Growing your own food?

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Would you like to grow your own food?

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  1. Beautiful

    Beautiful New Member

    Personally, I think growing your own food can help diminish your carbon footprint. You can help ensure air and water quality when you grow your own food naturally, without chemical pesticides. You will likewise lessen the utilization of non-renewable energy sources and coming about contamination from transporting to the supermarket. Growing your own food will profit us and our condition enormously. ;)
  2. flairwriter

    flairwriter New Member

    Yes, I actually would love growing my own vegetables. Vegetables are very good for the body and one cannot ignore their significant importance. I read about Aquaponics too, it is very interesting. It is as if noting goes to waste, the water from the fishpond can be recycled breaking down in the process just as you explained. The most interesting part of this system is that the recycled water is much more suitable for growing of vegetable crops(leafy) than other crops.

    We have different kinds of vegetables like amarathus spp, tomatoes, pepper and many more in our garden. Having a little garden at your backyard can be fun, as it does not require much work. In fact, the idea of aquaponics can even make everything more easily grown. With aquaponics, you do not need more nutrients as the recycled water can always serve that purpose. I also love the idea of eating healthy foods and this can be achieved by organically growing food in my garden or going out there to buy.

    I do not know if you have also read about using rabbit poo to grow your vegetables. I once planned to do that by keeping some rabbits and collecting their poo to use for the vegetable garden. I think rabbit poo can be used on veggies immediately with almost no effect, unlike poultry and goats poo etc that has to be aged before using it. Anyway, hoping to have a better vegetable garden one day.
  3. dreamvision

    dreamvision New Member

    This is the first year of actually picking tomatoes off our backyard plants. It took about three years of trial and error with planting vegetables to get to the point of eating what we grow. It's rewarding and the vegetables absolutely taste better. As the price of food continues to go up, we want to get to where we are growing most of what we need and this is definitely healthier.
  4. rose thornes17

    rose thornes17 New Member

    Growing and picking vegetables in your backyard is a great idea. Your not only growing healthy food but your saving money and time as well. Its hussle to go to the crowded market to buy some vegetables that you'll never be sure of its freshness. While you can have fun picking vegetables in your garden and enjoy the freshness of your food. Growing your own food is awesome idea.
  5. Pink_Turtle

    Pink_Turtle New Member

    In my house there's a pretty big garden and my family and I, are truly obsessed with this. I think it's just a trend for some people, but we actually use this products we grow almost on daily bases, and it's something we've been doing for years. We have a lot of plants: avocado trees, passion fruit , orange trees and some other tropical fruits . We also have veggies like potatoes, green onions and celery. I think this has allowed us to eat in a healthier way and to save some money too... I really recommend doing it.
  6. tiada

    tiada New Member

    Growing some spicy plants in the backyard or with some pots is a good idea! This is not only can help to save some little money but can save the time to travel to the market for just getting some little things during cooking time.
    I love to have some land for planting some tropical fruits but the land cost is getting expensive in my country nowadays. Anyway, it still a dream of mine.
  7. doncy25

    doncy25 New Member

    Nowadays, buying meat or vegetables in the market is not as safe as what you think. There are lots of chemicals or pesticides that are being used in growing the said food which is fatal to the human body. We have heard and watched poultry products that were being injected with chemicals to speed up their growth or vegetables that were being sprayed with chemicals to prolong their freshness. Manufacturers may say that they are using food-grade chemicals but prolong intake of those chemicals is harmful to our health.

    Growing your food in your own backyard is the best way of making sure that what you eat is the safest food for you and your family. I have tried growing chickens in my backyard. They were readily available in thirty to forty five days. I have also planted eggplants, tomatoes, lettuce and ladies' fingers. I prefer to eat them steamed, boiled or as fresh as they were with some dressings. My family and I can eat our food without any fear knowing that there are no harmful chemicals in it.

