Growing Up or Growing Old? Which do you prefer?

Discussion in 'Writing for Blogs' started by Roslyn, Aug 16, 2018.

  1. Roslyn

    Roslyn New Member

    We do not stop engaging in activity for entertainment and recreation because we are old; we grow old because we stop having fun. There are secrets to remain young, being joyful and achieving success.

    Growing up or growing old? The elderly usually don't have sorrow for what they did, but rather for things they did not do. The only people who fear death are those with regrets. Grow up by always finding the opportunity in change, doing what you want and what is right without regrets.
  2. Deign

    Deign New Member

    This question doesn't really make any sense, and neither does most of what you said.

    But I would say, growing old. You have to grow up to grow old. And it's only relatively recently that we have had the convenience of living particularly long lives. In the past, human lives were rather violent and short. But now, with any luck you have the chance of living for a very long time.
  3. Rubi85

    Rubi85 New Member

    I think we grow up and we inevitably age. I prefer the term to grow, always.
  4. G.K

    G.K New Member

    I believe society has an obsession with youth. We are afraid of maturity.

    I say let's embrace the fact we are getting old and instead change our perspective of what being "old" means.

    You are correct saying we get old because we stop doing things we like.

    And I'd add that most people die at 25 and they don't bury them till they're75.

    If you have a purpose and live a meaningful life, then YES! Age is just a numbe and you couldn't care less about the preconceived notions about a number.

  5. rosinovapolo23

    rosinovapolo23 New Member

    I prefer growing old.Because as getting older many things I've know now.The question when I was a child was have an answer now.I more brave now than when I was young.Different things is much easier to do and have an answer.I decide with my own with no opinions with others.Most of all I guided the younger and think of me as a leader because I am the older.
  6. Eric35

    Eric35 Member

    i prefer growing old because you have so many experience to share with your love one
  7. rgtompong

    rgtompong New Member

    Growing is a part of every living things. As human beings, we grow differently for different aspects. As we grow old we learn to grow meantally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

    Growing up is being able to put into actions the things we have learned. Being mature and being able to understand things the way they are. It is like graduating from childhood and began being a more responsible adult. Growing up is being more responsible despite one's age.

    Growing old on the other hand is being old on that particular aspect. Act maturely because you already are and be able to grow old physically like old people. No matter how we act and how we do let us always keep in mind that it is not about the age that matters it is all about how we sprinkle life with all the talents that God had given us despite of age.
  8. Shally

    Shally Member

    I preffered growing old.As we grew up a lot of things is all about curiosity.But growing old is kind that you are matured enough in many aspect in life.We all end up of growing older and older and older but that's fine.Its how life ends,but one thing is much important is we grow older with a sense.That we can actually say to the universe that my life is worth to live and orth to die older.
  9. rlkyle

    rlkyle New Member

    "Growing up or growing old." These once simple and straightforward realities of life have come to reflect such a variety of misconceptions and misapplied connotations that they are almost unrecognizable to we of the preceding generations. Growing up once meant that each of us, through the process of the childhood journey, would be gradually exposed to higher complexities of life in American society. Vital things like navigating relationships and mastering the art of communication. For most it meant that, at some point a proud father would pass the mantle of manhood on to his sons, and a loving mother would provide the gentility and grace of the feminine, as a finely tuned balance. Growing up meant taking on responsibility and developing through experience a courageous mind and spirit, so as to not only journey through an honorable life, but when necessary, to lead others to do so. Strength, balanced with gentleness and empathy solidified into a person who was then capable of heading, providing for and protecting a family of his own. True enough these are the musings of a man now nearing sixty, and the context is set forth from the masculine point of view. Truth be told however, I am only qualified (as a man) to present this side, but allow me to belabor the obvious. Without the yin to our yang, the strength, beauty and character that only a woman can provide, it is only half the story. Growing up is, I fear, a bit of a lost art today. We would do well to consider from whence we came, and to revisit some things that may have fallen by the wayside. As for "growing old", well that I consider a choice. I for one choose not to allow myself to degrade either physically, psychologically nor spiritually without a long and valorous battle!
  10. tintvmint

    tintvmint New Member

    I would rather choose Growing Old. Sad Reality but for me it is more challenging part of our grown-up. You know why because growing old you can see the real you. You will see who is the person who is still behind your back.
    Growing old has a lot of experiences to share to the new generation.

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