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    I have a question for freelancers like me: When did you realize you want to become a freelancer? Here's how I became a freelancer after graduating from college.

    Since I was in grade school, unlike other kids who have dream of becoming a doctor, a teacher, or a nurse, I already taught myself to never expect or never dream of anything because in the end I'll only get disappointed. Before, always thought my mind-set so perfect because I merely felt disappointed of my actions or sometimes I even internally laugh at my classmates for being disappointed after preparing for something they hoped would work out.

    Time passed by, decision making became the most difficult chore for me; choosing program for college was very challenging since I don't even have a future plan for myself. It's like your first time crossing a busy street without stop light on your own. I don't know how to start. What I did was I followed my ex-boyfriend's decision. I was so naive. I didn't know that he had plans for himself and all I had was him. I followed him to his chosen school, though we didn't get the same program, but at least he's with me and I am with him. We broke up a day before my first day in college. It felt like I was walking in a zero-gravity school for two years. By the way, I took up music without having any knowledge what whole rest looked like. But somehow, I learned to love it and I also learned a new wisdom "there is no college program that is "easy"".

    When my dad died, and we were having a financial crisis, I transferred to a more affordable school... OF COURSE not having any plans to my future, I shifted to Mass Communication. In my four years of stay there, I tried to be very active, I even joined basketball! [Still makes me giggle]. One of my friends told me out of the blue the line that I would never forget, "I think you're not gonna make it in corporate world because your attitude is bossy". I was very shocked because - I don't know - I tried to listen to their opinions and try to be the best leader I can be. Maybe it wasn't a negative comment but I took it seriously. Since I don't have any target company, I followed my mother's dream company which is a well-known bank here in the Philippines. I got accepted and worked there for two months. Everyday is a living hell for me. Low salary, routine work, stressful clients, etc. It felt like I've become a ticking time-bomb. It felt like my emotions are always going to explode. I quit.

    Two months after quitting, I developed depression and anxiety. I decided to be a part-time freelancer in Upwork (I was suspended for submitting high number of proposals without contracts or earnings) , verbit, and I managed a photo booth company single-handedly because he was too busy for his other business. I managed his page on facebook for free (he said I'll get commission for every bookings. pffft), made contents FOR FREE (same reason), created layout for photo booth (a very low pay), went to the venues and carried the equipment FOR FREE for a year! Gosh, I was so naive. I was able to get him big clients and large hits for a small amount of money.

    Wow. I feel so stupid.

    The thing is, his equipment are about to return themselves to the grim. After I was able to save up money for starting my own business, I finally decided to quit. Although until now my equipment are almost DIY, I'm glad to call myself a business owner/freelancer. Right now, this is the first time I became sure of what i want to be. I want to be a successful freelancer.

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