Growing your own food?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Wisefirst, Aug 22, 2012.


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  1. Wisefirst

    Wisefirst New Member

    I just love the idea of growing my own veggies and fish in my yard. I am looking into it in the near future. When I found what Aquaponics was about, I felt so impressed.

    Did you know that ammonia secreted by fish can be decomposed by bacteria into nitrites and nitrates and absorbed by your plants from almost all kinds of media like gravel?

    Also, you can use the same water you used to feed your plants back into your fish pond, now without ammonia that would kill you fish otherwise, and oxygenated. This create a wonderful recycling of the water.

    You don't have to use chemicals for your food and they grow incredibly fast. I am planning to grow tilapia fish and some vegetables in the near future. What do you think about this?
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  2. building trades2

    building trades2 New Member

    Yes, I actually do like growing my own veggies. I have a garden every year that turns out pretty decent. This year my daughter and I planted 12 tomato plants. (I don't put cages around them) So while everyone else is hating the drought we've had, I'm picking 15-20 tomatoes off my plants each day. I've given all my neighbors tomatoes.

    We also planted many other things in the garden, like green beans, strawberries, green peppers, and banana peppers. I'd much rather fix meals, with as many of my own veggies and spices as I can. I believe it's much more healthy than the supermarket foods.
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  3. LoupdeLoup

    LoupdeLoup New Member

    I lived on a farm for 20 years where we planted a vegetable garden and nut and fruit trees. We had huge problems with porcupines, monkeys and birds eating our crops.

    Now I've moved to the edge of a city, and have a small garden. Believe it or not, we have a big baboon problem, but I've managed to keep them from my garden most of the time using a hosepipe. They hate getting wet.

    I applaud anyone who makes the effort. Even if it's not cost-effective, it's more rewarding than going to the supermarket!
  4. building trades2

    building trades2 New Member

    Well, I'm Lucky I live here in the U.S. So about the only thing we have to worry about are squirrels and rabbits eating the plants, I couldn't even imagine being there where you are, dealing with those types of issues. But I completely agree, it's much more rewarding knowing that you did it yourself........take care
  5. SLRobertson

    SLRobertson New Member

    I am moving into a house with a garden for the first time on my adult life this November. I am very excited to try and grow some food, particularly since I have small children and I feel it will be an important lesson for them to be able to see where their food comes from. I am a little bit apprehensive though, since I have never grown anything, let alone food, before. I will be spending my winter reading gardening books and websites so that I am properly prepared for Spring planting. I would like to grow tomatoes, peppers and strawberries to start, but perhaps that is a bit ambitious!
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  6. Viola

    Viola New Member

    Even though we live in downtown Toronto, we always keep some room in our backyard for some veggies. This year, we did kale for the first time and I couldn't be happier. I can just head outside, get some fresh tomatoes, some kale, some chives, and whip up a delicious salad. The cauliflower is just about ready to be picked and I am planning on a delicious soup. The rosemary will be part of the rub for our thanksgiving roast. Now that the kids are older and don't play out back anymore, I am planning to take up even more space next year. Look out!
  7. Brook Pratt

    Brook Pratt New Member

    Growing my own food is very intriguing. In the current state of our economy we may very well need to know how the ins and outs of gardening. However, I kill my house plants and am doubtful that I could be successful in growing vegetables and fruits in my yard. I recently purchased a book on square foot gardening where you build garden beds and plant small amounts of vegetables in those bed. I may give it the "old college try" next summer.
  8. PTD03

    PTD03 New Member

    This is the first summer that I've grown my own food. My garden has green and yellow beans, cherry radishes, tomatoes, green peppers, and carrots. The carrots didn't really turn out as expected since the neighborhood rabbit got into them before they could sprout. However, the rest of my plants are still going strong.
  9. lorien

    lorien New Member

    My husband and I have been gardening for years. We grow three seasons a year and love it! It's not always cheaper than buying, depending on the crop, but you know what has gone into what you grow and that creates an appreciation for growing your own produce. It's worthwhile for everyone to grow a garden if time permits. Walking in the early morning or evening, observing the plantings progress, checking for problems and just enjoying the scenery is healthy for spirit, soul, and body. We also have a large pond, beautiful and quiet in the morning and evening
  10. rjhoehl

    rjhoehl New Member

    For the past two years, I have planted several pepper plants and some beans in my backyard. First year I grew so many peppers that I still have some in the freezer. Some of my beans reached over 2 feet in length. This year I got a few beans, and the pepper plants died before they even flowered.
  11. pragati negi

    pragati negi New Member

    I tried once when my father was in army because were living in a army accommodation ( you may call it bungalow) but now i am living in a apartment and there is not a sufficient space to grow veggies.
    I am planning to purchase a big apartment with balcony then i will definitely go for this.
  12. Catalyst64

    Catalyst64 New Member

    Most of the people in Bulgaria grow vegetables in their yards and also they got pigs, chickens, cows, etc. which they use for meat, milk, eggs, breeding and selling them. They've been doing it for like 100 years, or even more. Me and my family plant some tomatoes, pepper, corn, onions and cucumbers each year. They're so much better than the ones in the market and at least you know they're natural and there are no chemicals added to them.
  13. dmm2702

    dmm2702 New Member

    We just moved from Illinois to Florida last month so I lost the garden that I had in Illinois. I love having a garden and being able to have fresh vegetables. I can't have one where we are currently living because we are renting and the house is surrounded by huge trees so we get very little sunlight.
  14. Mark Yarbrough

    Mark Yarbrough New Member

    Hey Wisefirst, I think growing one's own food is something that everyone should consider. It certainly beats over-paying for the chemical-laden, and non-nutritious stuff we get from industrial farming. Industrial farming is also wasteful and harms the environment, whereas growing one's own food would leave little or no environmental footprint.
  15. Summer

