Happy or tragic ending?

Discussion in 'Books' started by cha, Mar 9, 2018.

  1. cha

    cha Member

    Happy or tragic ending?
  2. pink21diamond

    pink21diamond New Member

    I would say that it's nice to have a happy ending. However, a tragic ending for a story that's well executed and written has more impact and is more likely to be remembered.
  3. Primo1999

    Primo1999 New Member

    I understand 'sad endings', art imitates life, the desire to move people and such, but i usually don't enjoy them... because they make me feel unhappy. Which i get enough of in real life (the news, documentaries, etc), and it's not what i'm looking for in my pass time entertainment. I want to have fun and feel good and ponder the themes and questions raised by the story when i indulge in fiction, not despair at the tragedy of it all.

    So i guess put me firmly in the 'nice enough' ending camp.
  4. deejohhn

    deejohhn New Member

    i would say happy ending. Because who doesn't want to have a happy ending right? why would you choose tragic ending.. despite of the struggles you've been through it's hard to accept that kind of ending. after all of hardworks everyone deserves a happy ending.
  5. maklein

    maklein New Member

    Everybody wants a happy ending, and that includes me. I think choosing a happy ending or a tragic one depends on the movie itself. Sometimes a movie is asking for a happy ending and sometimes it requires a tragic ending. But definitely, a tragic ending will be memorable and catchy if it is well written.
  6. Cecilia

    Cecilia New Member

    Everyone loves a happy ending and so do I. I love it when good people find hapiness. Tragic ending just leave me emotional and full of so mich sorrow and unhappiness and i don't like the feeling. I love happy endings. They bright hope and joy to people who truly relate to the story
  7. WisTex

    WisTex New Member

    I think a lot of people prefer happy endings and dislike tragic endings, but there is something to be said about complex endings where the ending has both. The hero wins, but there is a cost. Not everyone makes it out alive. We've won this battle, but it's unclear whether the war will be won (which is usually covered in the sequel). The goals of the main character were achieved, but the cost was too high, and perhaps another character has a tragic loss as a result.

    A lot of good storytelling mix the tragic with the happy, because it is more "realistic" and relatable and is often used to create suspense in the story. And often a happy ending is just how you choose to look at things or what you focus on, which is just as true in life as in a book.

    While I do like happy endings, more complex ones usually make a better story.
  8. icel

    icel New Member

    I will always choose happiness over tragedy. The world now is surrounded by so many tragic circumstances so why not only choose to impart happiness to everyone or to every viewers. It is always a good thing to inspire people with a happy ending.
  9. miakayuki

    miakayuki New Member

    I will choose happy ending. I cannot bear the pain of tragedy. It makes me miserable. I read books because I want to forget all the sorrow. Happy endings inspire me to believe that there will be better days.
  10. Costa1324

    Costa1324 New Member

    I would choose happy endings.Books are made to make you happier ,not to make you sad, that's why I choose happy endings.I read books because i want to see something happy in ending.
  11. Bojo Ray

    Bojo Ray New Member

    Happy ending is one of the most common strategy that a lot of writers is using nowadays in order to adapt on the taste of the audience or the readers. However, happy endings, sad to say is already overused for me and sometimes makes the story boring to read because me as a reader,I can already predict or expect that the ending of that story is happy just by reading some content of it. Tragic endings on the other hand is more unique because it gives something much more interesting to read. Something that gives excitement and a change in the mood of the story. Readers will be more involve not only through reading but also asking their selves why the story ended that way and what should happen if they are the one who will design the ending. Happy ending is good but it's not a must. For me, tragic endings gives better story than happy ones.
  12. shaira

    shaira New Member

    Happy and i dont't like tragic ending.
  13. charlaine

    charlaine New Member

    We always hope for a happy ending even in real life but I guess the end is just a small part of the story as a whole. Like what they say its more on the journey than destination. And I believe that negative endings can sometimes leave a great impact to the readers.
  14. haydencshaw

    haydencshaw New Member

    This right here. The impact is the most significant purpose of a sad ending. While I am personally a fan of the happy ending, there is no argument that sad endings stick with you. Watching a happy movie I feel like the ending is soon forgotten and you move on, after all nothing was wrong, so why linger on it. However, sad endings and movies that don't end exactly how you want them to are a little more thought-provoking. They make the person think about themselves in that situation and perhaps even create some empathy. Empathy, by the way, I think is one of the main purposes of movies and the fact that sad movies make you think about the pain and hardship of your fellow man is reason enough to break out the tissues on movie night every now and then.
  15. zane1021

    zane1021 New Member

    You’re supposed to learn from mistakes, right? If something bad happens in a character’s life, they can learn from the experience. Even if the character remains the same, it might teach the audience something about life. Having a tragic ending can show you all of the wrong things to do in a situation. Make sure to fully digest what you read and watch, because it could teach you something worth learning
  16. edem08

    edem08 New Member

    Happy ending for me. Cause I might look an ordinary reader but deep inside me it really saddens me when it ends tragically. Every scene also affect my mood. When the characters are happy I feel happy too and it feels like it can lighten up my mood in one month. But when the scene becomes sad i lost lots of hair cause i cant help it but pull my hair until the scene becomes smooth again. I love reading, i really do.
  17. edem08

    edem08 New Member

    Happy Ending. I just dont want the character in the story to suffer. I may look like an ordinary reader but I think Iam different in a way that reading stories also affect my mood. When the characters are happy I feel happy too but when the mood change into something upsetting it also upsets me. I cant help it but pull my hair, simetimes I just found myself crying because of the story that Iam reading. Its like Im also watching the story in my head. And I cant stop myself from reading if the situation is not getting any better. I want them to be happy so that I can be happy too.
  18. Shandy

    Shandy New Member

    I prefer a tragic/sad ending because it tends to hit the reader much harder than ending it on a happy note. There is more impact to a sad ending, and if the storyteller is trying to teach his/her audience a lesson about a certain topic, a sad ending would be a way to go.
    Not many stories end with sad endings, but when one does, it tends to be unique and original compared to a typical happy ending.
  19. Kevin Baldovino

    Kevin Baldovino New Member

    It depends on the whole personality of the person who is reading the story. For someone who likes tragic endings, a happy ending would be a disaster for them and it works round the other way too. Personally, I prefer happy endings unless it's in a series of books then a tragic ending can be okay once in a while. When it's a happy ending I feel as if all the characters are happy and you can leave them in peace without worrying what might happen while you're not reading (yes I worry about characters). My favorite endings are when they are mixed up. Like something tragic happens just before the happy ending so in the end it's a half half because you are still sad about the character dying just before the ending but you're happy because the two main characters are now getting married. They make you feel almost confused because it mixes your emotions completely up. It's a powerful ending that way.
  20. Ange

    Ange New Member

    I love reading and watching stories, so for me it depends on how the story goes. I watched and read a lot of tragic stories and it went really well. There are happy endings story and the story is just like any other story. Happy ending or tragic, a good story is the one that will give you goosebumps and something worth sharing.
  21. Lilly03

    Lilly03 New Member

    I am all about happy endings. I think that life always has a way of turning out good, if only we can maintain a positive outlook on things. There is truth to the saying"every dark cloud has a silver lining ".

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