    As of today, I have lots of vegetables in my backyard. During harvest season, I sell some excess vegetables to my neighbors which is making me an additional extra income in my pocket. There are lots of benefits that can be gained from growing your own food in your backyard and my favorites are the health benefit and the extra income benefit. I will continue to plant vegetables for as long as i live and I will teach my children to do same. I believe that the condition of our body is a refection of what we eat.
  8. Domingotarlejr

    Domingotarlejr New Member

    Well I have plan to grow my own food in the future if I have a land o enough farming space. Because I really enjoy doing farming stuff... planting agriculture crops and since I'm the one who planted I can assure that it is all organic.
  9. KeeN

    KeeN New Member

    Aquaponics is a great start for people who want to try to generate their own food source. The process works all in all in detail like this:
    1. Ammonia is generated by fish as a waste through their metabolism. Fish feeds that remain in the tank contain also a considerable amount of protein which can also produce ammonia through bacterial decomposition.
    2. Ammonia is degraded into nitrites by Nitrosomonas bacteria through a process called nitrification.
    3. Nitrobacter bacteria utilizes the nitrites as it food source and metabolizes it to form nitrates. Nitrates are necessary for plant growth and serve as a fertilizer in solution form.
    4. The nitrates are consumed by plants through its roots.
    Key things to remember before setting up this type of system is that the fish can live on high concentrations of nitrate but not ammonia and nitrite. The reason behind this is that ammonia and nitrite are toxic to marine life and can cause fish death at high concentrations. Oxygenation of water takes place when the returned water from the plants or sump tank is elevated above the fish tank to create a waterfall effect. The reason behind this is that oxygen is introduced into the water by bubbles formed by the waterfall. Also worth noting for is that there should be a mechanical filtrating system for the fish tank used. The reason for this is that sediments tend to build up on the fish tank and would make the water murky which is bad because you would not be able to see your fish. Filtration systems for aquaponic systems are widely available on the search websites like Google. Fishes are of different types and breeding conditions which is quite a tough choice for beginners. Tilapia is a good choice because they live in a wider range of water conditions and they would not die that easily. Duckweed can be grown and could be a substitute for fish feeds in the long run. and lastly worth noting for, Equipment and system sizing is very important since there is no rule of thumb for these type of systems. Common mistake people encounter is that they give a ratio between fish tanks and grow beds which is not always the case.
    All in all, aquaponics is a good alternative for generating a food source, just remember the key things to build one and you are good to go.
  10. Heather Ashley

    Heather Ashley New Member

    I'd love to! going green is a way to a healthy life and growing your own veggies will give you assurance that it is real organic as for pesticides can ruin the real nutrients veggies do have. I actually believe that going green can also treat you from a lot of sickness, like veggies with a lot of anti oxidants and vitamins that our body needs to make our immune system more stronger and capable of fighting diseases. I've read a lot of articles how they fight and treated their illness just by totally switching their lifestyle to a much greener and organic, so having my own supply of veggies is such a great help for saving both my health and pocket. But growing every single food I need, maybe not, lets give considerations with the farmers who get to live for the money we pay for it.
  11. Cristine Ann

    Cristine Ann New Member

    When I was still a kid, I experienced growing our own food. It isn't a bad idea, at such a young age I have my own garden of veggies. Every time my mom cooks our food she can just ask me to get some from my garden. And not just that, we raised some pigs on our back yard and not far from our small house is our pond.
    Our pond was pretty huge that even our neighbors can ask fish from us everyday. We also have chickens, lots of chickens, we don't put the chickens in a cage we just let it free and catch it if we're hungry (specially during rainy days).

    At 3 PM I'd stop playing with my friends to go to the mountain with my grandma. I really enjoyed digging the soil to get sweet potatoes. She would boil the sweet potatoes and it tastes so good! It is the taste of hard work, since they worked several months to harvest. Sometimes I help dad clean the corns that he grew himself. Almost everyone from our old town raise their own food. It was a small and simple life yet it made my childhood great. As I grow I've witness the importance of raising our own good.

    Everything changed when I entered high school, we moved to the city. Nobody seem to plant. It was difficult for me to adjust as first. I could always see people rushing on the streets, because they know that if they don't work they'll starve. Now, we could barely eat veggies, we just buy pork or chicken and cook it or maybe get some canned goods. Although it's hassle free, it's unhealthy.

