Getting in the Loop...Why Do You Write?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Rebecca Nedrow, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Rebecca Nedrow

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    Hello, I am Rebecca and I write for a number of reasons; pleasure, work, and education. Whether it is fiction or not, I believe my writing expresses who I am. Currently, I work as a freelance writer for Copify and Copy Press writing research-based content for their clients. I do not have copyrights to the work published; however, I am gaining valuable experience for my writing career. I dreamed of being a paid writer since I was a child and even when I wrote papers for my Bachelor's in small business I enjoyed what I was doing. Researching and finding a creative way to express the information is actually fun to me. I joined Post Loop just to gain more experience, network, and earn income in my downtime when I do not have a job to work on.
  2. waelmanz

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    I was a good reader. So, I wanted to be a writer. The child who admires footballers wants to be a footballer like them. I admired writers. So, I wanted to be a writer like them. Writers can gain a lot of money, too. Both reading and writing are useful and enjoyable at the same time. It's a rare thing. Writing increases the circle of your influence.

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