Growing your own food?

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  1. Mary Beth Caires

    Mary Beth Caires New Member

    I love growing my own produce because it is so much cheaper than the grocery store, and I can control the methods I use to grow them. If you do not have a whole lot of room to grow your own food, broccoli, peppers, blueberries, and zucchini do really well in container gardens.
  2. mangifera

    mangifera New Member

    At the moment I don't have the possibility to grow anything much but it is my dream and my plan to live on a farm and produce most of my own organic food, and some to sell as well. It's going to take me a while to get there but I really want to live in a beautiful, peaceful place, close to nature. I was born in a city but I've lived on a farm for a little while and loved it, not that it was always easy but life never is.
  3. Chazra

    Chazra New Member

    I am a strong advocate for growing your own food. Not only is it more healthier, but it is CHEAPER! A variety pack of seeds can yield a years worth of fresh produce to feed an entire household. In addition, growing your own food is immensely rewarding. I typically start my seeds indoors during the winter months and transplant them into the garden in Spring after the last frost. I freeze, can and jar my own food as well as give any surplus to my family as gifts. Growing your own food means taking control over your nutrition and wallet.
  4. lisarena

    lisarena New Member

    I studied aquaponics during my horticulture studies at a tech college in Wisconsin. My instructors are really enthusiastic about it, and I think it's a great way to sustainable grow food for a well-rounded diet. It can be a complicated set-up to start, but once you get it going, it should be fairly easy - as long as you're willing to put in the maintenance time. I would suggest looking into a smaller tank to start. You can find some products specifically geared toward residential operations. Look up Growing Power in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, too. They've done great things in the area of aquaponics (and urban farming in general).
  5. Meds

    Meds New Member

    I think you have a good thing set out here. You should go right ahead with this. I know about the ammonia and it's benefits to both the soil and to the plants. It's pretty awesome how the planet is able to produce waste and replenish itself from the waste that it produces through different cycles and processes. Go ahead with your small farming. :thumbsup:
    I also plan to do some subsistence agriculture, but that's not so forthcoming as yet.
  6. ellaruis

    ellaruis New Member

    I grew up with my mom and dad growing vegetables and fruits in our backyard. We have all sorts of green leafy veggies, peanuts, sweet potatoes, mangoes, avocados, tomatoes, bitter gourd, squash etc. Now that I have a family of my own I would love to start a new one. I am starting my tomatoes and chilies today. There's nothing more convenient and fresh than picking your very own foods from the backyard.
  7. Kathyta

    Kathyta New Member

    I love growing vegetables! I never thought about raising my own fish tho. Interesting.
    I'll probably always grow some type of vegetable from now on. Even if I have to live back in an apartment, there's lots of different ways to utilize your space. Last year was my first time using a TopsyTurvy for my tomatoes! They had the most amazing taste!!!

    You had to water them alot :/

    Now I just need to learn how to save water!
  8. mpk

    mpk New Member

    I recently bought a ton of seeds from an heirloom seed company. I'm planning on growing my own vegetables because I'm sick of GMO foods that are being sold at the local grocery stores.
  9. Jennifer J.

    Jennifer J. New Member

    I have a nice sized garden (and chickens) and I love growing my own food. I think everyone should grow something. It really does help cut the cost of grocery bills and the quality is unbelievable! I am also very interested in aquaponics, I think it is so efficient. I love the idea of not having to worry about watering or weeds, and being able to harvest my protein right there with my veggies. I believe it is something we will incorporate into our "super mini farm" in the near future.
  10. Ray49

    Ray49 New Member

    I have a small garden that produces pretty good, and is very enjoyable to maintain. I have also heard about and researched hydroponic gardens. Aquaponics is a new idea to me, and a very AWESOME ONE TOO! Just the thought of raising my own fish and vegetables in my own back yard makes me very excited! You can believe that I'll be on the web researching this tonight.
  11. DMaries

    DMaries New Member

    Thanks for sharing the link. I look forward to growing this season to not only eat healthier but to certainly save on the grocery bills that we have while raising 2 boys. Year round growing will be an interesting task since having moved from the deep south to the sub-zero north! We should all try doing this..grow to sustain, eat healthier and to save money.
  12. myrta59

    myrta59 New Member

    I've always wanted to grow and consume the food by myself. There is nothing healthier than eating what nature offers us already. I always think that we have the form of having a healthy life but we do not use it, and I hope soon to have that option as it would help my body and feel i am eating as best as possible with what with my effort i am producing.
  13. Runner5869

    Runner5869 New Member

    Growing your own food is a lot healthier than getting it from the store and it can be a lot cheaper too. I haven't grown anything yet, but I go through peppers, tomatoes, and lemons so much that it's expensive and hassle to drive to the grocery store all the time. It'd be easier to have it fresh and right there in my back yard. I live in an apt, but as soon as I can get some space I'm going to grow my own food. I've thought about those community places, but I don't trust that people wouldn't mess with my things.
  14. SmartPea85

