Has freelancing been succesful to you?

Discussion in 'The Freelance Life' started by Pusya, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Pusya

    Pusya New Member

    I learned about freelancing a while ago, but haven't had any friends who did it.
    What is it like to be a freelancer, is it a good income?
  2. rpjusguan

    rpjusguan New Member

    Freelancing has very helpful to me. I have been freelancing for almost 12 years now. It has been my bread and butter. This is my full-time profession and I have no plans on stopping.
  3. JANO75

    JANO75 New Member

    Not really.Having freelancing knowledge is key,once you gather the basics and top it up with research,the challenges become minimal.My biggest challenge has been pitching.If my stories could be directed to particular sites or regular basis without pitching,that could leave me with no challenge at all.Previously i worked for content mills only to realize that it was not worthy my time.The work done is not directly proportional to the pay received.
  4. tree111a

    tree111a New Member

    I am doing full-time freelancing since last 2 years and I would say that it is not all roses n bed. You need to really show the great amount of patience. If you do not have patience, then you can feel now and then that you are not successful.
  5. Thembalethu

    Thembalethu New Member

    I'm only starting out and exploring online freelancing opportunities. There seem to be limited if you are not in the U.S. but I'm giving it time. Hopefully ill make a few bucks before the year ends to get my nephew something nice for Christmas and eventually make a sizable income from all my various freelancing jobs.
  6. jessie271

    jessie271 New Member

    Freelancing success is different for each individuals. As I have seen, people who have more skills and are skillful have more chances to earn more than those who are less skillful. Freelancing is quite hard because you cannot have a stable income. There are times that you have more job offers or projects but there are times that you don't. Well, it still depends because it's different with each individual. If you are earning good with freelancing then that's good for you. In my opinion, you can freelance but at the same time, it is still better if you have other stable sources of income to meet your daily needs and pay your monthly bills.
  7. angie828

    angie828 New Member

    Yes. Not enough for me to live off that, but I do it on the side of my full-time job. I love being able to write, and the extra money just helps my family and me even more.
  8. kodakan

    kodakan New Member

    As of the moment, not yet. I have encountered a lot of scammers on the internet which I try to avoid. Since I don't have many skills yet which is required on the internet, I am trying to learn one thing at a time. Hopefully there will come a time when I will be ready to take on more jobs on the internet. I would like to study video editing or become a virtual assistant. Jobs that pay well.
  9. bandista

    bandista New Member

    To me, I am new at freelancing and continuous learning about it, a lot of money in freelancing if you know how it works to you and it depends on your field of work about, for me its very interesting about the freelancing industry you dominate from other people if you doing well in your field, I love learning and now I'm continues to grow.

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