Growing your own food?

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Would you like to grow your own food?

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  1. Ernesto Noya jr. E.

    Ernesto Noya jr. E. New Member

    Free from chemical foods is the best. I have my own farm too. I can compare the difference between backyard grown foods than mass production foods. Meats and vegies are harvested in just a short period of time for faster production compared to nature grown foods taste more delicuous and nutricuous. I love fresh and natural as saying goes "you are what you eat"
  2. Esteyn

    Esteyn New Member

    I think growing your own food is one of the best decisions. I live on a ranch and having most of our food fresh is amazing. My family and I never have to worry about if there is any bad ingredients in our food. I would love to see more and more people grow their own fresh foods.
  3. melsims

    melsims New Member

    yes i am starting to grow some of the essential ingredients, tomatoes, celery,carrots,onions, ginger, all organic they say, i plan to save a lot by growing some of our food, my dream is owning a rice field were i can plant fruits season by season, and rice most importantly.
  4. robertoitallo27

    robertoitallo27 New Member

    I dont no if this is interesting to me, because i am not vegetable lover, but love the idea, so i probably do it sometimes in my garden and maybe it can make attractive to my neighbor crush. Hehehe
  5. jo mark

    jo mark New Member

    yes. if you have that space in your backyard and you're not that busy kind of a person it is ideal to put up some vegetable in there. you dont have to buy anymore and you can be certain that its not coated with some chemicals which can harm you and your family. the best thing is you can enjoy the fruits of your labour anytime you want and its a good work out too.
  6. sally a morrison

    sally a morrison New Member

    We had a garden this past year and yesterday I opened a bag of homemade pureed tomatoes that we had frozen. Let me tell you, the taste and the freshness is beyond compare. Canned vegetables from the store have absolutely nothing on these fresh garden vegetables.

    The impact on my food budget was another great side effect. I eat low carbohydrate and mostly whole foods so having fresh zucchini and cabbage on hand was very nice this fall. We had so much zucchini at one time that we were even able to hand out bags to our neighbors which helps make the neighborhood nicer too. I would encourage anyone who can to try to garden their own food. There are so many rewards.
  7. Deda1997

    Deda1997 New Member

    Yes I take my own food because it is the best way to make sure you eat healthy.
  8. jethrod67

    jethrod67 New Member

    I would love to one day be completely self sustainable, growing and making almost all of my own things. What I would like to do though is have a massive barn and experiment in growing the different produce hydroponically or even trying out a aeroponics system. I saw an article about a tree that carried over 40 different types of fruits just by splicing and growing the saplings together. Imagine having one tree that sorts all your fruiting needs out, I would probably splice a whole lot of nut trees lol.
  9. JayianRhy2829

    JayianRhy2829 New Member

    Difinitely yes! Taking in considerations the number of chemical based pesticide and insecticides, I really want to grow my own food, specially fruits and vegetables in the backyard to make sure I never have to eat dangerous content of those chemicals. I may be exaggerating about this one but based on my experienced, what we put in our mouth determines the number of days we will be living on this planet. Those food infused with genetically modified organism can caused serious diseases and even cancers - not really good for our health.

    Thankfully, our local government provided us trainings and seminars on how to grow vegetables and fruits with natural-based pesticide and insecticides. As part of their advocacy to promote an organic farming, we've been informed of the safest way on how to take care of our foods and our bodies as well.

    There are a lot of people out there who doesn't have time to tend their own garden and opt to just buy in the market place, maybe that's just ok but if you are a health conscious like me, you have to try to grow your food in order to make sure what you eat is totally healthy.
  10. ivukadinovic

    ivukadinovic New Member

    My boyfriend and I live in a small flat. The thing is that we have a big balcony, almost as twice as big as our flat. Balcony gardening started as a joke. We purchased some plastic pots, some plant nutrition and some tomato, cucumber, basil, and dill seedlings. At the end of the summer we had a DIY garden full of fresh stuff. we are fully satisfied and we hope to do this again next spring.
  11. miumiu92

    miumiu92 New Member

    I come from a rural part of Malaysia. My village sets in rather lush green tropical rain forest with birds chirping. For real. I used to live in the capital as well, that would be Kuala Lumpur, but I retreated from the city due to level of pollution there. It is a known fact that in general cities in emerging economies are not doing well in pollution index.

    As i retreated back to my village for various reasons,my current setting allows me to do agroforestry - it is a combination of agriculture and forestry. It is the most organic form of agriculture. It enables you to grow your own food within natural parameters.

    But as rain forest itself in general is resource-rich, going back to 'hunter-gatherer' lifestyle might be a better and more organic solution than growing own food as imposed here.
  12. Reden Mantala

    Reden Mantala New Member

    It's really a good idea if you could have a vegetable or fruit garden at home. It could save you a lot of money and you are sure where your foods are coming from. You are sure that the fruits and vegetable are free from chemicals. And nothing beats the satisfying factor that you are able to grow your own food. It's literally reaping the fruits of your labor.
  13. Oriel123

    Oriel123 New Member

    I think growing your own food is both an enjoyable hobby and a great way to encourage sustainability. I wish I had enough space in my garden to grow vegetables properly. My mum grows her own runner beans and you will never taste better!
  14. jackiee1

    jackiee1 New Member

    I started a small garden last year in my back yard. I planted some tomatoes, cucumbers and a few herbs. I am into healthy eating. I was always buying these two veggies for my salads, and smoothies.Growing your on food is a wonderful ideal, per we don't know what process our foods go through, by the time they reach the grocery store.
  15. haru

    haru New Member

    I grow my food because I am sure that it is hundred percent healthy, no chemicals all natural unlike those in the market, full of spray.. and they pour out something on vegetables to make it look fresh.. and I love framing so I do really grow my food and it help us financially also our neighbors bought from us..
  16. KMR

