Has anyone tried freelance transcribing at Rev.com?

Discussion in 'The Freelance Life' started by AdrianaK, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. AdrianaK

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    I applied recently for transcription job at Rev.com. To start working, you have to pass their grammar test and transcribe a sample audio. I think I did everything pretty well, my grammar was on point, and I am familiar with the audio sample because I repeated the test, so I'm pretty sure I transcribed it accurately. Have you taken this test and did you pass?
  2. kycei

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    yes i have i have taken the test and passed it is a very good website to start making more money online but sometimes the audios are in the poor sound quality so it may take time to be approved but i like it and i prefer to use it than other transcript companies their payout period is very good as well i hope you will be accepted and make more money online
  3. younglungu

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