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  1. max pal

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    I dont get it. Is there any relation between Hair loss and PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). I noticed loosing a lot of hair after i cam to know that i have PCOS. Does anyone know how to control the hair loss. I can see a noticeable change on my head mainly along the meadian.
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    I am a hair stylist. I don't know anything really about PCOS, but I know a lot about hair. I have clients that have had issues with hair loss due to ailments. I also suggest using a clarifying shampoo. This keeps your scalp clean and helps prevent hair follicles from clogging. You will need a good name brand conditioner to keep your hair strong and healthy. I suggest using Nioxin. This can be pricey, but it is well worth the cost. It comes in a combo or you can just buy the conditioner. The conditioner will not clog your follicles like other products can. Then, the most important step is to order Kirkland 2% Minoxidil. You can purchase this from Usually a 6month supply runs around 25.00. This will help you get new hair and prevent you from further hair loss. You will need to continue the use of this product indefinitely, but its the best option to have hair.
  3. GiMa

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    Hair loss from the scalp is one of the symptoms of PCOS. Hair growth on other parts of the body; face, back, stomach, thumbs and toes is another symptom. I'm sorry you have been diagnosed with this condition. If your hormones are controlled thru your treatment it will help with your hair. Talk with your doctor about the loss. While the hair stylist's suggestion may help, nothing will work well if your hormones are out of wack.
  4. edz26

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    Our hair is a string of dead cells made up of a protein called keratin that produce hair follicles in our skin. In our home I am irritated of plenty hair on the floor. Four of us are girls who suffering hair loss and I notice its usually at a crown area of our head maybe because we have a dandruff too and our scalp is thin and weak maybe this is the cause of our hair loss.
  5. monicaaigan05

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    When I was a child, I have strong, smooth, shiny and long hair like its from a Pantene commercial, but ever since adolescence kick in hair loss begin and its frustrating because of a girl's hair is her crowning glory. My hair loss is from (PCOS) Polycystic ovary syndrome. PCOS is due to elevated androgen what is ironic in this condition you can have excess hair on your body and face but thinning hair on your matter what product i use nothing help my hair
  6. Abicdefghi

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    It’s been quite a while since I noticed I have falling hair. I tried using hair care treatment and home remedies. Trust me I tried a hand full but nothing seemed to work. Until I grew tired and just gave up.
    Last month I had an appointment with my doctor an abdominal ultrasound was and the doctor found out that I had PCOS
    Test were made to find the reason for my PCOS and when results came,I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.
    I just had falling hair and now doctors tell me that I have PCOS which is due to hypothyroidism. Now I’m on a thyroid hormone replacement medication. I pray i get well soon.
  7. rosalynmateo

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    When my 5th child was born Ive noticed that I have a lot of hair loss and also my teeth loss:( I don't know why.Then I ask some body they say because every time you gave birth you lose some calcium.I use some shampoo and anti hair loss treatment but until now i had a falling hair but i haven't see a doctor.
  8. lyz07

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    they say that used coconot extract and alou vera to prevent your hair lost and dont use shampoo everyday, cut your hair in short so your damage hair in the lower part not going upper. massage your hair and scalp when you treat your hair lost and eat fruits and search for the food you can eat to back your hair lost and dont use any treatment shampoo or any thing that have chemicals because they damage your hair.
  9. Derrick-5Obx

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    Hair loss is one of the most common complaints among
    all patients consulting a dermatologist and is usually as-
    sociated with severe psychological disturbances, distress
    and symptoms of depression . It can be temporary or
    long lasting. Diagnosis is based on detailed clinical his-
    tory, physical exam, clinical diagnostic tests, laboratory
    testing, and scalp biopsy, which may be necessary to
    confirm some diagnosis . The pathophysiology of
    such disorders may include infectious, nutritional, con-
    genital, autoimmune, or environmental causes. The most
    common forms of nonscarring alopecia are androgenic
    alopecia, telogen effluvium, and alopecia areata. Scarring
    alopecia is caused by trauma, infections, discoid lupus
    erythematosus, or lichen planus. Other disorders include
    trichotillomania, traction alopecia, tinea capitis, and hair
    shaft abnormalities
  10. vinzero6

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    Too much styling, excessive chemicals and exposure to UV rays are the culprits of hair damage. If you’re addicted to blow dryer and aggressive hair brushing, you need to take it easy. Because these may eventually lead to hair breakage and loss.

    Styling can be especially harmful to wet or damp hair because it’s 15 times more prone to breakage than dry hair.

