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    Boy, but if what god give me it’s ok as Long it’s health.
  3. aycee21

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    I have two adorable boys and so far I love them so much. They're so sweet and playful. Sometimes naughty but they're helpful.
  4. Joel2019

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    I like a pair of kids, and luckily, God gave me two lovely boys. I love them so much. As of now I am making myself more and earn better to feed them properly. Then by the time that I am capable enough, will look for a girl again, hehehe... but these young fellas are so cute and I am really grateful for this wonderful gift God gave me. Maybe He wanted my wife to be my only one girl to love. Precious moments happen with precious ones, embrace your precious gifts.
  5. chuchu12

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    I want to have girl and boy child. But I want to have a girl child first than boy. Girls think smarter than boys. They can be independent than the other boys. Women are more organize, neat, and confident. So, I want to have a baby girl first and have a boy on my second baby.
  6. jm32913

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    I really want to have a girl, or both if god willing
  7. jonahclarus1994

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    Children are truly God's blessing. Whether given a chance to choose between a girl or a boy child, I would rather not choose but ACCEPT either be it a girl or a boy. Solely, it doesn't matter whether be it a girl or a boy. It's still a child whom you will be raising and nurturing as he/she grows up. It's a parent's duty to take care of the little one despite differences or gender role.
  8. Twinklebisnar

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    It doesn't matter if my child is a girl or a boy as long as it is healthy and alive it's okay for me. Having a child is a blessing from God you should be thankful for it no matter what.
  9. BigEyes

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    I really wish to have a baby boy since I already have 1 daughter.I want my baby boy to have the resemblance of his dad.
  10. jlynjanz

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    a baby boy but if its a girl then it will be our blessing as long as it is healthy. Having a child is always a blessing it is love from us that is why we always want to have our own child. As myself this time i want to have my own happy simple family with me. If God will gave me the right one to be with for a lifetime then its my dream come true to build my own happy family.
  11. moneymakingpablo

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    I personally prefer a Boy for a first child because I would like someone who I can teach the skills that my father taught me and keep it going on for generations. Also I believe a Boy would be a easier first child to maintain and handle because of not much effort is needed to dress and raise a boy.
  12. rvtamayo

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    I had my boy when I was still very young. Although it is very hard during that time, I had the luxury to see him grow while I am on the process of being mature at that time. A small gap between our age makes it a bit easier for us to cope with each other. He is on his teen now and I am on my early 30's. I hope my next will be a girl next time.
  13. vernixcaseosa

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    I prefer having twins with one boy and a girl. But whichever is still a blessing and so long as it's a healthy baby. That's the most important thing you can ever pray for in having a child. I have a baby boy. He just turned 6 months and I'm so thankful he's a healthy baby and handsome too! :D
  14. Nicky71

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    I have one child, a boy. I did not care what gender my child turned out to be, so long as I had a healthy baby with all its fingers and toes. I think most people feel the same? I don't understand people who think it is important to have a boy for their first child. They say it is so the boy can look after his female siblings, but I know plenty of responsible girls who look after their younger brothers.
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  16. danzkie

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    I think both child because that I wish for, to have a girl and boy babies that I could bring them to the places where I go, to play with them together and to love them with all my life... But I thought God will give me that someday...
  17. joanarc321

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    I prefer boy child for the eldest and girl child for the youngest. It will be merrier if you could have both a girl and boy so that they will be able to rely on each other.
  18. pbraun

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    Girl. My daughter is very affectionate and appreciative.
  19. Hosseinyhas

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    These days more couples are looking to stay independently, rather than the girl going to the guy s place or vice versa.

    Why is it a waste bringing up the girl child?

    The mindset that a girl child is a burden and it is the duty of the parents is to get her married off has to change.

    When a baby boy is born they want to make him an engineer/doctor, but when a girl child is born they talk of getting her married off to a good guy. This archaic mentality has to change and it is heartening to see that change is happening.

    A good education to the girl child ensures she can contribute to the family and support it economically. Looking at the current economic condition it is very much required that both the the guy and girl earn and contribute.

    A girl child can do anything that a boy child can. She is EQUAL in every way. She can earn, she can contribute, she can take care of her parents, she can be independent. She is not a burden in anyway. Parents just have to ensure good education for the girl child.
  20. BheiiSam07

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    I want a boy because my first born is a boy. I'm a single mom and he's very naughty but I love him so much. I'm so happy when the doctor told me that my first born will be a baby boy. I don't have a brother so I'm curious about having a baby boy in our family. Having a boy as the eldest child will be great because I believe that he will protect his siblings specially his sisters but if Jesus gave me a girl it's also okay because it's mine and it's a blessing from above. I will not be ashamed of it because it's my own flesh and blood. You should be thankful whenever it's a boy or a girl because other women are praying for that miracle to have a child but they are not blessed to have one.
  21. shaamei

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    I hope my first child will be a boy. I grew up in a household with two sisters and longing for a little brother or elder brother. Don't get me wrong, I love my sisters, but I'm still curious what would be our home if we have a boy other than my dad.
  22. hlabajosa1966

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    It does not matter to me if a GIRL or BOY as long as the child is HEALTHY. My only child is a girl very loving, considerate and thoughtful.
  23. Alzack50

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    I prefer both which is twins boy and girl i hope someday, and i believe god and thankful to him because his preparing what best and the right time for me.
  24. Charies

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    It's either the two of them because they are the same a precious gift from God. The give unending joy and inspiration to us as a parents.
  25. vincedprince

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    The birth of a girl and a boy are the same. Exactly. There's really not a lot of difference until puberty. The whole ‘'Girls are quiet and nice while boys are energetic and boisterous” is crap! You get what you get and you don't get upset! (Kindergarten rule) Girls can be hyper and boys can be quiet and gentle. After puberty, again you don't know what you will get but girls do face different challenges than boys. But they are still people and as long as you treat them with love and respect who cares?
  26. Javeskie

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    As a man, I want to have a child of a boy, so that when he grew up he could be the one who could finish my unfulfilled dreams and he could be then a great leaders to his siblings and possibly to the world for better.

    I have no problem with a daughter but I have to make sure that my eldest would be a man.
  27. Jaaypee

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    If I'm lucky enough, I wish to have a twins. But if not given, I want my first to be a baby boy, then my second child to be a baby girl. The idea of leadership given to men is what I am also thinking my future children will practice. My boy will be my daughter's protector. That will be a very sweet bonding for them. Also, I will be assured and at peace knowing that somebody from the family can do it for me when I'm not around.
  28. aditya8485

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    I want to have many kids as it brings more joy and happiness to the family. I am a completely family man , so i want to have two girls and two boys how about that??? hahaha . I feel girls are more mature and responsible than boys so i like girl child a lot.
  29. Chaplikexhar

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    Boys eveyytime. I am a woman so know first hand how nasty woman can be. Also woman have to play such a goodie goodie to the world because they get alot of slack for pretty much anything they do. I want boys because I think having a boy will be easier in terms of dealing with them as a teenager and growing up in general. To be fair a happy and healthy child is all that matters really.
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