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Would you like Game of Thrones to be presented in a movie film ?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. EngDiya

    EngDiya New Member

    Would you like Game of Thrones to be presented in a movie ?
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  2. CabbageEye

    CabbageEye New Member

    Very much no. George R. R. Martin got plenty of offers to make the novels into movies and rejected them since he didn't believe something that complex could be compressed into several hour movies. He only agreed to make it a show, and for good reason. Movie adaptions aren't always awful but nobody can deny you lose a lot of what is important crossing over to the big screen. The show has as well (coming from the perspective of someone who has only read a bit of the book and seen all of the show), but it still fleshes it out much better in my opinion. If it was jammed into a two-hour movie, I can only imagine how rushed it would feel. I do prefer TV shows over movies generally speaking for that reason, but Game of Thrones stands on a different level to me.
  3. sungoddess88

    sungoddess88 New Member

    Movie no, maybe a documentary probably yes. Based on the past movie adaptations of tv series , unless you have watched and remembered all the seasons, i feel it is difficult to make a movie out of it, it destroys that awesome revealing and surprising episodes thus rolling it into one final movie that will be a huge budget and effort. I mean we have waited GOT for like a yearly basis and it would take like a bunch of many years to produce all in one, the summary itself even George Martin couldn't do it lol. It will destroy the exciting emotions that we GOTers feel whenever a new episode is coming up.:):)
  4. angeloflove

    angeloflove New Member

    Definitely a big YES! For some reasons others may contradict and disagree of making it in the big movie. The copyright of HBO original television series are very tight and I respect that but if the last season of Game of Thrones are done I was hoping to watch it in the big screen. Right from the start after almost 10 years of watching it in HBO I would love to support and watch in a 3 hours movie of Game of Thrones in a big screen.
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  5. EngDiya

    EngDiya New Member

    Thank you very much. I support your thought. I get tired from one season to another. I still remember how I ended watching Prison Break last scene in the last episode in season 5. Actually I got sick.
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  6. RamiJarrar

    RamiJarrar New Member

    It's really hard to deliver that complicated story to a viewer via a 2 hours movie.
    I'm sure that every single thing that comes out of game of thrones will be mind blowing, but still it's hard to accept the idea of combining all 7 seasons and soon will be 8 in a 2-3 hours movie, but still I'll be so excited to watch it if it was filmed
  7. myturkmen

    myturkmen New Member

    I would definitely want to see it in a movie theater. But it should be like "Lord of the Rings." The longer the better.
    It would be great to see sword fights and epic battles. And of course dragons:)
  8. hunkmenlordy

    hunkmenlordy New Member

    I think so because it's very popular. It makes you feel that the GoT world is real. The character descriptions and connections feel very real. The brilliant screenplay, dialogues and beautiful landscapes and nail-biting action makes us ignore the goofy and vague magical stuff. The casting choice is superb. It brings the book characters to life. The entire team has done a wonderful job in creating such an epic series with over 70 hours of screen time. Not only that, It's popularity is primarily because it takes is unlike traditional good v/s evil fantasy (eg. LOTR, Star Wars). This series highlights how most of the major characters are gray in nature, neither purely evil not purely good.
  9. Cucui

    Cucui New Member

    They can take the world of A Song Of Ice And Fire to the big screen but obviously in a spin-off or another historical moment in the saga apart from the tv series.

    I think they have make a great job. Producers, writes, actors, HBO... but I think that the caracters that we already know and love will not return. We will miss them.
  10. Katxdjss

    Katxdjss Member

    Probably not. The Game of Thrones series is absolutely long and some fans may be disappointed for it being compressed in a movie with a duration of two hours. The series of the Game of Thrones is very much awaited and for it to be channeled into a movie would be quite short and it would look a bit rushed. Fans would appreciate if it is portrayed how it is in the book and I'm sure it will be quite worth it to invest in making a longer series rather than compressing it into a movie.
  11. gobbledygook

    gobbledygook Member

    I watched Prison Break just a couple of years back and I loved it. Season 1 and 2 are the best. Is Season 5 worth watching? I didn't like how Season 4 ended at all. I don't get their idea of freedom when Sara is just on the run.
  12. dylanfaust

    dylanfaust Member

    Nine noble families fight for control over the mythical lands of Westeros, while an ancient enemy returns after being dormant for thousands of years.
  13. Marcosdc

    Marcosdc Member

    I want a movie of it because I have no time to watch the entire season, one and a half or two hours is enough for this show.
  14. avillafuerte

    avillafuerte New Member

    I would love to see Game of Thrones in the big screen! I think they could make a special or a spin-off that would tackle the history of Iron Throne or something. I'm sure it would attract many fans around the globe.
  15. Fartytester21

    Fartytester21 Member

    Definitely no, think about all the scenes that has significant effect in the story to be cut just to fit it in a 3-hour movie.
    I think its quite obvious why the series took the internet by storm because of complex their story line was. Hard to imagine a movie with that.

