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Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by Blobfish, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. Blobfish

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    Does anyone have any tips for getting over writers block? I have started writing so many stories but then I eventually get stuck, take a break, forget about them, and start a new story. I’m trying to break the cycle and actually finish one of them before jumping into the next one.

    I’ve been trying to overcome this by writing outlines. It’s been helping me stay on track but sometimes I still get stuck trying to fill in the details to move the plot along.

    How do you deal with writers block and staying motivated to finish a story?
  2. Ariel312

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    Continue writing. The only method I have found that helps me recover from writer's block is writing. You do not need to follow a set goal or attain a perfect paper at the end of your session, you just need to write. The insecurity and uncertainty that creeps up slowly restrict your ability to express freely, which in itself is a major reason why we writers are not able to always follow a linear method of execution in creating our plots.
    Another reason I have found in myself that stops me from continuing through with my stories is the fact that I am too involved in getting it all perfectly right, and as the pauses between writing increases due to constant editing, the flowing creativity gets blocked and eventually, my story gets stuck. Write without any expectations and let the mistakes linger until you are done with the write-up. It is one of the best ways to ensure that you do not expect a lot from yourself and end up not attempting at all.
    As for the stories that have not been completed, revisit them when you are on a creative high and I am sure you will find a different direction to pursue with new found inspiration. All the best! :)

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