    KMR New Member

    I love to grow my own food, but it sure is challenging! My first small garden did not get enough sunshine, and the broccoli went to flower before it was big enough to pick. I may have gotten a few onions and tomatoes to eat that year. Last year I tried container gardening. Sunshine was no problem, but slugs, bugs, and earwigs devastated my plants. I was able to get a few sugar snap peas, blueberries, tomatoes, lettuce leaves, and herb bunches. Every year is a learning experience. I haven't had much luck yet, but I'm looking forward to trying again this year anyway.
  17. suhmita

    suhmita New Member

    Here are five reasons you should seriously consider growing your own food.

    1. Growing food can save you money.
    Whether gardening can save you money is often a topic of debate. This is because your return on investment largely depends on what you grow.

    Not all crops are created equal — at least not in terms of monetary worth. When we looked at the value of Tower Garden yields, it was clear that growing certain plants could mean significant savings at the supermarket.

    Produce prices will fluctuate based on the season, your location, and even environmental factors like drought. But these crops are usually cheaper to grow than to buy:

    Part of the reason you don’t see crops like turnips, onions, and carrots on the list is because they are “plant one-harvest one” plants. (Props to Megan over at The Creative Vegetable Gardener for coming up with this category name.)

    With plant one-harvest one crops, you plant one seed (or seedling), and after several weeks of growing, you get one harvest.

    The end.

    Contrast that with plant one-harvest many crops — like those on the list above. Though you still plant one seed or seedling, you’ll enjoy multiple harvests.

    Take tomatoes, for instance. One plant can yield pounds of produce (that you don’t have to pay for, by the way). Seems like a better investment than one radish, right?

    2. Food you grow is guaranteed to be fresh.
    Did you know 20 percent of fresh vegetables in the United States comes from overseas? [1] How fresh do you think that produce — which has likely traveled thousands of miles over the course of several days — really is?

    Yeah. Probably not so fresh.

    But food growing just steps away? That’s as fresh as it gets. And since you’re able to harvest and consume your produce at peak ripeness, it tastes better and offers greater nutrition than what you typically find in stores.

    Plus, when you grow your own, you eliminate “food miles.” This benefits you because, again, the food is fresher. But it also benefits the earth.

    Worth noting: If you buy your produce from local farmers — which I recommend you do for anything you don’t grow yourself — it will likely be fresher, more delicious, and more nutritious than food imported from another state or country.
  18. koma123

    koma123 New Member

    Well, here in Africa it is common to see people growing their own food. We (Family) have an acker farm full of tomato, garden eggs, pepper, cassava, yam, etc just at the back of our home. About 80% of the food we eat are home grown. This has kept the family very healthy, in fact the last time i went to the Dr. was 10 years ago. I support 100% any one who want to grow their own food.
  19. melnun

    melnun Member

    My aunt used to raise her own fish. She had a beautiful backyard with a bunch of plants amd a pond. It’s such a wonderful idea. I would love to be able to do that. But unfortunately city life doesn’t allow me to. Let us know how it goes!
  20. ruthland

    ruthland New Member

    Yes I would like to grow my own food. Even at the age of 87 , my mum in law still tended her own garden herself, from digging through harvesting. Although she was not self suffecient , she grew her favourite crops which included runner beans, potatoes, kale, beetroot, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes. Growing your own food can be as simple as growing cress and beans sprout on your window seal. The rewards are tasty food at a very economical price with the knowledge that you have grown it yourself. Initial success will hopefully encourage more adventurous plantings.
  21. kimfamilara

    kimfamilara New Member

    I like the idea of growing foods in your garden. In our community, we call it "Urban Farming". I think it is very interesting not only because you are planting your own food but also it may lessen the cost you are spending on your food budget. It pays a lot since you know that what you are eating is organic. As of today, I was able to grew onions, tomatoes and moringga. These vegetables I grew are easy to plant and requires minimum attention.
  22. chillea

    chillea New Member

    I really prefer growing my own food. We had been practicing this for years already, especially those crops that easily rot after a few days in the refrigerator. It helped us minimize food wastes since we will just pick from the garden the quantity needed when cooking. We can even share them to our friends when the fruiting is plenty. Thanks to the help of some social media pages that promotes container gardening or growing your own food even if you have a very limited space. The persons behind these are really helpful for they continuously share their brilliant ideas.
  23. Tunaturkeydog

    Tunaturkeydog Member

    Good tips. I used to grow them when I still had time. I might start again soon using these tips you gave. Might do more wonders this time.
  24. JesNoi14

    JesNoi14 New Member

    I just love the idea of growing your own food but there are a lot that need to be consider as not only your green thumb is needed for growing your own food. If I am given a chance to grow my own food I choose to do it on our province as we have a big backyard and good rich soil. We also can get organic fertilizer from decomposing plants and poop of carabaos and cows.
  25. Donna12

    Donna12 New Member

    Growing your own food makes you happy and satisfied. It is a good way of saving money and your health with less chemicals or no chemicals at all which some people apply to food products.

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