    Summer New Member

    I would like to grow myself food. This is very healthy. There is nothing more delicious of tomatoes from the garden of my grandmother or chicken soup with homemade chicken. It's great to have the conditions to do it all alone, unfortunately I do not have that option, because I live in a block and I have to eat all the junk from the mass production of large supermarkets.:thumbsdown:
  16. vivila

    vivila New Member

    I have had times in my life when we had a garden. It was fantastic to eat fresh vegetables that I picked and I grew. I liked getting dirty and all the fun tools that I used. I really loved my neighbors envy, and sharing the bounty with them. Growing anything, food or flowers, is good for the soul.
  17. Jacek

    Jacek New Member

    My husband and I are living off the grid where we live off the land and produce our own power. Gardening provides us with fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs all summer, plus when harvested in the fall we have vegetables canned and frozen, homemade jam, and frozen fruit. Dried herbs are a real pleasure when cooking, really brings a great flavor to our meals. Gardening is a great sense of accomplishment knowing you are providing for yourself and eating a healthier diet.
  18. loopyloo

    loopyloo New Member

    My goal for my future is to have a small farm. I want to produce my own food and extra food for my friends, family and if I can some extra to sell. I want to know where my food has been from seed to my plate. Right now for the most part we have no idea how our food was treated before we ate it. I think I would be scared if I really knew. I know that we eat a lot more pesticides then we think we do and that scares me enough.
  19. haleycoll

    haleycoll New Member

    It absolutely is possible to grow your own food by gardening and at that, to do year-round gardening to keep the supply going. Year-round farming doesn't even need to be that costly, as one doesn't necessarily need a state-of-the-art laboratory to do it.
  20. La510

    La510 New Member

    I'm looking to be growing my own food at some point in the future, though it won't be for a while as our garden is tiny & gets no sunlight.
    One system of growing your own veg that we're looking into is called a forest pretty much create a small eco-system just like you would have in the wild, where you have plants of varying heights, size & nutrient requirements and plant them in a way where they look after themselves. With that type of system, you're looking at about 10% effort, 90% yield - which is the reverse to most other types of food-growing.
    We've also looked into aquaponics & will be incorporating that into our little system too.
  21. ummibee

    ummibee New Member

    I love the idea of growing my own food. My mother almost always had a garden, and my grandmother had three! She also had a pear tree, cherry tree, grape vine and crab apple tree. She canned and made preserves. She was awesome and I only wish I could have learned more before she died. I am planning on starting up my garden again this year with the help of my downstairs neighbors and of course all my kids!
  22. rzashida

    rzashida New Member

    I enjoy growing vegetables the old fashion way. I think that hydroponics is a neat new concept, but there is a whole lot of "technology" involved. I love the simple joy of putting a seed in the ground and taking the risk of it growing to it's own potencial. Growing vegetables in the backyard allows the children of this generation to see how easily we can produced vegetables with the simple ingredients of sunlight, water, seeds, dirt and a blessing.
  23. Parsley

    Parsley New Member

    Yes! I love growing my own food. I am actually not a big veggie eater but when I grow my own tomatoes, lettuces, cucumbers etc. I naturally eat more healthy stuff. I experimented with a couple of fruit trees last year and am finally reaping the rewards now. It's a great way to get kids eating healthy as well
  24. thefleet

    thefleet New Member

    When I was a kid my family had an enourmous garden. It was a wonderful experience for me. I think it's great that you are starting a garden for your kids. Don't worry about it being your first time your kids and you can learn together! Who knows? Maybe you will get them started on a healthy hobby that they will keep for the rest of their lives. I'm still gardening and growing my own food and it's still just as much fun as when I was 8 years old and following my dad around the garden picking tomatoes.
  25. hope13

    hope13 New Member

    I love growing my own food. I love planning what vegetables I will grow, laying out the garden and the best part, harvesting it! Last year I grew a ton of basil and made pesto for the first time. This year, I am growing lavender and am going to dry a ton for tea. Wish me luck!
  26. Nyani Jones

    Nyani Jones New Member

    I love the idea of growing your own food! Living off the Earth and not having to rely on supermarkets is definitely cost effective and rewarding. As soon as I have a backyard, I'll be growing everything I can!
  27. Beatrice Field

    Beatrice Field New Member

    Growing your own food is great, especially if you have a young one at home and you have the time! Home grown veggies and fruits are a great way to ensure wholesome, chemical free produce. The easiest way to start is really to start small; plant small flowers or basil and herbs first. This helps to train you into having a steady schedule of watering, pruning, and simply paying attention to your garden. Also it is a good way to see if you have the patience to work at it (without a hefty investment).
  28. loopnalin

    loopnalin New Member

    That's a great idea. most of peoples wold be like to grow their own foods on their home garden or yard.I have tried and got success some times.Main problems were insect attack & fungal like infections for me.If can be arranged a polytunel or any other agricultural technology success level can be increased.I have a idea to start a small farm for our home needs.
  29. Amay Singh Grace

    Amay Singh Grace New Member

    I have positive thoughts about growing my own food. It's really enjoyable being able to reap what I sow. I once planted watermelon seeds, which grew into little round-shaped watermelons, which were mouthwatering!
  30. tenterprise

    tenterprise New Member

    Those are some very interesting facts. I don't know anyone who raises their own fish. I've been wanting to have my own garden for a while, and when I get settled, I will. My grandfather had a garden and farm for years before he passed away. There's nothing like growing your own food and knowing exactly what's in it. A friend of mine told me about a place near Atlanta, Georgia that actually offers classes for those who want to start growing their own foods.

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