Going back to the roots. Deleting Today's Smartphones

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by olaryeankarh, Jul 3, 2017.

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    Hello all,
    So I was thinking....
    What if this whole smartphone craze goes away and we're back to the conventional java handheld device thingy? Yes, what if?

    Today, we shell out hundreds (and thousands in some countries) trying to buy the so-called smartphone (a phone that attempts to do everything for us and apparently gets us dumb?). Back in the day, we'd spend only a few dollars and yes, we can have that very durable Nokia phone that can play games as well as other fun stuff we need for sanity's sake.

    My question is, how has smartphone helped us today? Don't answer yet!

    Seeing how much these cute monsters gulp from our wallet (remember, you'd have to subscribe to a data plan too or that smartphone is near to useless), could it be that technology is only trying to rob us in the name of development?
    I mean, rewind to about a decade and half ago, people lived fine with java (J2ME) devices and it didn't make anyone less richer or less smarter or less productive.

    Could it be that technology is pushing us to the wall but distracting us with a bowl of ice cream?

    Oh how I miss flip phones :-(

    There was a certain amount of sanity we enjoyed back then. Nowadays, people judge your wallet with how big your phone is. Well, turns out we are not able blame them. Could we?

    Hey! Don't get it twisted, smartphones have helped a lot. I just feel we were better and there was more to life when these monsters were still in incubation.

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