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    One night, Bear looked up at the sky and thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice to give the moon a birthday present?” But Bear didn’t know when the moon’s birthday was, or what to get him. So he climbed a tall tree to have a little chat with the moon. “Hello, Moon!” “Maybe I’m too far away,” thought Bear, “and the moon cannot hear me.” “Now I am much closer to the moon,” thought Bear. “Hello!” This time his own voice echoed off one of the other mountains. “Hello!” “Oh, boy!” he thought. “I’m talking to the moon.” “Tell me, when is your birthday?” “Tell me, when is your birthday?” “Well, it just so happens that my birthday is tomorrow!” “Well, it just so happens that my birthday is tomorrow!” “What do you want for your birthday?” “What do you want for your birthday?” “I would like a hat.” “I would like a hat.” “Oh, goody!” thought Bear. “Now I know what to get the moon for his birthday.” “Good-bye!” “Good-bye!” That night Bear put the hat up in a tree where the moon could find it. “Hurray! It fits just right!” “So the moon got me a hat, too!” “Wait!” “Hello!” “Hello!” “I lost the beautiful hat you gave me.” “I lost the beautiful hat you gave me.” “That’s okay. I still love you!” “That’s okay. I still love you!” “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”
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    I celebrated my birthday every 8 March. This year, I celebrated happy birthday 8 March 2019. I am 24 years old in this year. I celebrated my birthday in the school. All the teachers and students were vert delighted on the birthday. On the Occasion of birthday, I purchased cake and pastry with sauce. Some students decorated classroom with baloons and flowers. My best student brought cake in the class and put on table and all students ant teachers came and together in the class. Then, I cut the birthday cake and celebrated my real birthday. Some students gave me some birthday gift and take selfie.First of all, I distributed cake, pastry and sweets. All the students and teachers enjoy my happy birthday.What a lovely sight on birthday. It's all about "My happy birthday".
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    My birthday is January 26, 1979. Accordingly, 1979 is the Year of the Sheep. When I was young, I believe that it is correct. But surprisingly, I have found out that the Year of the Sheep starts at January 27, 1979 so that means way back that year , I am on the Year of the Horse.
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    If this is your birthday then this day is yours and may you enjoy it to your fullest!
  5. July 12, 1989 is my birthday and every year I celebrate my birthday. My zodiac sign si Cancer and I was born in the Year of the Snake. As of now I am 29 years of age.

    The most unforgetable birthdays of mine is when I celebrate my 5th birthday. All my family and relatives are complete. My birthday at that time is just like a family reunion. A lots of games and foods had been prepared. And I hope that it will happen again.
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    I celebrated 10 April every year. I enjoyed on my birthday. My friends and relatives to meet on occasion of birthday. Friends and family take me all types of gift. It is happiness moment to me. On the birthday, I enjoyed with my family and friends. That's great moments to everyone who attended in my birthday party. So, I hope it comes every year.
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    Since I was a kid, the first day of school is and always have been "the bomb" to me. I'm overwhelmed with excitement to meet and greet my new teachers and get to know my new classmates as well. And I can recall clear as day - as if this just occured yesterday - that my next question after asking for whomever's name, ( -be it my new teachers, my new classmates, the school guard or even the maintenance guy - I don't mind it at all! because sometimes, I even get to chat up my school's Principal!) is that, I'll be asking
    about when will their birthday come? Sometimes I remember their answers and even get to jot it down and sometimes I don't! but one thing I always want to make sure of, is that they are all invited party with me on my birthday! I remember one teacher asking me when's my birthday gonna be, and sparkling eyes and full of glee, I blurted out "November 18!"and right away my teachers, together with the school Principal, fills the room with their boisterous laughters! I remember that time with how similar I find old women's laughters do sound to that of chuckling and cockling egg-laying mother hens! They find it so hilarious that for as early as June, I'm already so eager to ask them if they can make it to my birthday! Well, I guess that's how my Dad wants me to view birthdays and how important it is to celebrate that very special day every year! Unfortunately though, Dad passed away quite early for his age...land since then, I never felt November 18 to really be a special day. My Mom treats my birthdays as if it's a day of nuisance. I just hope things would change with how she finds my birthday. Because, right now, even if it's still months away, I'm already feeling sad because then again, when my birthday comes, the only parent I still have with me, does not want to consider November 18 to be special...no, not even to me. ,
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    For those of you celebrating your birthdays, I hope you enjoy your day to the fullest. Do all that you can do and be all that you can be. This day comes only once a year and it is your day. May you receive good blessings from friends and family alike. I hope you get your wish on this special day. Enjoy!
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    I celebrate my birthday yearly. My celebration is just simple where visitors are only family members. I am always excited to celebrate my birthday because it means that a year once again had passed.

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