"Happy WIFE, Happy LIFE"

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"Happy WIFE, Happy LIFE"

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  1. Keeping your wife happy is the secret to a happy life. For me if you want to keep your wife happy spend quality time with your wife and family. How about you what else can you do to make your wife happy?
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    So true! I am not married but I have lived with various girlfriends over the years and have discovered that if you can keep your woman happy, you will be happy too. This is because happiness is infectious. If you are in a sad environment, there is a high chance you will be unhappy too and Vice Versa. So keep you family happy to keep a happy home.
  3. I vote for yes. Happiness in marriage can be measured by the happiness of the wife. If the wife is not happy or fulfilled, marriage is going to be terrible. The wife wanted to be loved by the husband.

    Its the husband's responsibility to keep her wife happy. The husband needs to serve her. Even in little things the wife requires her husband to be served. By just washing of clothes or doing any household chores the wife is already happy. How much more if the husband will provide her with everything she needs physically, socially, etc.?
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