    The idea of raising our own food is a great, you don't have to worry what to eat everyday even if you're out of money. You can also be healthy because the veggies you're raising are organic, no preservatives and fresh!
  12. I love to grow my own vegetables because i can be sure of what i eat and my family are safe from harmful chemicals. Nowadays almost all of the vegetables, fruits, and other agriculture products most likely have a harmful chemical.
    Back in ancients times people lives hundred of years because they were eating organic foods.
  13. romarie0425

    romarie0425 New Member

    I'm a type of person who loves vegetables. I'm growing my own veggies in our backyard including string beans, bitter gourd, eggplant, squash and many more. Aside from veggies, I'm also growing fruits in our farm like durian, rambutan and chico. Growing your own food for your family is a healthy things do, especially the foods that you are growing are organic and has no chemicals like they are selling in the market. Eating you grown foods is definitely safe.
  14. CampingNanax5

    CampingNanax5 New Member

  15. kammy

    kammy New Member

    Growing up in a rural area, I had the privilege to experience the perks of having access to freshly grown and harvested fruits and vegetables. These days, I am currently staying in a city wherein I seldom see the same quality produce as I saw in the province. Having a small vegetable/herb garden really helped me in having fresh and organic produce that I can use in my everyday cooking endeavors. Not to mention, it's also a good stress reliever. Before and after the hustle and bustle at work, you can go home and have a zen moment watering and tending your plants. Having a small garden at home is a must.
  16. chenfoo52

    chenfoo52 New Member

    If you have extra space in your home were you can plant vegetables and other crops then you should grow your own foods. The benefits it provide are enormous, form being free from fertilizers, being gmo free to making sure your food is very clean, and also you can save cash form doing it so. So yeah we should try to grow our own food.
    And in planting some crops in your backyard you can also help in the carbon problem in our planet, that plant can certainly give you a fresh air and that's a fact. So basically by growing your own food, cant only benefit you but our definitely our planet too.
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  17. bradfix69

    bradfix69 New Member

  18. Tangale

    Tangale New Member

    Growing your own food is definitely the best thing to do. Not only do you eat fresh food but you also save a lot of money that you would have otherwise spent on food. I got a friend who grows chicken fish and vegetable and he and his family eat the most sweet and nutritional food. You can try raring chicken, i saw that chicken droppings are eaten by fish so you can put the chicken house somehow near the pond and redirect the droppings into the pool.
  19. fulltank13

    fulltank13 New Member

    I love growing my own food. It's healthier than the vegetables in the farm, we don't know what kind of pesticides are they pouring in those plants to preserve their beauty and keep them from bugs.
    yes! its hard to grow your own food but if you have a time or an extra time to do so, then go. because those chemicals are a silent killer to humanity, so if you have the heart of planting, plant your own.

    planting is one of my favorite hobbies. if you have a heart of planting you will know how it feels like to observe your plant growing. and it makes you happy when you saw them growing healthy.
  20. fastturtle

    fastturtle New Member

    Actually growing your own food is better than buying in a market because you wouldn't know where those food came from if it is fresh or not or maybe they put some unknown chemicals just to look fresh in our eye. If I have a good piece of good land I would rather plant and grow my own food. At least that way I know that they are fresh when I harvest them when it is time to harvest. Planting your own vegetables and root crops is a good idea. I can also sell them to earn extra money and I can show it to them how I grow those vegetables what kind of fertilizers and insectecides that i used. I can show the people those vegetables as they are really fresh right in front of their eyes.
  21. Masterminor

    Masterminor New Member

    I would, but I don't have the patience and discipline that it takes. but I can always just go to my boyfriend's house and take some from his mother's garden as I have permission to use theirs ;)
  22. Renee7

    Renee7 New Member

    Growing your own food is a great idea. It's not just saving money but it also provides a much safer food to eat. As we all know, farm produced products usually contain harmful chemicals to maintain it's quality but apparently, these chemicals also get into the whole system of plant making it harmul for consumption. Growing your own food is an easy alternative to have organic food which is safe for consumption. Watching how they grow is an interesting thing to do especially when fruit buds are starting to show. The enjoyment it brings when harvesting comes is a different kind of happiness, knowing your hard work and effort had finally got it's good result.
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  23. MellowMyx

