Harry Potter or Lord of the rings??

Discussion in 'Movies' started by momik93, May 29, 2011.

  1. mercydaino

    mercydaino New Member

    I hard to say which movie is best out of these two movies because both of these movie are best . But most of the part i seen of harry potter movie so harry potter is one the best movie.
  2. dposh119

    dposh119 New Member

    Both are absolutely incredible movies, however if I were to pick one, I would pick Lord of The Rings. I absolutely love Lord of The Rings, in every way. From it's amazingly creative story line, to it's mystical feel.
  3. marijke

    marijke New Member

    It's a difficult choice for me as I love both. LOTR is more mature, on many levels, while HP is just pure fun. LOTR gets a bit heavy at times, while HP has its share of plot holes. Yet, both are unique on their own. HP is readily watchable, again and again, while LOTR is a bit tedius after the first viewing. I guess it depends on my mood. :) At the moment, that would be HP.
  4. Federico

    Federico New Member

    I've read both book series and seen all of the movies, and while I certainly agree that Tolkien is a master in the art of creating fully-realized worlds and adventures, I'm gonna have to say Harry Potter. The Potter books and films were something I have grown up with. Waiting for the latest iteration in the series, outside of the movie theatre or bookstore made the whole saga much more valuable to me. It helped me build my character and personality, and Rowling has always transmitted me wonderful values that will forever be integrated in my being. For that, I give Potter the edge.
  5. Patricia Cartwright

    Patricia Cartwright New Member

    I'm definitely more of a Lord of the Rings fan than a Harry Potter fan, although I enjoyed both. I have read all the books and watched all the movies for both Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter (I've read Lord of the Rings eight times, it's my favorite set of books!) I found Lord of the Rings a little more adult and in depth than Harry Potter.
  6. RayF48

    RayF48 New Member

    I have read the LOTR series, but have never read Harry Potter, nor seen his movies, so my opinion I'm prejudiced on this. I say Lord of The Rings. A great story.
  7. jayjay

    jayjay New Member

    i Prefer Lord of the rings, i think they are much more epic and the story over the movies is so good. I do like harry potter as well but if i had to only choose one it would be lotr
  8. jean carls

    jean carls New Member

    Harry Potter is lake of interest and controvercy but i prefer Lord of the Rings. The them of the novel as well as the movie is far more intresting for me. I think Harry Potter is more for the teenegers, and the Lord is more for the mature audiance, although both are tails.
  9. Arturo Ibarra

    Arturo Ibarra New Member

    I would have to say Harry Potter is definitely better than The Lord of the Rings. Lord of the Rings has its moments when you just want to dive into the movie and hit Frodo; however, in the movies of Harry Potter those moments are almost minimal.
  10. pieisfail

    pieisfail New Member

    I agree harry potter is interesting and that reading it definitely adds to the experience. Lord of the Rings is a older-age oriented series so I think it only makes since that less people find it interesting.
  11. ashkeogh

    ashkeogh New Member

    I just found Lord of the Rings really tedious and I am sure I am not the only one. It seems as if Harry Potter takes a lot of elements from the Lord of the Rings series but it is done in the movies and books in much more entertaining way. On the books side of things I have gotten through all seven Harry Potter books and in record time where as with the Lord of the Rings series of books I have tried and failed three times to read the Hobbit the whole way through and failed. I can see the appeal of the Lord of the Rings books and movies but for me I don't want to sit through three hours of the occasional action scene and filler.
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  12. KatieHess

    KatieHess New Member

    Harry Potter was the series of my generation so I would choose it. Lord of the Rings is okay but was very hard for me to understand. Lord of the rings was very monotonous, whereas Harry Potter had a better and more appealing storyline. The books and movies are just overall, much better.
  13. Roechelle Adair

    Roechelle Adair New Member

    I have to admit, I am probably the only one in the world who has not seen any of the Harry Potter movies, however, I am crazy about The Lord of the Rings Saga. I love the imagination and fairytale aspect of Lord of the Rings, I was rooting for the hobbits and completely immersed in the flick. I do plan on eventually watching Harry Potter though because I know that I will enjoy that saga as well
  14. KarlF2375

    KarlF2375 New Member

    I see a lot of references to the books in this thread. That's a bit unfair, as LOTR is an entirely different type of book. Also, HP would win in sheer volume. As for the movies, the HP series is more whimsical and feel-good. Sure, there are scary monsters and pitfalls, but let's be honest - the movies are pretty light-hearted, save the later ones where they get dark. How many people actually felt fear in the first three movies? LOTR, on the other hand, has a pervasive darkness throughout. This is by design. Middle Earth is a very "mature" environment and the movies were shot with that in mind. LOTR is definitely not for the same crowd as HP.

    So my pick? I can't decide. It depends on my mood. I've watched both sets of movies way too many times. So yeah, I'll be a pansy and not choose one.

    Any other thoughts along these lines?
  15. spence909

    spence909 New Member

    Both series are great, but when it comes to the movies Harry Potter is easier to watch. The movies of both LOTR and HP are good, but LOTR is slower and more complicated than Harry Potter. The stories are great, the special effects are great, but the tie-breaker is definitely the ease. Lord of the Rings requires more intense watching, while missing a few minutes of Harry Potter won't throw you off for the rest of the movie. While some enjoy the intricate story line LOTR provides, I find it more enjoyable to follow along with the Harry Potter story line, which is not as complicated.
  16. dreamscriber

    dreamscriber New Member

    Hmph...great question. I clamored over Lord of the Rings, couldn't get enough of the movie when it came out. When Harry Potter came, same thing. Now, after watching both movies what feels like a hundred or so time I'm going to pick Harry Potter. Those kids were adorable when they were younger.
  17. nicolas

    nicolas New Member

    harry potter certainly affected a generation of kids ... basically, the children have grown up seeing the whole saga ... However, the Lord of the Rings is an epic film that I think is unmatched ... the trilogy of Lord of the Rings is not only full of emotion, action and special effects, but also a bearer of values ​​as the will and love
  18. BradHemphill

    BradHemphill New Member

    I love both, but "The Lord of the Rings" was a transformative experience for me. The scope of the story, the production design, the performances all blew me away.

