Gospel vs Reggae music.

Discussion in 'Music' started by Favour22, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. Favour22

    Favour22 New Member

    Comparing the following
  2. Whitedaking

    Whitedaking New Member

    I love reggae music but gospel should be considered first as it glorifies the Almighty God our creator
  3. paulcesna

    paulcesna New Member

    Both Gospel and Reggae have the same roots of origin: African music. Africans love syncopation or upbeats. This two genre are fairly unique from each other. No one can say which is much better for this two are like branches of a tree of the same ground. Musical appreciation is the art of learning the beauty of each musical genre.
  4. jamesbaya

    jamesbaya New Member

    Well, am a born-again Christian; therefore, apparently I'll go for Gospel music anytime anywhere. I only listen to songs that praise God. I completely don't listen to secular songs. Additionally, I have never liked reggae music. Therefore, the probability of me ever listening to a reggae song is zero.
  5. Misterme

    Misterme New Member

    This question is easy for me it’s reggae music, the classic would be Bob Marley .I don’t like gospel music has my father is very religious and has put me off for life ! Thanks Jordan Durante.
  6. Joshua Jan Romero

    Joshua Jan Romero New Member

    It is also good to consider that making reggae song with the lyrics exactly what gospel does.
  7. otepeezy

    otepeezy New Member

    Gospel songs are the ones they used to praise The God Almighty and I love how the artists make the songs so graceful. Reggae songs are very the ones that I love the most, even if they came from the same root. I thank Bob Marley for making this Reggae genre a huge influence to may artists and also for influencing me to make music. I, personally play different kinds of Reggae (Ska, Ragga). As a musician, I appreciate Gospel music and all the genres in the music industry.
  8. EoinAnn

    EoinAnn New Member

    I am Christian music lovers, so i go for Gospel. Listening gospel music can make my balance in my daily feelings. When i am listening gospel music, i feel Bless and I'm away from high temper, less stress and my life is so easy even our difficulties. Ca increase self-esteem, life satisfaction and can control my anger toward toxic people around.

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