    MellowMyx New Member

    Yes! I definitely love the idea of growing my own garden. I'm actually doing so right now, I'm growing tomatoes, bell pepper, cucumber, lady fingers and eggplant. Its really nice to see them grow and the feeling of harvesting them makes me feel great, it's as if I have accomplished something great! LOL! I know that the vegetables I'm eating are fresh and safe (without pesticides) and saves me money, I don't have to buy them anymore. It's one of my hobbies. :)
  24. jprecaa

    jprecaa New Member

    It is very practical today to grow your own food because of high cost and not wasting the your backyard on just plain grass. An as for us here in the Philippines we use all the land that is available to us and produce veggies by using aquaponics, we don't only grow plants but also fish telapias giving us more income too. And thinking that your the one that plant does vegetables knowing that it is organic and free from chemicals that are causing illnesses of today,
  25. sun9500

    sun9500 New Member

    I definitely love the idea of growing our own food. We can get a lot of positive things from it. You know how safe the food you are eating because you grow it yourself, of course. Maintaining the plants is relaxing. You feel worry free and light. Back in my high school days in the province I enjoy doing things in the vegetable garden, as part of our subject in practical arts. It was very rewarding watching the vegetables fully grown. Many times we brought home and consume fresh vegetables for free. But later on when we moved to the city, no more free vegetables. Then lately I learned about aquaponics - the combination of aquaculture (which is growing fish) and hydroponics (which is growing vegetables or other plants). Immediately I was so interested with aquaponics that I tried to learn things about it. I tried to put up my own small version at home using whatever applicable resources I can get from my limited budget. Today I am trying to coordinate with some people in my local commmunity to develop aquaponics for the benefit of our community and to promote food securiy. We hope aquaponics will bring clean and sustainable food source for the community and the whole country.
  26. jovitz

    jovitz New Member

    I have my own garden and I planted some vegetables. I have tomatoes, eggplants and some other spices. I remember the during my review and we all know that reviewing is so stressful, I planted some tomatoes and Lady's finger at the backyard that served as my anti stress. I talked to the after all day reviewing and told them, "If you will not grow and bear fruit, this will be a sign that I will fail my exam" and guess what, I passed the exam and they grew bigger and they bore fruit.
  27. jedzc

    jedzc New Member

    I've been wanting to have my food raised from my backyard. I do have some trees plants at the moment and i'm planning to have all the plants that i wanted and if possible to have chicken or fish on my back yard. I heard that there's a lot of technology growing almost most of the plants which needs a very small space to occupy. Growing fish i heard also can be on a barrel to grow. Having your own food on your backyard i think is much cheaper and healthier option.
  28. Rollerson25

    Rollerson25 New Member

    Growing your own food provides more nutrients rather than worrying about the toxics carried from your local store. Fresh and organic to eat. Its a lot of work but you get good genes from eating fresh and healthy ways also. Cancer and all sorts of diseases are cause by terrible food from the general stores.
  29. Susan-Marie

    Susan-Marie New Member

    Yes, I love to grow my own food. There is something very pleasurable about going out to your own garden to pick what you're going to eat for dinner that evening. I love plotting the garden, I love watching the growing process, and I love knowing that it is fresh and without chemicals. In recent years, I have also learned to can, freeze, and dry so you can literally eat from that same garden all year around.
  30. Easton2013

    Easton2013 New Member

    There is nothing better than growing your own food and knowing what is in and where it comes from. I been growing one new thing each year in my garden. First was tomatoes. Then I added zucchini and squash and now I have added green beans. It is so worth it to grow what you eat. It keeps down costs and it helps you know more about your food and what it takes to grow it. The feeling of accomplishment when your picking your veggies at their peak ripeness and cooking with them is the best feeling in the world. I know I save a ton of money by adding a new vegetable every year. This has also helped me from being overwhelmed with starting out with a big garden. Start out small and work to make it bigger every year is my suggestion.

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