    In both series, the relationships of the characters were the highlight for me, but the bond between Frodo and Samwise is one for the ages. I was especially impressed by Sean Astin's performance as Samwise - the heart of the trilogy.
  19. virvy

    virvy New Member

    I've actually never read any of the Lord of the Rings books, which makes it a bit difficult to decide. Harry Potter was great, but eventually I think I would still have to go with LOTR. As I used to play a lot of Dungeons and Dragons seeing all these orcs and elfs and dwarves come alive on the screen was very magical. It does feel Hollywood is trying to milk the Tolkien legacy a bit though. I don't think Hobbit really needs three movies...
  20. Hellzdoom

    Hellzdoom New Member

    Both are good, but Lord of the rings definately, the movies were alot better to me and i liked the characters more (legolas best character) but i did enjoy the harry potter series.
  21. littlescone

    littlescone New Member

    Lord of the Rings definitely. To tell the truth, I watched and mostly read Harry Potter before I got into Lord of the Rings and still I found that Lord of the Rings was twice as engaging. Not saying that Harry Potter isn't a good series but the concepts of Lord of the Rings are far superior and cater to a much wider audience for interests sake.
  22. Eva Pfromm

    Eva Pfromm Guest

    I have read every Harry Potter book, and every Lord of the Rings novel. I have also seen every movie of each. I will always prefer the Lord of the Rings movies over the Harry Potter movies. Though I am a fan of both, I feel that the Lord of the Rings trilogy was better produced. The action scenes are more intense, the actors are better, and they broke new ground in the movie industry. The Harry Potter movies were entertaining, but they simply do not measure up to the quality of the Lord of the Rings movies.
  23. nashsan101

    nashsan101 New Member

    Lord of the Rings definitely! The acting and effects were superb! Unlike Harry Potter LOTR won big at the Oscars. Besides LOTR had more sensible story plots. Both films were entertaining for sure but for me Lord of the Rings is better.
  24. Maple9

    Maple9 New Member

    Harry Potter showed greater character development and insight to the magic universe. Also I was a similar age to the young actors growing up so it was fairly easy to relate , besides the magic of course.
  25. In entirety, I go for Harry Potter, it's just spontaneous when it comes to catching my interest. Every contain details which are very essential to the whole story. Lord of the Rings remains victorious when it comes to highlights especially to fight/battle scenes incorporating special effects and all. But I vote for the one that keeps me going every minute, so, Harry Potter it is.
  26. MarkoKraljevic

    MarkoKraljevic New Member

    Definitely LOTR!
    To be honest, I never watched no one complete Harry Potter movie. But few scenes I saw, and synopsis I read, tell me that Harry Potter is not worth of my attention.
    LOTR have deep story with excellent production ... Harry has just good special effects.
  27. Aphex

    Aphex New Member

    They are both great movies but only comparable by their fantasy genre. Lord of the Rings is aimed at a far more mature audience than Harry Potter which means Harry Potter is far easier to get in to and probably more enjoyable for a casual viewer. On the other hand Lord of the Rings will be more enjoyable to a fan of the genre.

    My personal opinion is that Lord of the Rings is the better movie to watch by yourself or with friends and Harry Potter is better to watch with the whole family.
  28. JackGlowPanther

    JackGlowPanther New Member

    Focusing just on the movies, and disregarding the books, I would have to go with the Lord of the Rings Trilogy over the Harry Potter Series.
    Lord of the Rings was a series that was made years after the source material was released and thus has an entire story to work with when it came time to adapting the series for the big screen. Harry Potter on the other hand started making movies while the books were still being written. This meant that the creators didn't know how the franchise would be ending when they started.
    Lord of the Rings was really a single 9-12 hour film (depending on which editions you watch) that was cut into three parts, filmed under the vision of one director who's goal was to tell a single, sweeping, epic tale. And in that he succeeded.
    Harry Potter on the other hand, is a series of 8 individual films telling one main story, but with seven little mini stories all in it, done by four different directors over the course of the franchise. This shows in the style of filmmaking as the look and feel of the movies as it changes over the course of 8 films giving the movies a bit more of a disjointed feel and not as seamless as the Lord of the Rings Trilogy felt.
  29. lizlxix

    lizlxix New Member

    I have to chose the Harry Potter series for the overall completeness of the tale. LOTR is great, no doubt, but it is really only one story, and along with the Hobbit, we get two stories. The Potter series offers more to the reader, as well as a real evolution of the characters and evolution of maturity in the stories. The series begins with an 11 year-old, written for 11 year-olds and ends with a 17 year-old Harry and a story written for adults. For the kids that grew up with Harry, the effect will be tremendous for their futures and love of reading. I wish I had been at that age when it all started.
    Love them both, but Potter wins.
  30. Vital

    Vital New Member

    I thought harry potter 1-8 parts and Lord of the Rings both are great movies with very great stories . In this movie the affects of magical sticks and places in these movies are glorious .
    I am a huge fan of both film series , so here is my opinion.
    I prefer The lord of the Rings mainly because of it's incredible character development . Both series have stunning visuals, engaging stories, fast-paced action scenes, beautiful locations, scary creatures, etc. so to compare them just kind of comes down to personal preference . The responses are too long , so i declare the movie , without making this post too long .
    But my last opinion is Lord of the Rings wins .

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