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    When we write something, we think of a topic. Gathering information and expressing yourself is really hard. We also fail in grammars. Here is a tip, first have an inspiration. Think of someone who inspires you. It can help you to write. Second, try to feel good and express what you feel. It is easy to write when you can relate things in your life. Third, expand your vocabulary. You can learn new words through internet and some old books in the library. Dictionary will be a useful thing. Lastly, check your grammars and be confident that you did great. Freelance writing have many challenges. Every situation has a solution when you give good options for it. Work hard and earn a living.
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    Grammar challenge can be resolved now by downloading apps online. What is more challenging for me is having a writer's block. Sometimes, I just could not think of anything in my head. I just look at the screen on my laptop just spacing out. When this happens, I try to stay away from writing for a few days. Spend time on something else to get me relaxed. When I go back, voila... words just keep flowing on my head.
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    Writing is constructed by putting sentences in sequence, one after another and, if a single sentence is read aloud, it should be understandable.Meaning should flow from one sentence to the next, carrying the argument or point of view forward in a clear and concise manner. If you do not use correct grammar and punctuation, or your sentences are too long and complex, what you are trying to say will become unclear and the reader will be unable to follow the text because the flow of meaning is interrupted.
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    I typically use browser add-ons like Grammarly and other plugins to help me find good synonyms for wording. Having these add-ons and using a browser-based writing program really helps speed up the process for me. Like right now Grammarly has informed me of 4 corrections.
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    I think writers spend too much time on grammar. There are thousands of grammar software out there nowadays that it becomes an unnecessary thing to worry about. The most important thing for me is the ideas. Which, while being in a good place is good for writing, I think the truly dynamic and meaningful stories come from when we are in a place that is not always comfortable. You need to experience something in order to write about it. otherwise, how will you know what it's like? Sure you can research it, but unless you become a woman, and go through the miracle of birth, then you can't really write about if you're a man. Let's face it the experience and feeling just isn't there. Also, try and make learning a natural part of your life. Don't make it something that you have to force yourself into doing, otherwise, you won't do it. As writers, we have to force ourselves into learning and make it second nature for us. I'm constantly befuddled by writer's block because I know it's complete crap. All of existence is your muse you just have to stop and listen to her. People who say they can't find ideas are basically people who are close-minded or too caught up in writing the next Nobel prize-winning story to realize that you don't need an epic idea to start out. Start with something small and build on it, a tree doesn't start out a tree, it grows from a small seed and then grows into a tree. You just need to cultivate. So, writer's block doesn't exist just people who make it a problem plain and simple.
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    If you are a free lance writer and your articles receive poor grammar comments,chances are you could be doing some things wrong.Most writing sites do not automatically capitalize the first letter of a sentence.Your article could be perfect but since your sentences start in small letters your article fails the grammar test.Manually capitalizing your first letters will beat this challenge.Writers can defeat grammar issues by using grammar software and sites to their advantage.Copy paste your article to these sites and a quick grammar check will fix your issues.It is also important for writers to check their spelling.Doing all these will help rid yourself of any grammar issues.For idea challenges reading a lot and researching wide will give you ideas to use for writing
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