    It could be great to see if they managed to make a movie and I'd still gonna watch it but when it comes to what is better platform? Series.
  16. Seriphif

    Seriphif Member

    Triple No to that! Game of Thrones is an epic story and there is no way they could do it justice on the big screen. I am a person who loves books, and movies. Really it is more than that, I love stories. GOT is nothing without the story. I still haven't watched the show, more than an episode or two, but I have read the books and the reviews and I must say the books are so much better than the show.
    Some people really enjoyed Lost and having questions after seeing an episode but I don't. I like to understand what I am seeing and know what is going on. Upon watching the first couple episodes I really didn't like the show. There was just so much hype about it though, so I decided to read the books instead and I am glad I did. The books are very well written and while still conveying mystery they explain so much more of what is going on in that world. I do not feel that even half of the story could be put into a movie, even if they did a three part epic like Lord of the Rings. Even then they would have to cut a lot of the story out and it would be entirely too gruesome. So the answer is No! They should not make Game of Thrones into a movie.
  17. Bcaluag

    Bcaluag Member

    Cant wait for the next season. Winter is Coming!.
  18. claraysabel

    claraysabel New Member

    No, I wouldn't want Game of Thrones to be aired on the big screen. I think that the story line of the series fits into television much better. It always gets me excited for the next episode.
  19. nikiii23

    nikiii23 New Member

    nooooooooooo, I love details in the show they wouldn't be good in movie
  20. Abba

    Abba New Member

    There is no possible way a whole season of a series can be compressed to a single movie without removing important details we GOT fans would love to see. So presenting it as a movie is a big NO for me.
  21. 45poan3t

    45poan3t New Member

    I have read all the books released thus far, and in my opinion the plot is far too complex to be made into a movie. Each book has so much happening in it, that it deserves an entire season in a series to do it justice. Without the required screen time, all the character interactions and development just can not take place.

    Furthermore, the movie of GoT would probably ruin the flow produced in both the books and the series. In both cases, events slowly build up towards a climax, like wars and major battles. A movie will not have enough time to show most of the slow build up, resulting in a succession of major events. Potentially spectacular, but it will lack the depth needed to truly enjoy a world as well built as Westeros, with the complex characters within.
  22. rustypaller

    rustypaller Member

    I watched all the episodes and I loved it. The Finale was absolutely fantastic! It was the best finale ever! It was perfect!
  23. rustypaller

    rustypaller Member

    You see, I had a lot of time afterwards and I thought a lot about what had happened. The more I thought about it the worse it seemed.
    The thing that really really pissed me off was the pace, they were so hasty about everything. The Finale was itself worth like 3–4 episodes.
  24. rustypaller

    rustypaller Member

    Who Will Be The First "Ruler" To Die?
    Game of Thrones has four major contenders for the throne at the moment, and chances are one or more of them will fall before the final credits roll. Whoever drops first will shift the tide of battle and plot greatly, so with that in mind, which ruler will be the first to bite the dust?
  25. iansilvino18

    iansilvino18 Member

    game of thrones is the best TV series ever next the walking dead.
  26. NellSeon

    NellSeon New Member

    I like the idea as GOT to be presented as a film, it could be a like a spin-off or the actual same one and I would still watch it.
  27. breego

    breego New Member

    I'd say no as well. The source material is too huge. I haven't read the books but I have seen all the seasons of the show and given how much there is to adapt into a movie, I think it's unrealistic. You would loose a lot of what the show has to offer and the show already seems to be omitting or changing things that are in the books. A movie would trim it to a point the story might become unrecognizable.
    The show already has movie quality production so it's not like a movie will have anything revolutionary to offer in terms of it's production quality. In a series format, we get a lot of what the book has to offer with amazing visuals.
  28. Kabi

    Kabi New Member

    Doubt it, the thing that makes GoT so amazing are the plots and twists in that series, couldn't fit that in a movie. You'll also get to know all the characters in the series which makes the whole thing a lot more interesting and that's also another thing that would not work in a movie.
    Everything that GoT offers is perfect as a series not as a movie, but that's just my opinion.
  29. Prince98

    Prince98 New Member

    Game of Thrones is one of the best series ever.
    Arya Stark the North remembers.

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  30. jaykenth

    jaykenth Member

    I haven't watch GoT yet but I want to. If it made into a film it would be better for me because I can watch it for 2-3 hrs and I will know already the plot. I don't want to read it also to know the plot because it will spoil me. I wanted to know by watching it and maybe after that, I can read about it.

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