Has anyone else fallen out of love with gaming?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by AlexJBoyd, Mar 31, 2019.

  1. AlexJBoyd

    AlexJBoyd New Member

    As I get older and responsibilities start to pile up, I find myself less and less able to get lost in a game. When I was a kid, it'd be very easy to lose several hours at a time. Now, I find it difficult to get into a game playing 30 minutes here or there in my spare time.

    There's also the issue of cost. Consoles and games are so expensive now that it's hard to justify the investment of time and effort to enjoy them. I can't rid myself of the money and time sunk into it, especially if I can't play enough to get good at the game.

    It's a shame, because gaming has provided me with a great deal of entertainment and relaxation over the years. But maybe it's better now that I'm able to devote more of my time and energy to productive activities.

    What do you think? Has anyone else fallen out of love with gaming?
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  2. yuvo

    yuvo New Member

    never, i dont think i could fall out of love with gaming same with music
  3. rvtamayo

    rvtamayo Member

    They can be a way to relax and smooth your mind however it can also be the source of your distractions, We need to focus our attention on what is really important and our time is very valuable, Of course not unless if gaming is your way to generate money then there is nothing wrong about it, but wasting your important time into playing hours of games is another issue. Most often we don't lose interest in playing games, we just have priorities that we need to consider.
  4. AlexTheFreshWizard

    AlexTheFreshWizard New Member

    Oh absolutely! I find myself having a rather strange relationship with gaming. See, my best friend's best friends are all gamers, for a while, it was pretty fun hanging out with him as he got deeper into the gaming scene; the constant "You're my best friend, it's ridiculous that we haven't found a game to play together" was quite constant. I even started to agree with him, trying to find the perfect game to spend our time together playing. Then I realised: "Oh wait...that's right, I'm still trying to make something of my life".

    I found that my friend ended up being one of the worst influences on me, the constant mentions of the new "Final Fantasy" games, wholesome games like "Stardew Valley" and "Terraria" backed up by the constant "You've got to live in the moment" pleas seemed seductive. I found myself regularly falling into the mindset of: "Well I've worked hard this week, a few hours playing "Cross Code" couldn't hurt". All the while, I had the pressing thought of what I wanted to do in life looming over my head. It became tiresome very quickly...

    There ended up being a lot of arguments between myself and my friend over the amount of time we should spend playing games. He was convinced, and continued to try to convince me, that we should "Live in the moment", but I found myself pleading to him that we should focus a lot more on what we want to achieve in life. At the end of the day, games are fun...really fun, and they're only going to get better. At the same time though, it's becoming hard to justify spending an unreasonable amount of time, playing something that won't really have much of an impact on your life. These arguments of ours would quickly begin to turn toxic, and I would have to cut the conversation short before my friend started to think that I was just insulting his way of spending his own time.

    If you consider everything that's going on in this world, the gradual change into madness that every country seems to be devolving into; I find it increasingly ridiculous that we- our generation- should find increasing solace in running away from reality through the means of "League of Legends" and the like. I feel that one of the main concerns of our changing societies is that we're running into a growing epidemic of irresponsible man-children. There seems to be no will for (men especially) people to take into serious consideration, the state of their nation, and find a way that they, themselves, may contribute to the ever-growing shit-storm that is our state of life.

    I still find myself eyeing the newest MMORPGs, almost talking myself into "Spending, maybe, just a couple hours in the day playing it...it would be nice, I could be part of a community, I can have a little escape". Every time I do this, there's always something just around the corner to knock reality back into perspective. I really do like gaming, I like communities in gaming, I have fond memories of experiencing what, to this day, are still my favourite games. Life is hard though, and games generally are just little microcosms of the attributes of life if you really think about it (Trying to gain the skills to overcome the obstacles to reach your goals). I'd rather be really good at life than really good at playing games.

    I remember watching a podcast, and the host mentioning a friend he hadn't seen in a long time. When he saw him, he looked dishevelled and malnourished compared to the last time they had met. When he talked to him, the host's friend stated something that practically made him quit gaming:

    "You know Joe...I'm so successful in the gaming world...but I'm so unsuccessful in real life".
    That's an incredibly haunting statement to me...
  5. MyOCDisWorkable

    MyOCDisWorkable New Member

    A few things were fostered in me at a young age, 2 being a love of movies and games. While the type of game I engage in may change or become a bit altered over time, at my core I'm still a hardcore Cinephile/Gamehead. For the past couple of years, my girls have lived and breathed everything Fortnite. I thought it was ridiculous and never paid it much mind. But then CoD puts out a new Black Ops game and it has a battle royale mode and that is literally ALL I play. I like challenging myself going head to head with other people and working with a squad and since Treyarch has so many updates for it, I never get bored.
  6. idking212

    idking212 Member

    Gaming is FUN. I am playing for a long time and it is amazing. There are some things that I like there's a list and gaming is on the first place:). If you think you are weird or something like that only beacause you play games on the computer think again, this is a very cool and fun hobbie.
  7. Hakdog

    Hakdog New Member

    Yes. Maybe it is part of growing up and waking up to the reality that games will remain on the screen and we should focus on the reality. At first it felt weird but you'll realize sooner or later that the time you invested in games are not that worth it. Although it offers some entertainment and accompany when we're feeling down or alone.

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