Freelancer or Employee? Who needs to be more cautious?

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    I think freelancers need to be more careful about who they work with, while typical employees need to be careful about what they work for. Freelancers tend to either know their worth, or be desperate for money, and so they don't need to be as careful about things like salaries. Typical employees, though, need to make sure they're earning what they deserve. Women especially are unlikely to stand up for themselves and ask for a raise, even if they deserve it.

    This article has some tips on how to handle the awkward conversation. Your salary should, at a very minimum, be keeping up with inflation. If you've been loyal to a company and they haven't increased your pay, consider looking for another place to work -- or at least threatening to, and see if that gets your boss to pony up.

    Freelancers need to be careful that the people or companies they're working for are actually going to pay them. If you're not sure if a site is actually going to pay out, Google their name + "spam" to see any warnings from previous workers.

    Good luck earning money, don't give out personal info unless you need to, and stay safe!
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    Thanks for sharing this ;-) I'm starting to learn about freelancing jobs as a full-time mom :)
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    For me freelancer is the best one, because as employee you stay at company 8 to 12hours by doing your job responsibilities, and your salary is daily basis or monthly, then for freelancer, you can set your free time or what time you available, or you can manage your time and you can do multi task to maximize your earnings,
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    Freelancer or Employee? Who needs to be more cautious? I am currently working in a government as employee. Since I assume in the government as worker is helpful and how so ever greenpastures to me. But this field is so much limited in my country. In my working hours, always in my tasks from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and all I want to do is focus to my boring assingments. In my country, the salary is not so big wage and just right for my needs. But as employee, you are secured and you have a benefits. This is the positive matters.

    In Freelance is promising because you own your time, you have many clients or customers and you earn lots of money but the problem is not secured and seasonal jobs. But the question that 'Freelancer or Employee is I prefer as Freelancer. Why? Because I am working many years as an employee. I'm tired to work this field and I have many knowledge to contribute and it is enough to prove myself to do the task as freelance. In short, it is so risky as Freelancer. :)
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    Probably the freelancer. Most of your clients won't pay until the freelancer has already finished the job and most importantly, the job was done well, otherwise it will affect your success in the future. That is the drawback of being a freelancer. Some of the freelance job has no contract. So before taking a job you should look at who are you working for and make your best shot in doing the task.

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