Happy or sad songs?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Isakft, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. jjmontero

    jjmontero Member

    Dependin on the mood. If I feel energetic and happy I'll go for happy song if I feel sad then I'll go for sad song
  2. Russel1Westbrook

    Russel1Westbrook New Member

    Happy songs to motivate me to get up for work every day to motivate me to do my side job yes of course but when somebody passes or dies yes I do listen to say at song to get all of that anger sadness fear or whatever it is going through me of missing that person out I cry yes and I feel better afterwards so yes a sad song helps you to remember some things recollect and it also helps you to clean you are you motions of the tears that are locked up and bottled inside of you so yes happy music most of the time sad music when someone passes away that I knew very very well
  3. donald78

    donald78 Member

    Happy or sad songs? It depends on the mood and place you are in to. In my bedroom, I spend most of my time listening to music just to keep me happy. But, it doesn't mean if your happy and you cannot listen to sad songs. I even listen to sad songs when I'm happy because I am happy listening to it. Despite listening to any songs just to be entertained and relaxing.
  4. StephWhis

    StephWhis Member

    There are obviously times for both, but I prefer being happy. So, I'd prefer happy songs. Upbeat songs just put me in a good mood, and they're great to just boost me up after a long day. There's nothing better than pulling yourself out of a bad mood by just rocking out, and having fun while listening to some of your favorite music. I absolutely love it.
  5. Fatmasong

    Fatmasong Member

    I like sad songs more because I believe the singer or musician puts more emotions in to it. I feel I can relate to the artist
  6. Twinql

    Twinql New Member

    When I’m listening to classical music, which is often, I absolutely love a sad, melancholy, almost haunting piece with strings. Violins and cellos can move me to tears, and usually do. I think you can actually search for “hauntingly romantic classical” music on YouTube. Try it; you’ll love the genre.
  7. lilzhou

    lilzhou New Member

    Honestly, it depends on my mood/what i'm doing. If i'm working out or hanging out with friends, definitely happy songs, because they just heighten the energy. If i'm on my own, or want to be inspired creatively, I find that sad songs are more my jam. When you listen to sad songs, you feel seen and understood in such a profound way. Anyone else feel that way?
  8. Bella25

    Bella25 New Member

    I really like happy upbeat songs. Happy music lifts my spirits and makes me happy. It motivates me to workout or even dance which is a really good mood booster.

    However, sad songs have a meaningful purpose too. Sometimes listening to a sad song can help you when you are feeling down. I think happy and sad songs both serve a purpose.
  9. Efrvme420

    Efrvme420 New Member

    Depending on my mood and what am doing at each moment. Sad songs keep me sober and in my feelings , happy songs make you feel a lot better. both have their places
  10. josuel10

    josuel10 New Member

    I prefer Happy songs, because happy means positive vibes it makes your day even better there is nothing you can possible have.
  11. Keyway

    Keyway Member

    Ghostbusters had a good example of this question in the movie.

    When they played music, the plasma would respond by sort of dancing to the rythem.
    I look at people in that same nature, we are what we eat, or take in.
    Music is a form if info transmitted into the mind, that's why the youth and some adults are so impressed by sounds and words. Almost like computer programming, very similar.
  12. elliethegypsy

    elliethegypsy Member

    Listening to sad songs can make my mood shift into a happier me. I know it sounds weird but when I am too happy, I feel like I should balance my emotion. The same when I am sad, I listen to sad songs. But I still prefer to listen to sad songs because it sets me on the mood to write something on my blog and appreciate all the good things that I have in my life right now.
  13. GaryNewman

    GaryNewman Member

    Well, there's a gray area concerning lyrics, though. I'd be fine with either a happy or a sad song, but what would affect me most is the lyrics contained in the song. However, I do have a slight bias for sad songs, they just sound calming in a sense.

    I'm sure everyone's heard this quote, and I think it's from Frank Ocean, when he said "When you're happy, you listen to the music. When you're sad, you listen to the lyrics."
  14. Dijwar

    Dijwar Member

    Both of them, Because it depends on our feelings, sometimes we are happy sometimes not. but I prefer sad one, Maybe sad psychologically is not good, But I don't let it to affect me.
  15. Maeganvf

    Maeganvf New Member

    It depends on the situation and your current feelings. Happy songs can sometimes bring sad memories, and sad songs may bring good ones. The most important thing is that you live in the moment and enjoy and feel what you are listening.
  16. Anncute

    Anncute New Member

    Both if it is from One Direction ❤️

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