    SmartPea85 New Member

    Food in the grocery store is way too expensive. If you have the space, you should definitely grow your own. And I agree, it is way healthier.
    I recently went to a local science museum and saw an exhibit on just how much energy we use in our everyday lives, and how most of that energy can be efficiently saved. One of the examples they had was apples. In an organic world, you would grow it yourself, pick it yourself and eat it, done. Or it would be grown locally, brought in a truck to a farmer's market, where you'd purchase it then bike or walk it home. However, in the grocery-store mass-produced society we live in, an apple grows in an orchard across the country, gets picked, packaged in material, shipped with a big freight using gasoline and energy, stocked in the store, price jacked up, you buy it then drive it home, using even more gasoline and energy. It was a very eye-opening exhibit, and made me realize just how important home-grown can be for the world in general.
    I know it's not much, but last year I grew some basil in a pot on my windowsill. I pick it fresh from the plant or let it air-dry out, and use it to garnish everything, even today. It was fantastic to know exactly where it came from, that it was grown with no pesticides or wasted energy, and I only paid 99 cents for the whole seed packet!
  15. Bensempress

    Bensempress New Member

    I happen to be very lucky living in Hawaii. I can grow just about everything! Although, gardening is a tough job. I can barely keep up most of the time. We grow lots of fruit because they are so easy- tangerines, navels, lemons, rambutans, avocado, mulberries, etc. We also grow our greens- romaine, kale, spinach, etc. and other stuff like squash, tomatoes, and peppers. We have three acres but not even half is being gardened as of now!
  16. Angela Aguilar

    Angela Aguilar New Member

    I also just moved into a new home this past Sept and have been trying my hand at gardening for the first time in my life.

    The front and backyards have already been landscaped with vegetable and fruit planters throughout which gave me interest and motivation to grow my own food.

    I went to my local garden store and pick out a few plants and soil I would need to start my first garden. I didn't even know if I was going to like gardening but I went for it anyway and I'm so glad I did. It is so rewarding to see something grow little by little each day. Also the satisfaction knowing my family will benefit from my garden is priceless.
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  17. jchaangan

    jchaangan New Member

    Organic farming can always happen inside our own backyards. I like this idea because nowadays, we don't really know anymore if the food stuff we purchase in the market are safe and toxic-free. The best logic to use is to see the process yourself. It really helps to see the process of planting and your options when it comes to using fertilizers. Because you know the difficulties in growing your greens, there would be better understanding of how local farmers opt to use fertilizers that have harmful chemicals. Seeing the cultivation process yourself means you would know what kinds of processes you would choose if you would plant either to mass produce or provide greens for your own family. This leads me the question, would farmers really think about choosing the safe ways to cultivate when mass producing? The common instinct is to profit so the answer might be a big NO. So, having to cultivate your own greens does not only secure your family from these harmful chemically treated veggies in the market. You will also be have a greater interest in advocating for safer farming methods.
  18. Vicki Geddes

    Vicki Geddes New Member

    It has only been 50 or 60 years since we decided that the most important thing in our lives was better put into others hands. Our grandmothers and grandfathers grew large gardens, hunted game, fished, canned, and exchanged with neighbours. Aside from a bag of sugar, or a bag of flour, very little was purchased, and Kraft Dinner wasn't invented yet. Growing your own food has become a very big need these days. Genetically Modified Organisms are just now finally coming to surface, with terrible health issues, then there is milk additives, antibiotics, and steroids in our meat, mercury in our fish, additives in our food. There is only one way to be absolutely sure what you are putting on your dinner table, and that is if you raise it , kill it, or grow it yourself.
  19. Penguin32

    Penguin32 New Member

    My best friend does Aquaponics in her basement. They have had it set up for 2 years and it's been very successful. The plants grow really well and stay super healthy. The fish are thriving and doing well also. I love growing my own food and have had a lot of success starting the seeds indoors and growing quiet a bit of fruits and vegetables in our backyard. Aquaponics seems like a great second step once you are comfortable working with indoor grow lights and starting plants indoors.
  20. BJudah

