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    There is a lot of stuff you can do to improve the number of your reads, but what is the most effective and efficient way to do so?

    One thing you MUST do is to research ideas, research about the trending topics that you can make a story out of. You must be thinking that it'll be much harder to get recognized if you will be staying in the mainstream, that is the most common misconception, yes you must be creative and unique in your own way but we're talking about reads here, as a writer you must think of your reader's first. So that's one, research about what is trending these days.

    Secondly, make your CHARACTERS yet interesting, but how hard is that? You just have to research again, research about a person or kind of person you want to make a story out of, for example, you want your character to be a doctor then you must research about doctors these days, watch videos etc. Make your character complex like every people in real life, that'll make your readers relate to the character and be interested in his/her journey.

    And the last thing you must do is to think of a hell of a plot twist, this will make your story different from the others though you are standing on the same path. Do this plot twist not too late, it'll make your readers stop reading, this plot twist I'm talking about will be the main framework of your main story, you start slow then BAM! They will be surprised for at first they will think it is a typical fiction story in that genre but then you hit them with this plot twist.

    Is this helpful? do you have any questions?

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