    Coloring is just as damaging. The buildup of minerals breaks down the hair’s structure, which leads to breakage.
  11. ljas

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    Hairloss is the result if poor nutrition in one's health or in motherhood sometimes it because of hormonal change, especially after you've got given birth.Once your experiencing hair loss doesn't mean your on PICOS stage.There were times, it is a symptom and a sign that there is something wrong in one's body.As a woman, as we age, we need to focus on our nutritional health and taking good care of ourselves. Drinking lots of water everyday, eating nutritios foods and so on. We must love ourselves!
  12. writemebackrightnow

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    You should ask the doctor if PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) causes hair loss or consult a dermatologist. I have lost my hair because I have used hair gel.
    However, until a hair implant to be done, you may have good results, to recover your hair, applying on your scalp for many months one or more substances prescribed by your doctor(dermatologist).
  13. romilda

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    Hair loss everyday is normal but of course it depends on the quantity of the hair if it won't make you bald that would need to consult a physician.
  14. gwenmariecar

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    If you have hair loss problem you can try balancing your hormones first. Try to review about adaptogens, it can help to manage stress and balances hormones. Massaging your head can help for blood circulation as well. I think that is very important for your hair to grow again.
  15. catherineacorda

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    As a new mom, it is frightening to wake up one day and find that your hair is falling out more than usual. Post-partum hair loss not being a much-discussed topic, women are left scared and stressed when they see their hair fall out in record numbers, sometimes even in clumps. You blame your current shampoo regimen so you change it, but it does no good. It could be lack of sleep or stress or a million other things but your hair just won’t stop falling even if you’ve tried everything. What many new moms don’t know is that it’s a reality that many women experience a few months after giving birth.
    Postpartum hair loss is a relatively common occurrence in women after giving birth, mostly because of the hormonal upheaval that your body has gone through (and is still going through) due to pregnancy. It usually occurs a few months after the birth of your child and can last for months after. Normally, there is nothing much that can be done except wait it out.
    For me, postpartum hair loss happened with my first born; and is now happening again with my second. At around 3 months postpartum, I began to notice a lot of hair fall whenever I shampooed or brushed my hair. It has come to the point where I am almost scared to pick up a brush or comb for fear that more locks will detach! Sweeping up the bathroom floor is now both scary and embarrassing because there really is a big increase in the number of strands to gather up.

    Though I constantly have to remind myself that this is natural and that it will all end in a few months, I still can’t help but be self-conscious about my hair fall. It gets me down sometimes because it is happening just when I feel as though I have gotten the knack of being a new mom again, and when I am beginning to be happier and more confident about my body and myself once again. It is a struggle not to panic and buy every hair growing solution available on the market, but I try to stay calm and remind myself that it is all part of the wonders of motherhood. Also, I remind myself that my hair will grow back eventually. For the time being though, I have found some ways to get through this ordeal. If you are experiencing post-partum hair loss, here are some things you can do:

    1. Get a shorter do.
    Give your roots a little bit of downtime lessening the stress of the weight of longer hair or being tied up or treated.
    2. Find a gentle alternative to your shampoo and conditioner.
    I have started using an all-natural shampoo from Ilog Maria and conditioner from Human Heart Nature. Both are very mild and gentle on the hair and scalp.
    3. Nourish yourself.
    Maintain a healthy diet and keep taking your vitamins. This will help the body cope with the upheavals it is going through.
    4. Speak up.
    Talking to my partner or to a confidante about how I feel has helped me. I have people to support me. I also talked to my doctor for reassurance that everything is normal.
    Postpartum hair loss is something very real but rarely talked about. I find though that it should be discussed because it can cause women to unnecessarily worry or be ashamed or self-conscious.It is normal and it will eventually end. For now, all there is to do is find a place of calm and find other things that make me the beautiful person that I am—with or without a thick head of hair!
  16. neneth

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    Hair loss, whether you are male or female, can be distressing whatever age you are. But it does not mean that you are going bald, and it could affect just your scalp or your entire body. Causes include a genetic tendency to it, hormonal changes, medications or medical conditions.
  17. dipo4you

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    Hair loss may be a result of many factors. It can be the result of the physical way you handle your hair, or a nutritional defect. So to begin with, try not to pull your hair hard or over comb it. Also try to avoid certain chemicals for use in your hair. But if you have tried all this and there is still no change, then I would advise you increase on your iodine in take. Eat foods rich in iodine such as code liver oil, bananas etc. Iodine is responsible for renewing of our hair follicles.
  18. Warren1967

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    If my hair begins to fall off, I would shave my head.
  19. wkndroyal

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    The causes can either be hereditary or because of some medical condition like alopecia or thyroid disease just to name a few. There are all sorts of hair growth products out there all promising to regrow hair on your balding spot/s, but I personally choose to try natural remedies before taking on the advertised products. Some of those natural remedies like aloe vera extract, coconut oil, coconut milk, I have tried and they can do wonders for your scalp and current head of hair. Lemon oil, almond oil, castor oil, fenugreek, and onion juice among others have also been recommended. According to the experts, hair loss can be treated by trying to get the hair follicles healthy again, but growth will take time, so much patience is needed.
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  20. ColeenIris28

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    Hair shedding is a part of every day life... But the fact is, hair loss is totally normal.

