages and disadvantages, if the line of business you're doing involves a lot of training you should consider hiring an employee because thy may have the experience already . But best way to find out is to check their profile and previous jobs experience.
  16. vonnie45

    vonnie45 New Member

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  17. rustyj

    rustyj New Member

    I have both hired freelancers and have offered my service as a freelancer. And I must say the freelancer has to be more careful as everyone looks at a freelancers ratings before hiring but many do not look at contractors before accepting. I have seen too many good freelancers have their reputation hurt because they were 6 hours late on an assignment due to the time difference or some holiday in India and the contractor did not realize it. So they blast them but it is the contractor's fault for not allowing the wiggle room.
  18. Shaynako

    Shaynako Member

    Most of the arguments in favor of being a W2 employee centered around the regular paychecks and benefits, such as health insurance, 401k matching, and paid time off. These are things freelancers have to pay for themselves and factor into their rates if they want to be at least on par with employees doing the same job. For employees, however, these details and expenses are all taken care of. Lifehacker reader noneOther says:
  19. Azraelvetis

    Azraelvetis New Member

    I believe that caution should be observed by everyone in general. The amount of exposure is different for Freelancers because they can be at home while working or they can be on-the-go which makes them more exposed to the outside world. While there are a lot of factors that affect safety such as location, environment and certain situations, we can never be too complacent.
  20. spurs1958

    spurs1958 New Member

    This is clearly a personal choice. Its easy to think that to be Freelancer is giving you more freedom and in theory this is true , but at the end of the day you need to make a living. I have worked as an employee and in my own businesses for many years and the fact is you end up doing more hours when you work for yourself, generally. You do have some more freedom , but it is restricted freedom.
  21. Xhainelarjie

    Xhainelarjie New Member

    In terms of high standards and expectations? For me, Its freelancers who need to be more cautious. We all know how working as a freelancer tends to require more accuracy and caution than working in a local company as an employee. Both requires time, effort and skill but being an employee in a company we personally got a chance to interact with our bosses or seniors getting a chance to build relationships that we can use to somehow let ourselves be lifted from any hard situations or let's say we can simply ask forgiveness and repeat errors if we did commit one, but for freelancers getting the clients trust and loyalty is hard. Freelancers are expected to work with 99% accuracy and are expected to excel and create great contents which in fact is harder but due to the environmental aspects where a person can work fulltime at the comfort of his home, it tends to become easier as he/she goes along his way. Both needs skills to excel but both also vary from each other due to the nature of work and the skills required. Hope this helps!
  22. kiskidee23

    kiskidee23 New Member

    A freelancer needs to be more cautious as their life earnings depends heavily on their ability to do quality work. If by some chance they slip up, it can hamper their reputation and their prospect of gaining new clients. They have to give their work 100% as compared to an employee. An employee could have an off day and get back on track without much consequences than a freelancer.
  23. jofil

    jofil New Member

    Either you are a freelancer or an employee, you still have to be cautious on everything. You have to make sure that you do and perform your job well.
    Being a freelancer doesn't mean that you can just do whatever you want, you must still be able to satisfy the needs of your client. You may not have a boss to address, but you still have to answer to your clients if you can't deliver what is expected of you.
    As an employee, it goes without saying that you, just like a freelancer, are constantly being evaluated based on your performance, not just on your work but as to how you deal and interact with your colleagues and clients.
    Both freelancers and employees have to be cautious of their work output and their rapport to the clients.
  24. whiteangel

    whiteangel New Member

    Freelancing is one of the most rewarding things you could ever do. It brings a huge amount of freedom, independence and control over your own destiny. It's also incredibly challenging. But nothing beats running your own business. Going freelance gives you room to learn new skills, broaden your range and you never know make some extra cash too.Freelance working is not without its deadlines, just like any job, but it’s certainly true that it gives you more room to breathe. If one of your main reasons for going freelance is to enjoy more you-time or spend more time with your family, it could well be worth it.
  25. omy77

    omy77 New Member

    I just received my first point' thanks,
  26. jayson25

    jayson25 New Member

    Freelancer and employee needs to be cautious because they have a responsibility on their own field, it is difficult for both freelancer and employee because it applys for everyone who works.
  27. Arlene Lara

    Arlene Lara New Member

    Freelancer needs to be more cautious given the fact that freelancing implies personal branding. How one performs affects his or her credibility and integrity. Being an employee means working for someone else'; performance is graded based on corporate expectations and target whereas freelancing is merely working for oneself which boils down to one thing - personal brand; that is the main target of freelancer.
  28. nppedeleon

    nppedeleon New Member

    Freelance and employee is a part of the business. They should both be cautious because both of them are being paid by the business or industry what ever it is. They should do their task or job carefully and properly. What ever you name it whether you are a freelancer or employee you should do your best.
  29. Johnstocks4416

    Johnstocks4416 New Member

    They're both at risk. You still have to do a lot of effort to your project. Freelancers have their own time management yet they still have jobs to protect. Same as the employees. All of them are working and we may think that being a freelancers is great. NO! Both are great. You just have to be good at your job. To avoid trouble. So each one of them should be cautions.
  30. DorisB

    DorisB New Member

    I think you have to be cautious in both job . Every job must be approach with caution in order to retain the trust of our employer and for us to secure our income for a good length of time.However, As a result to this some of us are generally more cautious, take fewer risks, and are less impulsive than others.This part of our hard wiring is directly related to the exhibits caution factor of our personal safety, and research shows it is strongly related to safe behavior and the probability of being injured. Therefore, we have to measure the caution in our life.

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