Happy or sad songs?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Isakft, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. jeszai

    jeszai Member

    Not trying to impose sadistic behavior of mine, but I do prefer to listen to a sad songs. Not because I wanted to feel the pain or whatever hurtful things that might come up reminding me about my past. Sad songs brought me into reality that somehow, I have been into dark moments of my life, that moment when I almost give up. It's not easy but it strengthens me by knowing that I've conquer it all. Painful memories brought by sad song isn't that bad at all, it reminded me that somewhere in my past I am at my low points of my life and next best thing happen along my journey is moving on and going up.
  2. mateusredfield

    mateusredfield New Member

    Both, because anything that inspires you, or elevates your spirit can make you go better in what you're doing. Please use with moderation or you'll get very tired. Just be careful with sad musics if you are a depressed guy, so please be careful in that situation. And one more thing, music alone do not solve things, they are just a way for some people get fun, pass time or get inspirated.
  3. ai7aga

    ai7aga New Member

    It depends on my mood. If I'm in love, I listen to happy songs. If I'm in a bad mood, I listen to sad songs. If I'm between,I listen to both .
  4. Cesssie

    Cesssie New Member

    It depends actually on my mood.
  5. Janner29

    Janner29 New Member

    I prefer sad songs when I feel like im in a sentimental mood and happy songs whenever I want to be inspired and active.
  6. selectra

    selectra Member

    I do like sad songs, even if am in a good mood can still listen to sad songs.
  7. janryl

    janryl New Member

    A balanced between sad song and happy song, why? Sad song is typically kind of music that sometimes can relate for my feeling. Sad song is also my way of expressing and it is also make us feel understood. We feel better about our situation when we believe that someone else has experienced something similar and understands exactly how we feel. A happy song can make you happy. Based on a study, listening to a happy song can lift your mood.
  8. Alexis Sabino

    Alexis Sabino New Member

    Sad Songs. Im a human inorder for me to realizes certain errors and the call to deep humanity I need to hear sad songs. Listen to sad songs makes us feel the emotions of the songwriter to feel the same as what they want to feel. Sad Songs make our metamorphosis effective. It deepens the impact of the emotions and drive to certain space and world.
  9. Ganoke

    Ganoke New Member

    Why listen to sad music that will make someone depressed while you can listen to music that makes you happy, inspired and relieve stress
  10. kycei

    kycei New Member

    Being happy is a good thing in life than being sad .Music is the fuel that motivates the attitude of people towards different situations it can also control your language because most of the people want to be like the music artist they listen to. Usually most people behave according to the type of music that they listen to.I prefer listening to happy music in my life because it make me feel good think more happy ideas than sad music that leads to thinking of revenge, hate and sorrow.If you listen to happy music you will be a happy person
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  11. kycei

    kycei New Member

    I prefer happy songs especially inspirational songs like Man In Mirror by MJ .Its a very good song it inspires me for a change in my life .Also i like to listen to happy love songs like from Maroon 5 Girls Like You its an amazing it make me feel good with my girlfriend especially when we sing along together so thumps up for happy songs.
    However sad songs are preferred here and there but i love them to be gospel
  12. MelvinAngelo

    MelvinAngelo Member

    i choose always a happy song ,, cause i choose to be happy and create a positive outlook:)
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  13. roxanmedrano

    roxanmedrano New Member

    I think it all depends on your mood, circumstances and what you hope to accomplish listening to a song. I think there can be healing in listening to "sad" songs. For instance, it can bring closure or maybe you just need to cry it out and move forward. Happy songs are exactly that, happiness. I love hearing a happy song that can recreate a memory so vividly, I can feel the same feelings I once did. So, for me, I say embrace happy and sad songs; enjoy the moment you are in and take what you can from every opportunity you are given.
    Happy songs. They give your energy, perk you up, make you smile and want to just break out in dance especially in the privacy of your own confines. Songs like, Can't Stop the Feeling, Happy, I'm Walking on Sunshine, I Gotta Feelin, Pocket Full of Sunshine, and many more make you feel good and just give you that positive vibe. Sad songs you can listen to when you're in a neutral mood, but not when you are going through something that's a downer or negative because it will enhance your sadness and make you feel worse about the situation you're in, and maybe make you wallow longer in sadness or pain.
  14. Dorothy-5me5