    There are different types of hair loss, genetic (you may see a progressive, gradual reduction in hair volume) and reactive (your hair loss is the result of a trigger)
    • hormonal imbalance
    • stress
    • iron deficiency/anemia
    • hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism
    • vitamin B12 deficiency
    • dramatic weight loss
    • age

    Here's what we can do about it:
    • change up your diet
    • take a supplement
    • get smart about your styling
    • don't freak out!
  21. sylviajasthy

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    The fall-out problem consists of various factors, namely food, decent, personal hygiene, stress and others.

    Castor oil is known as a very effective way to hair, eyelash, and eyebrows. Castor oil is highly concentrated, so if you can use it to melt with almond oil or mix it in a conditioner.

    If hair problems are severe, they can be concentrated. Apply oil to hair and leave overnight. It is effective for bald spots, hairline deteriorating, and even thinner hair.

    Method: Several oil spots on your scalp and ordered neatly. Cover your hair with a shower cap or any way you like, and leave it overnight. Wash with shampoo and conditioner, as usual, the next morning. To dilute the use of almond oil or olive oil.

    Frequency: Use only distant oil, once a week. If mixed with conditioner, it can be used daily or every two days depending on your hair type.
  22. pancitcanton

    pancitcanton New Member

    I had thick hair when I was younger. But when I turned 20, It got thinner. You can see parts of my scalp whenever I tie my hair.
  23. Elsa77

    Elsa77 Member

    Hair plays a very important role in building the self image. For women, in particular, hair is much more than a bunch of fibers. It is an expression of style and personality. Research shows that the hair and the image we have about us are closely linked. Its fall can be a serious stressful cause for many women.

    The idea that hair thinning is a problem for men is wrong. 40% of the people who have experienced temporary or long term hair loss are women. In some cases, the hair is thinned in all areas.

    Hair loss in women can be triggered by about 30 different medical conditions, as well as by the unhealthy lifestyle. There are also cases where a specific cause cannot be found. As a starting point, experts recommend testing for problems with the thyroid gland and hormonal imbalances. In many cases, the hair grows back when the cause is fought.
  24. Dijwar

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    Most hair loss treatments only manage hair loss, rather than being a permanent solution. Hairtransplants are one of the most permanent fixes forhair loss. ... The only two drugs approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat hair lossare minoxidil (Rogaine) and finasteride (Propecia).
  25. Biisting

    Biisting Member

    losing hair comes with a lot of problems. Personally I started losing hair about 4 years ago and every hair that falls goes with my self-esteem. These days I have decided to incorporate hats in my wardrobe so that I can cover my head when I'm going out. It is terrible.
  26. Joemax31

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    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is usually caused by hormonal imbalance in a womans body which usually occurs at 40 years of age and in endomdorph or fat women. This hormonal imbalance causes a metabolic dysfunction which now affects your hair follicles. Hair follicles are being attacked by your own immune system due to this metabolic dysfuction which now causes excessive hair fall. This condition is now called as androgenic alopecia.
  27. Megroxy

    Megroxy Member

    Aloe vera works to soothe and calm a damaged scalp, creating a healthy environment for hair cells to replenish and flourish.
  28. GAUTOM

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    98% of hair loss is due to an imbalance in your body and due to nutritional deficiencies. Now celery is considered as an herb to some and a vegetable to others. It is the miracle plant.
    Celery relieves digestive disorders.Drink celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach without mixing water
  29. HeyMermaid

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    I have PCOS but I'm fond of hair coloring. I've experienced extreme hair loss when I became obsessed with platinum hair. Here in the Philippines, it costs a lot of money to go to a salon. The price depends upon a lot of factors like the name of the salon, the products they use, the skill of the hair dresser, hair length, health etc. I honestly can't spend a fortune on getting my hair colored so I did it myself. I bought products online, watched YouTube then put the gooey mixture of bleach and peroxide on my hair. Bleaching, in my opinion is the most excruciating feeling ever.

    I achieved the hair of my dreams but it came with a price. My hair started shedding. I know it's normal to lose 100 stands of hair a day but mine was different. Every time I comb my hair, rolled in bed, took a bath and dried my mane, hair flew in chunks. I almost filled and compressed an entire ziplock full of hair. I cried so badly, my eyes were swollen for days. I got depressed. I didn't leave the house, fearing that the lack of hair will merit ridicule and disgust from my peers.

    I didn't want to be stuck at rock bottom so I went back to google and researched. I discovered the wonders of coconut oil, gelatin, aloe vera, biotin and CGM (Curly Girl Method). I threw away all my old shampoos, conditioners and hair masks. I bought products that didn't contain SLS and silicones. I put coconut oil weekly and removed it with my low-poo shampoo. I condition and hair mask religiously then put aloe vera tonic on my hair. I changed my lifestyle by consuming healthy foods. I ate a lot of gelatin and drank biotin supplements.

    After almost a year, my hair is still recovering. I learned my lesson the hard way. I know I have a long way to go but I'll get there, soon.
  30. Shankar11

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    I m using patanjali hair oli my hair flowing stop...

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