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  1. Daydreamradio

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    Does anyone have advice for thinking of topics for writing samples? I always get stuck and frankly intimidated when people ask for one. I know it's probably hurting my chances at gigs, so can anyone offer advice from experience? Thanks!
  2. bomb2060

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    @Daydreamradio, i totally agree with @Deen's statement above. You also need optimized titles. It all starts from a good title. If you get it wrong on the title, you will scare away your potential visitor.

    Maybe to help you, you can share your keyword and i will give you a minimum of 500 blog / forum titles that you can use. Additionally, you an even make a planner on how to post them in your forum and how they will connect to make one good story.

    With or without the assistance of a third party software, you need to be committed yourself and creative in order to sail through. Great content comes from within, from the heart. Not necessarily inspired by circumstances. When the content comes from within, you will actually enjoy reading your articles.
  3. sspi

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    When a client asks for a sample I cannot say that I am pleased with it, especially since with ratings and reviews clearly visible on one's profile I think that it is enough. However, if they ask, you have to oblige! I suggest you spend some time writing a sample article about something that you are experienced at, or a topic that you are passionate about. The more you know about the subject, the better the article is going to be. If you have no idea whatsoever, just think about your interests, hobbies, or things you love - you will surely come up with something. Write it, proofread it, and save it so as to use it as a sample article whenever someone asks you for one.
  4. smarthands

    smarthands New Member

    It is common for clients to ask for writing samples before awarding a writing job. The reason is that the client wants to be sure that he's hiring the right freelancer for the job. It is very advisable to write on a subject in which you have knowledge on, particularly topics you are passionate on. The job becomes easier to finish from the title to the content because you are very familiar with it. This also helps you to deliver original content.

    Asides this, you can draw inspiration from other people's work. Google is your friend, just type in a topic you are cool with and scroll through the result pages. Click on those interesting, you should be able to get the spark to ignite your writing fuel. However, never plagiarize another man's work, it is unethical.

    I hope this helps.
  5. Obanro

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    This is more or less like asking her to curate articles or just feed clients with copied contents as this won't land you a good chance with them; not when they check and your samples could not pass Copyscape. Never give such samples to serious clients, you will only be rejected. Just take your time to build your writing skills and writing tons of articles at your leisure; if you can write good samples, then its sure your can't write a comprehensive article for your clients.

    Hope this helps.
  6. wisepost

    wisepost New Member

    Study is the only way for ideas to flow into writing of any kind . Without knowledge,it is like driving at night with no headlights to guide you ! Knowledge is power and creates amazing Articles of whatever topic ! Study is key in the success of writing on any given topic !
  7. wisepost

    wisepost New Member

    Yes a great topic is always berried within the Article itself . Once you write the Article , dig in and find its most valued topic . It will be within the lines !
  8. Steve Owen

    Steve Owen New Member

    Getting writing samples shouldn't be a problem if you can do article rewriting or if you are savvy at online research.

    Normally, when applying for a gig, there'll be a brief description of what the job entails. Then after you have indicated interest, your prospective client(s) should tell you the kind of write-ups they want. Then you go online to make a quick research to see if you can find sample materials to use as template for the work. If the search throws up similar works, then you can sign up for the gig and use your re-writing skill to build up the work. Ensure to run plagiarism checks on the write-up when you're done and redo the red flags until the whole work is plagiarism free.

    However, if the initial online research didn't yield much useful resources, it is better to stay clear from the gig because the time and energy you'll expend trying to do a job you don't much about isn't worth the meager pay most online jobs pay.
  9. Shane1728

    Shane1728 New Member

    Writing sample essays is very crucial, especially if it would be used and criticized by the company you will be applying for. Sample essays could be about your own experiences, struggles, and inspiring ideas that you want to share with other people. Also, you should not feel afraid of your own style of writing, just be mindful of the correct usage of grammar and punctuation marks. Also, be positive that you will succeed in life.
  10. Aya Adajet

    Aya Adajet New Member

    oral argumentative essay topics are some of the easiest to get carried away with, like animals or death penalty. These topics tend to be very debatable because people have different opinions and justifications for those opinions on what they think is right or wrong.

    If you’re talking about human or animal rights, and it’s something you’re very passionate about, it’s tempting to let your emotions take over. While it’s so good to be passionate in an argumentative essay, remember to keep your thoughts focused and organized.
  11. realslug

    realslug New Member

    It's common for employers to request writing samples as they need to find the right person for the role! Things like punctuation, grammar, writing voice, and relevancy are crucial when picking the right person.

    To come up with titles when writing samples, you can go to Google Trends to see the keywords that are trending on Google and help you generate the most effective title that can guarantee a higher number of views. The wording of your topic is very important as it can affect the number of views your article gets.

