Harry Potter or Lord of the rings??

Discussion in 'Movies' started by momik93, May 29, 2011.

  1. snitch567

    snitch567 New Member

    am going to pick harry potter
  2. dawwal

    dawwal New Member

    Harry Potter definately, i really disliked the film version of Lord Of The Rings but I do love the books
  3. Hudler

    Hudler New Member

    It depends on what you mean by "interesting", elaborate please. But personally, landscapes and how enviroments are built interest me, so LoTR gets my vote! On the other side I think that Harry Potter has very interesting architecture, which obviously also interests me, just not as much.
  4. Jasongarfield

    Jasongarfield New Member

    Harry Potter movies are at least ten times better than Lord of the Rings movies. Lord of the Rings movies are too long and have a very complicated story line. Harry Potter movies are simple to follow and are an appropriate length. Additionally, I feel that the special effects in Harry Potter films are much better than Lord of the Rings films.
  5. Jonathan Wallace

    Jonathan Wallace New Member

    I prefer Lord of the rings To, i enjoyed the action and journey up in to the last movie so legendary.
  6. Yatte

    Yatte New Member

    Wow, this is like choosing between maturity and the inner child. Interest can be based on a lot of factors in the fantasy genre. For example all the races involved, the battles fought, the lessons learned etcetera. I must confess, when it comes to Lord of the Rings little else compares. Though I have enjoyed Harry Potter as well, Potter tends to be borderline teenage quality compared to the Lord of the Rings. The true test however lies in the books. Tolkien's writing is much more mature and well rounded, and truly a timeless epic, where Rowling and Potter like the Twilight Saga is just another passing trend.
  7. jflymax

    jflymax New Member

    I enjoy LOTR more. For me, I think it's just the incredible energy the stories bring, that Harry Potter doesn't. I also enjoy the more medieval part of it much more than magic and flying brooms. But that's just me.
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  8. TheSportsWizard

    TheSportsWizard New Member

    The books are comparable as far as quality. The Lord of the Rings movies however are just much better than Harry Potter. The battle scenes and incredible directing of Jackson makes this possibly the best movie trilogy of all time.
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  9. raigoro

    raigoro New Member

    Well I think I like Harry Potter more because every time I see a LOTR movie I just fall asleep.

    .... Yeah you can say that LOTR has a bigger and cooler storyline but i have to say that a teenage wizard fighting with monsters at fairy tail school is also pretty awesome.
  10. Maeva Betham

    Maeva Betham New Member

    I only prefer LOTR because of the great war scenes and HP was just altogether too long. I hate waiting for the next movie in a series and the longer it's dragged out, the sooner I lose interest. However, I've read both and I think J.K. Rowling is a much better writer. Maybe LOTR just had a better director (I'm a Kiwi).
  11. matt beck

    matt beck New Member

    I prefer Harry Potter because i have read the books and they are amazing. It is ahrd to believe someone rejected the book five times. I love this book because it has so much drama and action. I love what happens and how it all plays out. LOTR is plain boring and i think it has too little action.
  12. Gabi Staheli

    Gabi Staheli New Member

    Harry Potter is the most interesting to me. The Lord of the Rings is great for some people, but not for me. You have a wizard in them, so why don't they use their magic that much? I love Harry Potter and the magic that surrounds it! What if it was real? What if there was a whole wizard world that none of use know about? That would be so weird and awesome at the same time. I just really like the magic and the adventures that Harry, Ron, and Hermione share!
  13. BlackCobra

    BlackCobra Member

    I gotta say Lord of the Rings tagged me in a bit more than Harry Potter.
  14. ben toolson

    ben toolson New Member

    I would put Lord of the Rings over Harry Potter. I think that the Lord of the Ring movies are very well done and that they do a very good job sticking to the book story line. Harry Potter seems like a little kid type movie to me.
  15. karlien

    karlien New Member

    Now that's a movie I like HARRY POTTER I love watching it I usually cant wait for a new episode i have every thing from books movies games LOVE it.
  16. Kevin Jordo

    Kevin Jordo New Member

    The Lord of the Rings. I like Harry Potter, I have seen them all and read them all, but the Lord of the Rings are truly amazing. In Harry Potter, sure it is an adventure, but it lacks interesting components. I used to spend hours of my childhood with a plastic sword pretending that I was Aragorn, Son of Arathorn, fighting Orcs in my backyard. With Harry Potter, none of that really stuck with me. Overall, The Lord of the Rings had more of an impact on my life, and it is something I will watch ten years from now and still enjoy as I much as I do today.
  17. AllenWebstar

    AllenWebstar New Member

    My favorite "Lord of the Rings" off course! No doubt. Harry Potter is quite childish movie I found. Lord of the Rings sequel going on great this time. Waiting for next sequel.
  18. GreyHelm

    GreyHelm New Member

    The Harry Potter BOOKS were superior to the LOTR books, in my opinion. But I really hated the Harry Potter movies, I thought they were terrible disappointments. There were a lot of things wrong with them but the direction was probably the worst.

