Harry Potter and the Rankings

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Are you able to rank the 7 novels?

  1. I shant be able to do this!

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  2. I can do this!

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  1. itisjonwilson

    itisjonwilson New Member

    I hate to ask this question, because it's like asking a parent to choose a favourite child, but can you list the Harry Potter novels in order of appreciation/ love.

    1 being your favourite out of the series
    7 being your least favourite out of the series

    Mine are:
    1. Deathly Hallows
    2. Half-Blood Prince
    3. Goblet of Fire
    4. Order of the Phoenix
    5. Philosopher's Stone
    6. Chamber of Secrets
    7. Prisoner of Azkaban
    Your turn to decide
  2. Anj1018

    Anj1018 Member

    This question is quite hard ahahahahaha

    1. Chamber of Secrets
    2. Prisoner of Azkaban
    3. Sorcerer's Stone
    4. Goblet of Fire
    5. Deathly Hallows
    6. Order of the Phoenix
    7. Half blood Prince

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