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    Freelancing - a word which increases today's all type of business model, freelancing writing jobs are just one of them, but there are many possibilities that's writing jobs are most common job where many people earns good income.


    freelance writing jobs I've ever gotten are those I created for myself. You can certainly go to websites like, but in most cases, even if you get a response submitting to those jobs, the person who wins is the person who turns in the lowest bid for services.

    My best and most high profile writing assignment was to blog my way through Top Chef University, for BRAVO-TV and Post Oak Productions. They didn't advertise that they needed a blogger. Basically, I saw a written blurb in a periodical somewhere about Top Chef University and wanted to go through the lessons for free because I'm a fan of the show. I used demographic information and my writing portfolio to craft a query explaining why they needed a blogger, and why I was uniquely qualified to provide those services. Within two weeks I was in direct negotiations with Post Oak's CEO. In essence, I created the opportunity; I believed they needed an average American housewife to blog her way humorously through their program as free add-on content to their
    website, to drive traffic and increase membership

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