Games in Cellphone? or Games with friends outside the house?

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In these case what do the older persons do to this kids that play inside there home?

  1. Encourage them?

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  2. leave them?

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  1. dames112018

    dames112018 New Member

    Generations nowadays just playing inside the house with there cellphone on their hands.
  2. danmike25

    danmike25 New Member

    Well, I do agree with that. As time goes by, the technology advances as well. I don't say that this is not something that is positive. It is just that because of this, most kids nowadays tend to to forget being real kids. What I'm saying is kids are kids and should be playing around doing physical activities. Even if we try to look at the developmental stages of kids especially those ages 4-12, they should be more involved in physical activities since they're on the prime of physical and developmental growth. And these types of activities would also help meet the developmental needs of their current age group or shall we say, their age bracket. If these needs wouldn't be met, they might experience regression in the future.
    I do believe that parents must encourage them to engage in such activities to have balance growth and development.
  3. SeaShelStew

    SeaShelStew New Member

    It has been my own personal experience that the "preachy old timer" will ALWAYS get ignored and intentionally disobeyed. Outside games are the sure choice for kids who want live past age 40 without cardiac arrest, but the only problem is selling that idea in a world where all their "internet entrepreneur " heroes make 47 minute youtube videos telling how hard work is for suckers. Granted those youtubers are intentionally misleading kids to sell "marketing courses" and there are literally millions of people doing the same or similar. The culture of the world is almost being altered in a way to lead younger adults and children into thinking suicidal lifestyles are cool and trendy.

    A hipster apocalypse if you will.
  4. Klint

    Klint New Member

    As an introvert, as a person who doesn't really like social interaction that much, I would prefer playing games on my cellphone rather than playing with other kids outside. This actually depends on the child especially if that child has social anxiety. Of course, outdoor activities are healthier for the child; but are we really going to sacrifice their mental health for the sake of them having social interaction? In my opinion, we shouldn't put children in situations that doesn't make them comfortable.
  5. lhanz

    lhanz Member

    Games outside with friends because it is more fun when playing actually with friends rather than playing online only. but we can't blame society as technology grows we adapt to it.
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  6. esmeralda

    esmeralda New Member

    I definitely prefer games with my friends, many times I play online with them or out of my house.
  7. Osamah7

    Osamah7 New Member

    I think a good balance is essential. Playing with friends outside has many positives, especially if it includes sports such as soccer. This is because it will lead to an improvement in health as well as give the user enjoyment.

    It is also good to play cellphone games as these also have positives. For example, many cellphone games lead to an increase in coordination skills and boost our memory. However, there are negatives as well. For example, playing too many cellphone games can lead to eyesight problems.

    Overall, playing games with friends outdoors is definitely a better option and more time should be spent on it. Playing games on a cellphone can also be good for you as well, as long as if it is in moderation.
  8. rickmervin

    rickmervin New Member

    I prefer games in cellphone. Actually I'm addicted in playing games in cellphone and Mobile Legends is one of my favorite game in cellphone. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game designed for mobile phones. The two opposing teams fight to reach and destroy the enemy's base while defending their own base for control of a path, the three "lanes" known as "top", "middle" and "bottom", which connects the bases. In each team, there are five players who each control an avatar, known as a "hero", from their own device. Weaker computer-controlled characters, called "minions", spawn at team bases and follow the three lanes to the opposite team's base, fighting enemies and turrets.
  9. chickfillay

    chickfillay New Member

    Back in my days, which is different from this generations, we play outside of the house and invent games that involve more than 5 players which would be my neighbors too. Plus if you're playing outside, you get to be physically fit and be exposed to new activities with your new friends. It would really develop unity, cooperation and teamwork with your friends and it will boost your confidence since your out with strangers and trying to develop friendship with one another. It really is helping your physical, mental, social skills when your playing outside.
  10. lilibethnepo

    lilibethnepo New Member

    I think playing outside the house with my friend is the best why? First Because playing outside can make you more happy and it creates love between you and your friend. Second is if you play outside it can enhance your individual talent and skills like dancing,running and singing and Last Playing outside is great because it have more benefit than playing indoor playing outside can make your muscle more develop and toned so there's no reason for us to not play outside
  11. engrjay

    engrjay New Member

    I believe that playing games with friends outside the house is a better way of playing. Doing this improves a kid in so many different ways. It can help improve their social skills as they can socialize with other people by playing outside. It can improve their health as it acts as a form of body exercise. Lastly, practically speaking this will reduce the electricity cost coming from using different gadgets at home.
  12. diolola456

    diolola456 New Member

    Games with friends outside the house because it help me relief my problems and also give me problems why? Because some of my friends want to throw every game that we play online and its killing me off them retard friends ahahahahaahahah. But I love my friends, whatever they throw in every game I will always cherish every moment that we play and laugh and laugh together.
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  13. ManBearPig

    ManBearPig New Member

    I think you can have a balance of both. Sometimes you prefer to be alone and playing games on your phone, and other times you want to hangout with friends and have a good time. I do think people should get some outdoor time to soak up the sun and get some physical activity in to stay healthy.
  14. Nora1

    Nora1 New Member

    I prefer playing games with friends outside the house because it's a great way for me to socialize and build strong relationships with them. Yes we can also socialize through our online games, but you have to admit, the relationship you build among your real-life friends are stronger and greater. You get to experience your friends and know them for who they truly are.
  15. Rechgaming

    Rechgaming New Member

    Me at my age , 20 , I will admit that I consumed lots of my free time by playing Android games and it is my only habbit after 8 hours of work from our banana farms. Honestly, in our generation, we admit or not we are all addicted to play smartphone games. Back on the old days when there's no smartphone yet , we all play outdoor games like throwing marbles , hide and seek and last but not hte least is chasing one another. There's so many fun games outside our house back there but now, we are like zombies to our cellphones.
  16. qwwrty

    qwwrty New Member

    Games in cellphone for me because I'm not the sporty type of guy that plays outside with friends. And I don't have much friends, so kinda impossible to do it. And an introvert too so games in cellphone is a definitely my forte. But if I have friends that wants to play sports outside, why not??
  17. gerry ravelo

    gerry ravelo New Member

    For me i prefer playing outside the house with friends,because playing with friends is awesome,and it helps me relief my stress and problems.And makes me happy and complete with them. We also play online games in mobile phones inside the house like mobile legends,clash of clans etc.We also build and play lego after online games in our phone.Being with my friends is really the best thing that happen.

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