    Dorothy-5me5 Member

    Yes :) @Chibz Happy songs are the way forward! I understand when you are feeling low, sad or angsty songs are just the ticket to fit any low mood but too much of that repetitive negative stuff can really effect you on so many levels and can effect how you treat others and yourself.
    It can put you on a downward spiral on the flip side positive music can really bring you to a high positive mood. x
  15. analth

    analth New Member

    If I have to choose, I prefer happy songs, but it surely depends on my mood, music for me isn't just entertainment, but also good tool to make me change my mood, maybe calm me down, courage me or just make me happier.

    Happy fit in most time to listen for me, but I really love to listen sad song when I'm thinking something important and deep things, this kind of song let me thinking peacefully and not too emotional.
  16. cer1e

    cer1e New Member

    I prefer happy songs
  17. Teachergeorge

    Teachergeorge Member

    I listen to both happy and sad songs as the situations in my life dictates. In times of sadness, i tune in the sad ones for comfort while in happiness, i play the entertaining tracks.
  18. subhan456f

    subhan456f Member

    I like an emotionally moving song which expresses some dilemma in life. Some are hopeful, some not.

    But I enjoy a wider variety but I always return the the slightly darker songs. I think that is because the darker topics are on the cutting edge of “possible improvement” for our/my life but happy songs are like an ice cream sundae….and really nothing more….I guess, bottom line, I don’t learn anything in a happy song.

    I’d rather improve myself (and help others improve too) than celebrate being happy (which I still do occasionally).
  19. nanimanowar

    nanimanowar New Member

    Happy songs is a must for me. It create my energetic mood in the morning
  20. marrie23

    marrie23 New Member

    A happy song, because a happy song makes me feel better when I feel sad and stressful.
  21. Ajacky12

    Ajacky12 New Member

    Both, depending on my mood. Enjoy wider variety but yet I generally return the marginally darker tunes. I think that is because the darker topics are on the cutting edge of “possible improvement” for my life but happy songs are like an ice yogurt sundae.
  22. jpvelascooo

    jpvelascooo Member

    People prefer happy music but sad songs trend over the past 30 years.
  23. Littlegirl933

    Littlegirl933 New Member

    I love to listen to sad, gentle songs. Then hum to the tune of it. I don't know if I'm a weirdo or not. Because when I'm happy or sad, I listen to sad music. I don't like playful, cheerful songs. I have no emotion whats, when listening to those songs.. It made me uncomfortable, irritated.

    But for sad songs, it's different. Sad melodies bring me a sense of relaxation and mellowness. I am immersed in the melody, it helps me release all my emotions. The emotions that I suppressed, it flows with every sentence, every word of the song.For my own, the sad music was much better than psycho doctor. After listening to a sad song, it will make me happy, the spirit is much more cheerful.
  24. Tyana16

    Tyana16 New Member

    It depends on my mood to be honest
  25. sallyjean08

    sallyjean08 New Member

    For me it depends on my mood i think. Because there were times that its so good to listen to different song genre.
  26. sallyjean08

    sallyjean08 New Member

    Happy or sad songs, it always moved the heart of the listener. :D
  27. anithachirakkal

    anithachirakkal New Member

    I prefer both happy songs as well as sad songs.these types of songs make people to different ways.some times we need happy songs when we are happy otherwise we need sad songs.thats are depends upon our mood
  28. Feng

    Feng New Member

    I am the kind of person who always chooses to be alone because I want a quiet environment and I am a very introverted person, so, if I were to listen to a song I would prefer a sad song. Sad songs really soothe my mind because of its mellow music and it also helps me reflect on what I am feeling. Believe it or not, sad songs lighten up mood whenever I am sad.
  29. Celsojay

    Celsojay New Member

    I would like to hear Happy song, to have good vibes and to release some stress in work
  30. SaimaElas

    SaimaElas Member

    I prefer sad songs. Especially before i sleep. Lol

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