Have you ever created a "How To" ebook?

Discussion in 'Writing Digital Content' started by Sophia Rivers, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. Sophia Rivers

    Sophia Rivers New Member

    Did you take the time to create an outline first? Was it filled with facts or did you sprinkle your own life stories into that book?
  2. I have been writing for another posting company and was recently promoted to art writer. I have completed many posts and 2 articles. Yes, I always create an outline and sometimes I put some hometown flavor in it!
  3. ATMauphillips

    ATMauphillips New Member

    Yes I have created How to ebooks before and I did not create or follow an outline. When I created my ebook I talked about what the ebook will teach you and I went straight into the details of How to.
  4. The SpedLady

    The SpedLady New Member

    Unfortunately, I haven't created an ebook yet I would love to. I am looking forward to watching a youtube video on the formulation of an Ebook.
  5. Tommyhara

    Tommyhara New Member

    Creating an outline for an ebook is not a problem but if you write a complete ebook from that outline then it is quite different thing. I tried to write an ebook about "How to learn HTML and CSS" but it was really very difficult because it consumed me too much time.
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  6. Dan_Success

    Dan_Success New Member

    Hey mate!
    Here are some basic keys to follow whenever you are ready to create your "How to" eBook.

    1. Do not write on areas that aren't of interest to you as you might never complete the job due to lack of ideas or frustrations along the way.

    2. When you have a topic/title for your eBook, create an outline and be ready to follow it.

    3. Stick to starting with short eBooks other than writing a 20k-50k word eBook; this would seem like a lot of work to you as a newbie.

    4. Do a research on the topic and gather enough materials before you commence your work.

    5. Start with an introduction and define each term in the book

    6. Create titles and subtitles when writing and add images where you need to; this will not only help your reader to enjoy and understand your writing, but it will make your work easier.

    7. When you are done, do not be in a rush to deliver or publish the eBook; take some time out to proofread it and have others do a critic on it.

    Do share your success story with me if you find this steps helpful

  7. ThePowerGuy

    ThePowerGuy New Member

    No, but creating one would be very gratifying. I always find myself getting into something that I don't understand how to do, and I can't find a how-to tutorial on the matter. Creating one, once I find out how to do it, could be very useful for others who are studying the same subject.
  8. Nan Navarro

    Nan Navarro New Member

    Yes, I was able to create one and managed to publish it on amazon kindle although I wasn't able to submit it for a paid advertisement. The title is "How To Follow Your Heart: Noteworthy Ideas and Specific Instructions To Bridge Doubts With Decisions." However you made a how-to-ebook, be sure that it has captivating message starting from the title and it doesn't matter how it was created, whether an outline first or an idea in whole but the perseverance to publish your thoughts. The moment I was able to publish my manuscript, it doesn't matter anymore to me whether people would buy it or not. The moment I accomplished the publishing step and saw it online, its surely rewarding to see your name in a book cover.
  9. Alchemy22

    Alchemy22 New Member

    I've been thinking about writing one, but I'm not sure if it'll be lucrative enough.
  10. LyndalKaren

    LyndalKaren New Member

    I have never written a 'How To' ebook, however, it does seem like an interesting thing to do. If I were to create something, it would probably be a 'How To' video, rather than an ebook.
  11. Vincent Glover

    Vincent Glover New Member

    I've been reading a lot them lately. Some with information I already acquired, and a few bragging about their accomplishments. There is always value found if you look close enough.
  12. adamsmom

    adamsmom New Member

    Due to my previous work in implementation, I came up with a lot of QRGs (Quick Reference Guides) and been wanting to publish it online.
  13. anndiaries95

    anndiaries95 New Member

    I haven't created one yet, but I would love to. I have made a few outlines but I am still doing more research. I think it will be very accomplishing to publish one. I would want to share something that can be helpful and informative to somebody else. I want to make it as effective as possible, so the readers really do get something off my E-book. I am still taking notes of how people write theirs so I can get different ideas to write mine. It's best to take note of tips given by people who have published one since they know more about it than us.
  14. ianvp

    ianvp New Member

    Hey Sophia, I have never created an eBook in my life - I imagine eBooks being several hundred pages long and I wouldn't even know where to start haha :p. However I used to play an online community-orientated game that had Agencies (similar to how clans/guilds word on online games these days). I was the Head Trainer of our Agency which meant I would write trainig guides for new recruits and for those who ranked up in certain categories. But also guides for my group of trainers, I needed to make sure they knew what they were doing. I personally think it's important to sprinkle some slice of life into these, and that's what I did. However other agencies were very generic and just down to the basics. I guess both work! (Sidenote though: our recruits always passed with 100% success rate, when they didn't disconnect during training haha)
  15. Sharon S. Lopez

    Sharon S. Lopez New Member

    One of my goals is to write an eBook but given a limited time, I haven't started this project yet. But I am looking forward to writing one. As of now, I am doing some research while writing for an online site. I know that as an online worker, we need to learn how to write an eBook not only that there is a possibility of earning some good amount but we can use it to share whatever our knowledge may be to others. I am hoping to complete my research and start this project soon.
  16. KMR

    KMR New Member

    I have written a couple of How To e-books for third-party clients, and yes, I used an outline. The outline might feel like a waste of time, but I think it actually helps you complete the project more quickly. It helps you stay organized and on task. If you write from the top of your head, you can get sidetracked easily and you may have trouble maintaining a logical order to the information. With an outline, you already have a plan in place to follow.

    I didn't use any personal stories in the books, but I did use short stories and anecdotes to help illustrate the facts. The best approach depends on the topic. If the information is useful or entertaining to the reader, absolutely include it.
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  17. Clemensau2

    Clemensau2 New Member

    Thanks for such guidelines about a "How-to" ebook elaboration. I am in the way to attempt my first ebook, so suggestions and tips are welcome. I think a ebook is something like a manual or some sort of recopilation book that leads you to perform actions in case you do not know or not sure on how to achieve them.
    I need only to choose the subject or the purpose of this ebook that I want to create.
  18. W130SN

    W130SN New Member

    I have created several guides in ebook/PDF format but these were to giveaway.

    I hope to start work on a non-fiction eBook that will be for sale very soon. I am still at the planning stage and it looks like it will be a lot of work. I think it will take me about 6 months to complete.

    Hopefully, those that buy it will learn something and enjoy it.
  19. Serifina_Lovelace

    Serifina_Lovelace New Member

    I created a how-to book as my first job as a freelance writer, and all I can say is that it required extensive research and a bit of fluff on the side, much like how I would create academic papers when I was still in college. I was not able to fill the book with anything else because the book was rather specific (it was about gardening for tomatoes), so I just ended up thinking of ways to try to fill the gap in my outlines by saying general stuff as an introduction and ending paragraph per chapter.

    I don't know what my client did with the e-book he had me do because it's a rather weird topic, and I don't think it's a new concept in the market if he were to sell the e-book, but that's not my business. Unfortunately I lost my copy of the e-book I made so now I have no reference of my own work to use as a guide (because that's what I do if I'm not confident enough to start another kind of piece).

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