    On the other hand, the Lord of the Rings movies were masterpieces, and because of them Peter Jackson is one of my all time favorite directors. They were a bit lengthy but they still did the stories justice. I can't say the same for the HP films.
  19. caspir123

    caspir123 New Member

    Lord of the ring sis very good but i like more "Harry Potter "
  20. Triangle77

    Triangle77 New Member

    Definitely Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter has great moments but also a few downs. And you can fit LOTR into one longdayinfront of the screen.
  21. tongueofcat

    tongueofcat New Member

    I'm going to have to go with Harry Potter on this one. Even though I love the Lord of the Rings series, they are excruciatingly long; I have a hard time sitting through normal length movies in the first place. Also I grew up reading Harry Potter as a little girl and I still remember how excited my mom and I were when we first saw the trailer for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. The book series itself takes up a huge chunk of my childhood and I believe they did the books justice in the movies.
  22. weatherman

    weatherman New Member

    I never got into Harry Potter. Family members gave me some of the books when I was younger, I went to the first film with a friend who was really into Harry Potter and I actually tried reading the first few books but I guess I'm just not a Potter fan.

    Lord of the Rings however, that's a different story! An epic saga that makes you feel like you're part of Middle Earth. I eagerly read each of the books, and felt completely rewarded upon completing them. You can imagine my excitement when the movies came out. To this day, every year, I still take a day to watch the three movies with my girlfriend. Which reminds me, our "middle earth" day should be coming soon...
  23. drdurham77

    drdurham77 New Member

    I enjoyed both movie series. I have a preference for LOTR, I guess because I'm older, I have read the books and I enjoyed the almost fanatical realism of the sets, costumes and characters in the movies.
  24. Bibek Kumar Shah

    Bibek Kumar Shah New Member

    I prefer Harry Potter instead of Lord of the Rings. Storyline of Harry Potter is better than of Lord of the Rings.
  25. clairemn

    clairemn New Member

    I definitely prefer Harry Potter! I fell asleep at Lord of the Rings. However, I agree with previous posters that the Harry Potter books are much better than the films. Maybe I am biased though because I have read all of the Harry Potter books and have seen all the films but I haven't seen all of the Lord of the Rings films.
  26. sharrieff21

    sharrieff21 New Member

    I really enjoyed Harry Potter, but the Lord of the Rings is a truly epic story. There are parts where the story slows compared to the Harry Potter series of movies, but I think those parts are necessary to build story, intensity and drama. Also, The Lord of the Rings trilogy was written in a much different time than Harry Potter. For those of us who are old enough to have read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings when the alternative was a black and white TV, there's got to be a greater level of appeal beyond what Harry Potter can offer.
  27. kernelcolonel

    kernelcolonel New Member

    Both are hard to compare objectively. I cannot say for certain which is the "better" franchise. I will say this though; Lord of the Rings was intended for a broader audience than Harry Potter. Harry Potter, at least the books, was edited and marketed for younger audiences. Perhaps this is what resulted in the Lord of the Rings having earned 17 Oscars compared to 1 for the young wizard's adventures. I remember reading something about JK Rowling having to cut swearing from the book entirely because the publishers felt it was inappropriate. That kind of creative restraint can put a little damper on the quality.
  28. smathis93

    smathis93 New Member

    Lord of the Rings has a far superior plot. The Harry Potter series gets gradually deeper and darker, which is nice, but when watching the movies back to back is quite bizarre and seems like they were directed by completely different people. Lord of the Rings has more flow to it, and has greater action and depth. Lord of the Rings has a more unique, personable universe, which is what I enjoy most about it. The action
  29. ash87

    ash87 New Member

    In my opinion the Harry Potter series are the better books but the Lord of the Rings are the better movies. I think in 10 years time the Lord of the Rings films will still stand and be watch-able but the Harry Potter films won't age as well. Lord of the Rings is just pure epic!
  30. Juliee

    Juliee New Member

    Harry Potter for sure! Although Lord Of The Rings is only three movies, all eight Harry Potter movies can keep my interest for longer.

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