google or mozila

Discussion in 'Internet' started by edcel, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. edcel

    edcel Member

  2. alexkt90

    alexkt90 New Member

    50% Google
    50% Mozzila
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  3. jumars03

    jumars03 New Member

    google because its more advanced than Mozila and Google gives you a lot of options.
  4. Rickyross18

    Rickyross18 New Member

    Mozilla has a new web browser, calledFirefox Quantum, to compete withGoogle Chrome. ... Mozilla said FirefoxQuantum is designed to be twice as fast as its Firefox predecessor from last year -- while using 30 percent less computer memory than the Chrome browser
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  5. edcel

    edcel Member

    why 50-50?:)
  6. edcel

    edcel Member

    we are same
  7. rhythm87

    rhythm87 New Member

    I prefer Google as it is more dynamic than Mozilla. Mozilla focused on browser development, while Google has a wide variety of services including browser, email, storage, etc. Comparing Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox side by side, I also loved Chrome's Inspect tool rather than Firefox’s developer tool. Though there is now Firefox Quantum, which is said to compete with Chrome in terms of performance, but I haven’t tried using the said tool yet.
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  8. Darticus

    Darticus New Member

    Perhaps I'm strange in this opinion but I prefer Mozilla Firefox for the fact that it is only a web browser and doesn't have Google's plethora of services baked in. Believe me I was a huge fan of Google Chrome when it first came out. Back then it was sleek, fast, and just worked. Now it's bloated, slow, full of unneeded features, and just isn't as reliable as it once was. Combine this with the fact that Google monitors essentially everything you do with it and now it is not only slow but also something of a privacy concern.
  9. rolanda

    rolanda New Member

    Mrs Google ... LOL I called Google a woman although I know maybe the creater was a man. But I like the idea that a woman know so much! Google is world wide. I didn't even know Mozilla!
  10. mstrgps

    mstrgps New Member

    I prefer google.
  11. reacobe

    reacobe New Member

    When I'm using my phone I used google but when I'm using the laptop mozilla. I don't mind what browser I use but my main concern is how fast the net is.
  12. CenterlessG

    CenterlessG New Member

    If a browser can perform faster and more efficiently than Chrome, I'd absolutely consider it. Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox browser, makes some pretty enticing claims about its browser, such as that it uses 30% less RAM than Chrome, which is particularly interesting.
  13. josegome82

    josegome82 New Member

    i prefer google chrome, very easy to use, sync all my acounts , very fast. firefox is good, but chrome much better
  14. Pfabs99

    Pfabs99 New Member

    I prefer google chrome to MoZilla, for me, it is faster and easier to use.
  15. nckmct

    nckmct New Member

    I prefer google chrome since it’s easier to use. Minimalistic design and controls less is always better.
  16. SkylerDrake

    SkylerDrake New Member

    Google. It is faster and more user-friendly.
  17. SiyaCol

    SiyaCol New Member

    Not even a debate. Mozilla is better and more reliable than Chrome. If you are a developer then use Chrome, otherwise Mozilla as it is cleaner and smoother than Chrome.

    Also, Chrome is a Google product. A company which is basically all about data. So I won’t trust Chrome providing any privacy to you.

    On the other hand, Mozilla is an open source development. Build by the people for the people. Surprisingly, Mozilla is better in providing protection from malicious websites also.
  18. Robby76

    Robby76 New Member

    I prefer Google Chrome rather than the Mozilla Fire Fox, the reason is that Google has faster access than the heavy Mozilla, what else if the internet network is slow, with Google Chrome surfing in cyberspace becoming lighter.
  19. Bellethirdy19

    Bellethirdy19 New Member

    I prefer google, base on my experience, it is faster and easy to use. It is widely used by the people
  20. Kidk

    Kidk New Member

    I'm a google person all day, i've never in my life heard of are used Mozilla. Google is amazing i can do so many things with google and all of the amazing google apps .

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