    You can write out a brainstorm for the article before you write. For example, your topic is "Best Health Supplements of 2017". You can write down ideas for subtopics, such as vitamins and minerals, specialty supplements, herbals and botanicals, and sports nutrition and weight management.

    From there, you can start bullet pointing ideas you want to include in the subtopics. Hopefully this will provide you with an idea of a structure for your article!

    Good luck, and I hope this was helpful for you.
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  12. charles2reality

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    Actually, I think your problem isn't that you'e having trouble coming up with ideas. I think your problem is that YOU THINK YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.

    The human brain goes through all kinds of ideas all day and night. You just have to get better at capturing those ideas and translating them into content you r clients can use and you can turn into money.

    My advice:
    • Practice: Create content on what creative professionals "on spec". Imagine a client in your chosen subject area hired you to write for a magazine. Write down at least 5-10 article ideas (or more) and choose 1-3 to develop into samples. (This can help you build a portfolio if you don't have one
    • Competitive research: Look online for other articles in your chosen subject area. Think about ways that you could write about that same topic from a different angle.
    • Mentor: Imitate the style of someone's writing that you admire. You don't want to copy, but you might want to take notice of their style. Figure out what you like about their style and what you don't. Add your own twists.
    Above all, practice collecting ideas and developing those ideas. That is how you build samples and turn them into profit.
  13. yulicame

    yulicame New Member

    It is very important to write quality material to get good position in the internet search engines, but the good question is where do get that spark to write? above all because it must be original content, that certainly is not in another Web site, the important thing is to get the way that imagination glows, doing so required steps, the first thing is to find a niche that is important at this time to the community, look for material having to do with the topic, read it as much as possible so that you can understand the subject, to write a text string with your own idea original, a second point is to ask idea of people who are professionals in the subject that has to do with the topic q EU wants to write, this can help you have lighting in your thoughts. Of course there are other suggestions you can follow, the important thing is that writing is a material that much like the audience.
  14. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    Strong writing and communication skills are highly sought after by most employers. Whether crafting short emails or lengthy annual reports, many workers use their writing skills every day. And for an employer seeking proof behind that ubiquitous candidate phrase, "excellent communication skills", a required writing sample is invaluable.

    Writing samples need the same care and attention given to cover letters and resumes. Candidates with otherwise impeccable credentials are routinely eliminated by a poorly chosen writing sample. Notice I said "poorly chosen" not "poorly written." Because that's the rub: a writing sample not only reveals the individual's writing skills, it also offers a peek into what they consider important or relevant for the position. If you miss that mark with your writing sample, don't expect to get a call for an interview.
  15. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    1. Know that a lot of people don't send a sample-- so if you send one, your chances of scoring an interview just improved. Requiring a writing sample usually drops the candidate pool in half-- only about 50% of candidates will take the time to send one. That makes it easier for the recruiter-- fewer applicants to consider. (Oh-- and if you're thinking you can ignore the request for the writing sample and still remain in contention for the position, think again.)

    2. Make sure your sample is perfect and contains no spelling or grammatical errors. Employers aren't seeking writing samples for the fun of it. Most of us have learned that resumes and cover letters are not always written by the candidate. Short of plagiarism (which is never recommended!), candidates usually submit their "true" work in a writing sample. I work in a higher educationsetting, for example, and good writing skills are important. I can't afford to have staff members sending poor quality emails to faculty or employers, so I carefully read writing samples for obvious problems.

    3. Understand that a writing sample request is another form of test. How well does the candidate understand the position and/or the field to which they are applying? Sending a sample educational report on a student to an advertising firm or a report about pregnant teenagers to a nonprofit environmental agency quickly demonstrates that the candidate hasn't thought about the position and the type of writing involved. Don't waste time wishing that the employer would give you more information about the writing sample: sorry, folks, that's part of the test. If the employer doesn't specify what they're seeking, perhaps that's because they expect you to know. If a length is not specified, generally speaking, one or two pages should be fine.
  16. jack18

    jack18 Member

    Yes scroll down to the supplemental requirements and see that you’re supposed to submit a writing sample. Now what? Should you submit a research paper you wrote as an undergrad, a persuasive email, a personal blog post, a speech that’s kind of boring (but that you gave at a prestigious event), or maybe a newsletter you co-wrote?
    Too often, you’re told that writing samples are simply there to demonstrate your writing ability. Certainly, that’s part of it. And if you start with the process of elimination, this discounts anything with typos, or run-ons, or that’s boring (bye-bye speech).But the trick is what you do next: Conceptualize your application as a complete picture, with your writing sample as a supporting element. Here’s how it works...
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