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    I have to admit, I am the kind of person who does not want to be tied up with a work schedule, so I figured out that applying for a home-based online job would definitely be the perfect job for me. I was thrilled with the idea of not leaving the house while earning money. I applied to become an English tutor. Well, everything worked fine, I passed the interviews and exams, but here comes the demo teaching and probation period. All is well, except for one thing, I cannot find a quiet room where I can teach. Sounds silly, right? One of the managers told me that I have the potential for teaching, but the noise during my Skype calls with them played a very big factor. By the way, I live in a busy city and our house is near the highway plus we have dogs, and I also have an adorable three month old niece who cries, well you know, quite often. Well, yeah, every sound surrounding me is music to my ears, but for them, it is a big distraction and a major turn off. I made an effort to look for an apartment, a quiet place, but the odds were not in my favor, I did not pass the probation period for that reason - noisy surroundings. I did not give up, I tried applying for all online jobs I could find. Transcribing, annotating, captioning and all sorts. All is good, although the pay is really not that high but I still go for it. And what do you know? I stumbled upon a video on Youtube that led me here on Postloop. I read all the reviews and I am happy of the whole idea of writing. I am not really sure where this job will lead me, but I am now writing this article to give it a shot. There is no harm in trying. So to all who are struggling like me to find a freelance job out there, let's give this a try, I have a great feeling that this time, this is for us. And one more thing, we don't need to find a quiet place to do this job. Cool, isn't it?

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