    BJudah New Member

    I love growing my own food as well.Even if it is the off season, you can sprout some seeds on your counter to add fresh nutrients. You can grow some salad greens and herbs in a sunny windowsill.I plan on growing more organically as well.Studies show that organic food consumption is on the rise.
  21. azoom

    azoom New Member

    I used to live in one of the "elite" neighborhoods of my home town. But I always felt out of place, I'd take every chance I had as a kid to visit relatives who lived outside the city and raised their own animals and plants. I felt constricted and caged on the concrete streets, even more so in supermarkets. Then I got the chance to move to a large property outside the city. It had lots of land, which hadn't been cultivated in quite a while. Oh well, at least it wasn't poisoned by pesticides. After gathering as much literature as I could, I started the journey to growing my own food. Today i grow over 40 varieties of just tomatoes per year, and i maintain the gardens on my own. There is truly nothing that compares to going outside the house on a summer morning, and picking your own fresh produce to make for breakfast. Sadly I have no animals yet (aside from a huge dog and a few cats), I need to build a fence because there are a lot of foxes and wild animals around and fences are really expensive if you want them done right. After that, I'm going to get as many geese, ducks, chickens, turkeys ,maybe even some goats, as my surface can sustain with them grazing. I'm planning on turning my adventure into the direction of permaculture.
    I would warmly suggest to everyone who has even a small patch of land, or place for a few containers, to plant a couple of tomatoes and some greens. It is so easy it's ridiculous, and you get fruit that is so much better than store bought.
  22. diamond9

    diamond9 New Member

    I live in a very congested area and would love to have the chance to plant my own food. Due to the limited amount of space, I am unable to do so. I have a sister who has planted her vegetables summer after summer. Wow! They are delicious. It makes me ponder on the question--How long do our vegetables sit in the store before we actually make a purchase. Yes, store bought items are fairly good, but nothing beats the taste of a tomato hand-picked off the vine! They will almost melt in your mouth.
  23. mdrake001

    mdrake001 New Member

    Anyone have advice on things to grow inside an apartment? We have a small balcony we could use but I'd love to know some of your ideas.
  24. We always had a garden when I was growing up. I learned a lot over the years about companion gardening to avoid pests and support growth of each plant that way. I grow herbs and veggies. However, even tho I plant things to attract bees and butterflies, it seems my pollinators are mostly gone. Right now I have some cucumber vines and they are blooming beautifully. I am trying to pollinate them myself as no pollinators are around. I hope it works. I also have some eggplant growing, and if I can't pollinate them either, I will just stick to growing herbs mostly and just keep going to the farmer's market. I have looked into both aquaponics and hydroponics. I have two aerogarden units and have grown various things in them. But right now all my plants are outside.
  25. sitkakoala

    sitkakoala New Member

    2 years ago I started my very own garden, through trials and error(in some cases a lot!) but every year it gets easier. Establishing the garden area and building up the soil is surely the toughest part. I will never not have a garden- even if it starts just in planter pots!
  26. Riverkwago

    Riverkwago New Member

    I'm a bit of a hobo; I travel around a lot, and I don't own any land of my own. I'd love to have my own kitchen garden someday though. I think it would be wonderful to be able to just nip outside and pluck a few leaves and bits from the yard to make a meal.

    I've tried to raise the occasional potted plant, but I usually end up murdering the poor things within two weeks. Maybe when I finally settle down somewhere, I can get around to figuring out how to acquire that mythical green thumb.
  27. drafshanchishty

    drafshanchishty New Member

    I love green ,and when it comes to food ,it is for all the veggies. I love to grow veggies . In my country we are blessed with four seasons, this gives us the chance to grow a variety of green vegetables and ofcourse fruits.
    I have two lawns one is the front and the other at the back the backyard which is the bigger one . In the front garden I grow seasonal flowers but in the backyard I have planted fruits like guava mango lemons oranges (four types) grapefruits grapes dates . I grow potatos. tomatos latus mint okra coriender carrots squashes radish and cucumber.This summer I will plan for few more hopefully.This is possible only because of plenty of sunshine throughout the year in Pakistan. So I enjoy fresh and juicy veggies at hand . I am planning for keeping chicks as well.
  28. Gingergirl

    Gingergirl New Member

    It's my dream to own land where I could have a big garden and grow my own food. I currently live in a tiny apartment though, so it's not really an option. I think it's kind of crazy when I see people with huge lawns. While I wouldn't mind having a lawn myself, it just seems like a bit of a waste. I imagine all the food you could grow there instead!
  29. Sarah Green

    Sarah Green New Member

    Last summer I planted my first vegetable: okra. It did really well in the southern heat that I am exposed to. This summer I plan to continue to grow okra again, and maybe even start some berry vines. One thing that I learned that I will suggest to you is to start slow! Don't get over zealous with your veggie garden and try to take on everything at once. Even though I only grew one vegetable, it still took a lot of work. You have to remember to water, and weed, and harvest everyday which can be time consuming.
  30. NBair

    NBair New Member

    I would love to learn how to grow my own food! We live in an area with mostly sand. I wonder if its possible to grow plants in sand. I'm thinking I would have to mix something in with the sand. I'm interested in different plants that grow well inside pots? Does anyone have experience with this?

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