Guitar or Piano?

Discussion in 'Music' started by genesis pabilonia, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. Chris4cag

    Chris4cag New Member

    Piano is a favorite of mine I have played it before and like doing it. I like guitars but never played it before so can’t tell you much about that and it seems hard to play anyway.
  2. Anne1529

    Anne1529 New Member

    I've choose piano, cause i love to play piano. Its relax me a lot everytime i heard a piano pieces played. Guitar is nice too but dont know how to play guitar.
  3. pamz-IZg3

    pamz-IZg3 New Member

    my mom always tells me that when I was a child I really, really wanted a piano.. that I'd beg them to buy me a piano..
    but we were poor, barely making it, that time I didn't know how much a piano was.. but I do remember begging them to buy me a piano. But I can't recall why I did that.. on my high school age.. I begun to fell in love with guitar.. I learned playing guitar self taught.. learned few songs.. then recently beginning to here some piano songs.. now I guess why I didn't what I did when I was child, that I beg my parents to buy me a piano is because I fell in love on how piano sounded.. nowadays there are keyboards that sounded like piano.. now that I'm old I still like piano but I guess I won't be able to become good at it.. my passion for guitars started on high school.. hearing such great musician. producing great music makes me wanna mimic them and trying to learn how they sounded.. how they play their guitars. guitars and piano are great instrument.. each has their own capabilities, guitar is more cheaper than buying a piano..
  4. Jesaiah23

    Jesaiah23 Member

    Guitar because its portable and lightweight. You can bring this anywhere you want. Its easy to play once you've master using it. I really like acoustic song specially when i render a song to God. Sometimes i play love song because it makes me feel better. You can play any song once you master playing it.
  5. Woorker32

    Woorker32 New Member

    For me, its guitar. Because, i know how to use it and its also fit on my personality and its also my hobby.

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