Happy or sad songs?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Isakft, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Isakft

    Isakft Member

    Do you guys prefer happy or sad songs?
  2. Raysam

    Raysam New Member

    I prefer happy songs. Sad songs make my day sad. I remember stumbling across a sad song when my heart just got broken years ago, I almost gave up on life. I'll take happy songs any day. There's enough trouble in this world without the sad songs.
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  3. Jaysahu

    Jaysahu New Member

    Only happy song I want to listen. Sad songs are very boring he make me boring so I listen only Happy song
  4. Alex999

    Alex999 New Member

    Actually perception of a song which to be perceived happy or sad is wrong from the first place. There is no such thing as happy or sad song as every song has unique effect on people in terms of let's say feeling happy or being in sad mood. every individual has very special perception of the world as whole let alone just a song.
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  5. reinaldmacalinao23

    reinaldmacalinao23 New Member

    Happy songs to set my everyday mood!
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  6. Samokechi

    Samokechi New Member

    Happy songs. I do prefer happy songs to sad ones because they help me allot when it comes to forgetting my sorrow's. Happy songs helps one to forget his troubles and help to maintain the mindset that all is gonna be alright
  7. idking212

    idking212 Member

    Me, I prefer songs like happier marshmello avicii and things like that. songs that give hope. I am recommending to you to hear them I am sure you will like them
  8. Majae

    Majae New Member

    I prefer happy songs. Happy songs will not change your mood if you are feeling happy, and it will make you happy when you are feeling sad. However, sad songs will make you sad when you are happy and will make you even more sad when you are feeling sad.

    RICHDADDY Member

    “It is more helpful to listen to sad songs that relate to your situation. When you listen to happy songs, it feels like someone mocking you. When you listen to sad songs, it feels like someone consoling you, telling you it’s okay and they understand.” Mercy Barnett

    I feel exactly same way about Adele songs. When I am sad, I listen to Adele songs “Lovesong”, “Chasing Pavements” but not heavy songs like “Someone Like You” because I would dwell on my own mood more. I find Adele’s voice and Adele herself soothing, confident and fun to be around. Therefore I feel like I am talking to a sister or an old friend of mine and that someone understands me and how I feel when I listen to Adele.

    Now I am listening to this ultimate feel-good song right now, at live shows it is uplifting because of the connection Adele shows to the audience and all of the love in the air, ‘Someone Like You’.
  10. wkndroyal

    wkndroyal Member

    It's happy songs for me. No matter what mood you're in, happy songs have something in their beat or lyrics that just give that much-needed boost of energy or joy to make you feel good. If you're feeling a bit down, sometimes a happy song can help perk your mood up a bit just as you begin to hear the beat of that familiar song. But overall music just brings life to our daily lives.
  11. Ipostthings

    Ipostthings New Member

    I think it all depends on your mood, circumstances and what you hope to accomplish listening to a song. I think there can be healing in listening to "sad" songs. For instance, it can bring closure or maybe you just need to cry it out and move forward. Happy songs are exactly that, happiness. I love hearing a happy song that can recreate a memory so vividly, I can feel the same feelings I once did. So, for me, I say embrace happy and sad songs; enjoy the moment you are in and take what you can from every opportunity you are given.
  12. Michael1478

    Michael1478 New Member

    I hate how teens or young adults get sad and listen to these mumble rappers. For me, the music is nonsense, they are talking about sad things, drugs and everything. In my opinion, happy songs make you happy and sad songs make you even more sad. They say that sad songs helps with sad things, but I think it just get's worse.
  13. moemen55

    moemen55 Member

    That depends on my mood if I feel good I'll go to listen to some happy songs. If I'm down I go listen to some sad music. But at all, I love Eminem songs.
  14. marcbarredo13

