"Happy WIFE, Happy LIFE"

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"Happy WIFE, Happy LIFE"

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  1. Keeping your wife happy is the secret to a happy life. For me if you want to keep your wife happy spend quality time with your wife and family. How about you what else can you do to make your wife happy?
  2. SpaceReal

    SpaceReal New Member

    I'd say that focusing only on your wife is a surefire way to lose yourself. Happy COUPLE, Happy LIFE.
    If you want to work as a couple, you have to do things for each others, and things you can both enjoy.

    Keep yourself happy before you try to make someone else happy
  3. me ann14

    me ann14 New Member

    A wife who is truly devoted in her family are the wives who are contented and happy. It takes two to tango, as the cliche goes family started with a father and a mother as they promised during their marital vows that they spend their lives together as husband and wife. If the husband is responsible, considerate, thoughtful and understanding, the wife will surely be satisfied and be happy in their relationship. Thus a contendted wife inbibe happiness inside their home. A mother and at the same time a wife who is happy will reflect happiness in her life.
  4. Loujen1012

    Loujen1012 New Member

    A wife can selflessly sacrifice everything for the family. Husband might not recognize it because sacrifices are shown through actions that might be considered as daily routine. That's why, every husband's goal is to live happily with a happy wife. Women tends to be more happy in every small gestures consistently shown like giving her water even if she didn't asked for it or just simply asking how was her day. Love started with a feeling but in married love is a responsibility on how will you continue the spark 'til end.
  5. hafeez351

    hafeez351 New Member

    A married man spends half of his life or time with his wife. She works the whole day at home especially in our society when her husband works at office. She do unlimited chores , care of children and elders of family and many things else. All of this she needs to be happy if she is not, the time husband spend with her will be at stake. Both of them will not enjoy the life they have and this will lead to differences and then separation. So basically the thing is when you have a good and happy wife she will take care of things and yours. So will your mind work for the betterment of the lives of yours and your family.

    When you have an unhappy wife she will ruin your mood at every instant and one should know things about when a woman gets unhappy. So have a happy wife and live a happy life.
  6. Jacfalle81

    Jacfalle81 New Member

    Yes, A HAPPY WIFE IS A HAPPY LIFE but doesn't the husband deserve to be kept happy as well? A man should not be expected to walk on eggshells in order to avoid upsetting his wife. Husband and wife should love, support and respect one another equally. No one deserves to be happier than the other. When one falls, the other lifts them back up. A HAPPY MARRIAGE IS A HAPPY LIFE. No marriage will ever be perfect but love rises above all
  7. Em14

    Em14 New Member

    A Happy Wife is a Happy Life. That's very true when you have your own family. That word came because of the idea that a woman has to take care of her family. Because of that wife needs a healthy body and mind. A big heart for their children and husband. A money for everyday needs. A continues hugs that make her fight for her family.
  8. jendysarzaba1

    jendysarzaba1 New Member

    Absolutely true! A happy wife is a happy life. Being a happy wife is a big blessing for a woman. It means you are enjoying being a mother to your children and being a wife to your husband. Having the best partner in life is a real happiness! :) In a marriage, the wife should be submissive to his husband. But in a relationship you have to give and take...there is always trust and respect=LOVE love for each other...Also one thing, you have to had fun in bed:love: try something new... in that case...A Happy Wife and A Happy Husband =A Happy Life. Let God be the center of your lives!

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