Freelancer or Employee? Who needs to be more cautious?

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  1. hstinscdln

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    Both of them actually has to. An employee may get fired for not being cautious. For an example, you are an encoder and you accidentally put wrong data. You may lose your job with that simple mistake and no one might hire you again. Now for the freelancer side, you have to be cautious as well since you will lose credibility. Let's say you are a writer of some sort and you wrote some things that the society can't accept. You will lose readers and eventually your reputation would go down.
  2. tintvmint

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    Both of the is more important to be more cautious because both of them you must build a good reputation and you should be more responsible in doing your job.
  3. Misterme

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    Well it depends on your needs if you require guaranteed income then you would be better off working as an employee for a company but you maybe happier choosing your hours of work being freelance.I prefer to work for a company so I have guaranteed income and you can always work in your spare time freelancing.Thanks Jordan Durante
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    Employees should be more cautious because companies can hire freelancers anytime to replace them if they will not perform well their duties and responsibilities. Some freelancers ask for low pay for their services and the result of their work can be better.
  5. Jersy

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    Freelancer and employee is both more cautious, but you can choose what makes you happy or what you think that you want. The tips is think about it if you want to be an employee, there have a rules one's you cant do the rules they have a possibility to fired you. But if you want what you're doing in that job you can earn more money. But if you don't want to be an employee you can go to the freelancer even your income is become cheap. But both of that job is important because both of them built a good reputation.

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