Happy or sad songs?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Isakft, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Chaiya

    Chaiya Member

    I prefer songs that raises my vibrations, I like happy songs because what you put inside you will also come out. People will see the glow and how at peace you are because you make sure that you keep your emotions healthy. If my vibrations are low sometimes, I still listen to happy songs to life them up. I make sure to help myself, my development and what I allow in me.
  2. Mikejanis

    Mikejanis New Member

    happy and sad that is a totally package for all emotional people thats why music is LOVE.
  3. kumarsunil123

    kumarsunil123 Member

    I like happy song to refresh my mind. I listen happy songs mostly.It make us happy and active and You can make feel good. Each song meanings behind it. It is very useful for my life because it can change my mood and forget everything. I want to listen happy song.
  4. jlynjanz

    jlynjanz Member

    i prefer happy songs because it make me feel positive. Happy songs can changed our mindset to positive way,through listening music it help me relax from anything i feel. Listening happy song is the best way to feel better if we are alone or if we need to feel better.
  5. valentinja

    valentinja New Member

    I prefer sad songs when I need to do work that important but I listen to happy songs when Im with other people or doing an activity. but regularly I listen to sad songs
  6. kandice1

    kandice1 New Member

    I prefer happy songs. Happy songs always put me a in a good mood. There's something about a song that has an upbeat rythm. The beat or rthym of a song is very important.
  7. Jeloop23

    Jeloop23 New Member

    I always prefer to listen happy songs. We needs a background music that keeps up motivated in whatever we do. A song that makes us smile though we have rough days,that help us encourage to do something better despite of our failure.
  8. Jeloop23

    Jeloop23 New Member

    I always prefer to listen happy songs. We needs a background music that keeps up motivated in whatever we do. A song that makes us smile though we have rough days,that help us encourage to do something better despite of our failure.
  9. I love both happy and sad songs because thats what MUSIC is all about. It speaks of life itself, the music that makes you both happy and sad. Happy because you are healthy and alive, all good things are happening around you, you are full of joy and love. Sad because life is never perfect, it makes you remember memories of the times that came to pass with the one you love who either left your life either permanently or temporarily. It speaks of a great love thats within your soul, unfinished and unfulfilled dreams, reminiscing of the past times and past love.
  10. DiegoRCardoso

    DiegoRCardoso New Member

    Some times I like sad songs, but a prefer happy songs, because happy songs make me feel good.
  11. Teambits

    Teambits New Member

    Happy songs helps me in starting off my day in good mood.
  12. carbs16

    carbs16 Member

    Happy songs because it helps me to move forward even though life is harsh. It keeps me motivated and gives me a positive vibe. It makes my life easier and lighten my mood.
  13. devincci

    devincci Member

    I prefer happy songs. Because it makes me feel more positive even I had a bad day. Happy songs can change mood of everything also even sad songs but it is in the way of negative side. It also give more motivation if I had difficult time in my task or anything that make me depressed.`
  14. becaro122

    becaro122 New Member

    Depends on my mood when i feel sad i listen to sad classical pieces such as chopin's nocturne in c# minor and when im happy I listen to his polonaise it helps me exude the emotion that Im feeling.
  15. Lhits

    Lhits Member

    happy song to relax
  16. ohevit

    ohevit Member

    The melody has a personality of its own. The sound that is soft and gentle with its splendidness can lift up the spirits. A sad song, sometimes, soothes the soul, even though it may awaken sad memories. A piece of fast-tempoed classical music does wonders too. But not so with rock music. A piece of rock music, even though it brings about cheer, can be irritating with its noise and vulgarity. The lyrics, moreover, can aggravate the mood. The only type of song that can truly make one happy is a song in praise of Jesus. The lyrics are not products of flattery, for they are truthful. Hyperboles and exaggerations are not even enough to describe Him as a Helper, Master or Redeemer.
  17. jhezz20

    jhezz20 Member

    Both can be applied dwpwnda on your mood.
  18. Tasheika

    Tasheika Member

    I'm into both
  19. yetyet

    yetyet Member

    Happy songs make me happy and makes me forget for the mean time the loneliness/ sadness that I feel inside in a particular situation. It reminds me to enjoy life in spite of. Staying happy makes us live longer and attract positive energy that we need everyday.
  20. jmcbngn

    jmcbngn New Member

    happy songs and my baby love happy songs she loves to dance :)
  21. Lasheen123

    Lasheen123 Member

    Happy songs, they just give me hope and motivation to continue my journey through life. However, sometimes I also need sad songs, depends on my mood.
  22. RyanIsTrying

    RyanIsTrying New Member

    Sometimes sad songs are happy, it just comes from the perspective you have. But if I had to choose,sad songs :)
  23. illuminniall

    illuminniall New Member

    Easy, depressing lyrics with upbeat sounds. In that way, you can relate to the message being relayed and have the time of your life at the same time ;). It honestly just depends on your mood, you don't feel the same emotion over and over again for the rest of your life, just like how your taste in music might vary in different years. That's why music is created with different genres, it's to cater our mood for a specific time period. I don't believe a person is only capable of liking one type of emotion for a song. We are humans, and we were created with being able to change emotions constantly according to how we feel.
  24. talagirl

    talagirl Member

    I prefer sad songs, when I'm really down or just to broaden my imagination. Sometimes sad songs makes you think of life, of what had happened, the regrets, the what if's and many more. It's an equilibrium for me, to find my balance and make thoughtful thinking.
  25. junick1206

    junick1206 New Member

    it depends on your emotions. the best thing is just feel or listen to what is best for you :)
  26. mithul

    mithul Member

    It really depends upon the mood,but to have one shot i would say happy songs;).
  27. MelvinAngelo

    MelvinAngelo Member

    Sometimes when you are happy then you have a sing a happy songs ,, then sometimes when your are bad mood you are song with wine or whisky to take it chill;)
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  28. ewi102

    ewi102 Member

    i like happy songs beacause it give me a happy feeling and motivate me to live in a positive way.
  29. Jacob16

    Jacob16 New Member

    Actually i think that neither sad nor happy songs are best. i think motivational songs are the best kind of songs ever. it takes you somewhere else so you feel like you're in an energetic halo around your body and capable to do everything you once wanted to do.
  30. MrLawLess

    MrLawLess New Member

    For me, in order to choose between happy and sad songs would depend on my mood. I would opt to listen to happy songs if my mood is happy whilst I will listen to sad songs if I am sad. However, if I am in a transportation vehicle, either of the two would be all right since I would just be sleeping or driving throughout that trip.

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