    marcbarredo13 Member

    I prefer happy and upbeat songs. It puts my mood on a bliss state which I really love and sad songs put me in a sorrow state which makes me sad and weak of course. It's not that I didn't like sad songs and its not that I belittle musicians who compose sad songs but I just want to be surrounded by happiness everytime and happy songs can do that for me. I adore musicians for composing songs that will reach out to people's heart but every person has different tastes and opinions on music.
  15. jajamon04

    jajamon04 Member

    It depends on my mood. There were times when I am not feeling well and listening to sad songs soothe my heart. However, most of the time, I listen to happy songs to uplift my mood.
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  16. rzllnn

    rzllnn New Member

    Whether happy or sad song, it depends on the mood of the person. Like for me sometimes when I'm happy i like to listen to happy songs. Or maybe when I am sad i would want to listen to happy songs. For sad songs, sometimes I'm happy but would want to listen to sad songs. Or I'm sad I still want to listen to sad songs.
  17. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    It depends on the mood that I am in.
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  18. Olmaki

    Olmaki Member

    I love happy songs. But its always advisable to listen to sad songs too. You never know what comes next. Just like the doctors say always eat a balanced diet. I personally balance them. You cant be happy all the time, neither can you be sad always. So for me its both.
  19. hardunbie

    hardunbie Member

    Both. Depending on my mood….
  20. wkndroyal

    wkndroyal Member

    Happy songs. They give your energy, perk you up, make you smile and want to just break out in dance especially in the privacy of your own confines. Songs like, Can't Stop the Feeling, Happy, I'm Walking on Sunshine, I Gotta Feelin, Pocket Full of Sunshine, and many more make you feel good and just give you that positive vibe. Sad songs you can listen to when you're in a neutral mood, but not when you are going through something that's a downer or negative because it will enhance your sadness and make you feel worse about the situation you're in, and maybe make you wallow longer in sadness or pain.
  21. Aii101

    Aii101 New Member

    Happy or sad songs? It actually depends on how a person feels. Music are great instruments of healing, it can communicate right through your soul. If you need comfort, try to listen to solemn songs. If you want to release heavy emotions, try to listen sad songs. Feeling happy? Listen to songs that will make you hype!
  22. Aearh

    Aearh New Member

    Well, it depends on my mood but I prefer happy songs in the morning. It gives me the energy and positive outlook the entire day.
  23. Alzack50

    Alzack50 Member

    For me happy songs in the morning and sad songs in the evening.
  24. aditya8485

    aditya8485 Member

    Ninety percent of the time i listen to happy songs only but sometimes i feel like listening to sad songs or heartbroken songs or love failure songs just to have a different feel.
  25. tjmay

    tjmay Member

  26. vebselpo

    vebselpo Member

    Depends on my mood as we have different moods each day. On bedtime I prefer mellow kind of songs- a little sentimental that yeah have the effect to make me a bit sad. I don't prefer to listen to happy and loud songs before bedtime because I have to power down already and prepare my mind and body for sleep.
  27. Lynsej2019

    Lynsej2019 New Member

    Before listening to a music, you have to check out your mode and of course the purpose of listening to a music. If I am inspired and motivated then I really have to go for a happy song that will make me sing it happily and the message of the song will be manifested in my face. On the other hand, if I want to meditate about life and want to realize about something then I will go for sad song. In conclusion, choosing either a happy or sad song truly depend upon our mode and our motives of listening it.
  28. acorongan23

    acorongan23 New Member

    It depends on my mood sometimes I like happy songs sometime I like sad songs.
  29. angelogero

    angelogero New Member

    Prefer happy songs. Its making you alive and most of all it can make you feel alive with the lyrics of each song and meanings behind it. Its so useful in life because songs can change your mood and forget about everything. And that makes me wanting to hear from happy songs. :D

    Artist make sad songs because of their experience maybe got their broken by someone special. For me listening to those songs aren't that bad its like they are telling a story of what happened to them so I also appreciate them for telling what happened to them through a song.
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  30. Chibz

    Chibz New Member

    I prefer happy songs to have good vibes in my work
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