Freelancing Is Never gonna be An Easy Job

Discussion in 'The Freelance Life' started by workhard0205, May 17, 2019.

  1. workhard0205

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    :cool: People think that freelancer, is an easy way to have an extra income and sometimes become the primary source of income. Being a freelancer for me is the hardest way to catch some spare money, Because there are tons of talents around the world.,It's not right away when we cast our Application we will be chosen by Clients but we need to become a Extra Talented attract Clients. Freelancing is a Talent not a Choice.
  2. jackiejackie

    jackiejackie Member

    While it is true that freelancing is open for everybody, it is also true that the competition is very tight. For sure, clients have many to choose from and that means that you have to outshine the crowd so you could get the job. Especially for beginners, to be noticed is a big challenge. Even so, since we are in this type of earning, we have to press on, upgrade ourselves, and do our best.
  3. Warren1967

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    As I have said before, it will depend on your abilities and the type of job that you will take online. There are small jobs that pay very little and there are some that pay well but will take up a lot of your time. You will also have to invest in internet connection as well as equipment if you want to get the high-paying job. You also have to take care of your benefits such as social security on your own, Hope this helps.
  4. memez4savages

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    Definitely true, it's very hard and not everybody can be a freelancer nowadays. People are illuded by the idea of earning easy money, but there simply isn't a way to earn ''easy money''. Freelancing is very hard, i agree on that but i also believe that you can become better at it by practicing and perfecting your craft.
  5. GYap

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    Freelancer was easier before, way back in 2005. I was into affiliate marketing before. Right now, I have a regular job, just wants to go back to freelancing because of freedom to choose where and when to work. Competition right now is very hard, so I'm planning to just put up my own online store.
  6. jeda30

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    Countless people all over the world are into a freelance business now. They prefer to be self-employed workers wherein they can have a flexible time working on their own schedule and showcasing their personal abilities. Some of them are spending their entire lives wondering how to be successful in life, but never figure it out. I heard a lot of times that freelance is a good choice of career wherein you can have a flexible time working on your own schedule at your own pace and possibility of earning more money. When I decided to leave my regular job and started the freelance business, I started realizing that it wasn't easy as I thought. Spending more time a day, sleepless night, focus, hard work, research, creative thinking, wonderful ideas and uniqueness of your own style are some factors that stressed me out. Freelance is never an easy job because your income as a freelancer varies depending on the skills, experience, and knowledge that you possess. But there is no reason for giving up our dreams, it takes times as long as we learn and grow every day.

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