Have you ever tried to go to the Deep Dark Web?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by cedie0808, Apr 7, 2018.

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    What is Deep Dark Web really? I've never tried to go there yet because I don't have the time to research on it and explore it. I've heard a lot of stories about the dark web that you'll see information there about aliens living with us or found by the government, live videos of people being killed for entertainment, and lots of illegal stuff. There's also a rumor that there's a lot of hackers there that if you're not careful, they can hack into your device, weather you're using a computer or a smartphone, hack into the camera of your device, then take a picture of you. One friend of mine told me that he went there once, he explored for a bit, then suddenly the flash of his camera is flashing continuously. I don't know if those rumors are true or not, but what I know is that it's risky to go there without doing some proper research first.

    How about you guys? Have you ever tried to go to the deep web and had some weird or unforgettable experience there?
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    Yes! I've definitely dabbled with going onto the deep web, and to be frank, most of what you hear from the media is a lie. There are absolutely hackers that reside there, but they will not mess with you unless you provoke them first, E.G by attempting to hack into one of their secure sites. All of the dangerous and "not for the light-hearted" images, videos, etc. can only be accessed if you are actively searching for them. There is no Google, so you need to know the exact web address of what you're trying to access. Unless you're randomly mashing keys and praying that it is a web address, you can't accidentally come across anything you don't want to see.

    If you tried to use Tor to go there without properly securing your computer and taking all of the correct precautions, you will definitely be open to attack, so you should absolutely research (or get someone who really knows what they're doing.) how to defend yourself first. Although if you're really concerned and worried about it, I wouldn't go there at all.

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