Have you ever tried to write a book?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Major Nyte, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. Major Nyte

    Major Nyte New Member

    We all have had that inspiration-aspire moment where we realize that we are being so unproductive, and have to make up for it. Some tend to work out, study, or create something. And in the process of all that, some write a book.

    I myself have done so too, and still am. I put a lot of my effort in to it, so I might expect it to o somewhere when I am finished with this 100,000 word book of mine.

    So, tell me, have you ever at least attempted to write a book? If so, what genre? Plot?
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  2. jean7733

    jean7733 New Member

    I have tried to write a book, and I finished it ! It was a cooking book, more precisely about recipes that can be made by oranges, and just by oranges. It has hundreds of recipes on it ! To be honest, it was quite hard at the begining, but the first steps are always the hardest, after that it all came out easily..
  3. Hkerm

    Hkerm New Member

    I must say that yes, I've dreamed of being a famous author with all the perks, like turning your book into a movie and then creating an entire theme park about it (Harry Potter World). Writing a book is hard. I'll sit down planning on writing some fictional book without having any plan in mind, just going with it; that never works. I am terrible at coming up with names for characters and just having a general plot in mind. Usually I'll get halfway down a page of writing, and then give up.
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  4. Brianna Munnich

    Brianna Munnich New Member

    I am currently trying to write a book. I'm not going to spoil anything and quite honestly I don't know much about the plot yet myself. I have also tried to write books before and given up, but recently I got a chapter published in a free ebook.
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  5. brak2714

    brak2714 New Member

    I've become really interested in writing a book in recent years and have been researching writing itself quite extensively. I'm quite interested in the free-writing technique described in Peter Elbow's "Writing Without Teachers". Basically, you just write for a set period of time without any editing or other form of criticism of what you are writing. Thereafter, you can read over what you've written, and only then edit it, or simply start over if what you've written isn't of any use. I think it's a fantastic technique for overcoming writer's block and producing more text in a shorter period of time.

    Anyways, if I had to write a book it would probably be of a technical nature. I'm an engineer and from my experience with writing technical reports, I think I would be good at this.
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  6. valharv

    valharv New Member

    I am a writer and I am currently working on a young adult romance novel and have self-published it on smashwords.com. In addition, I like to write poetry and have also self-published a poetry book also on smashwords.com.
  7. KyleDWilly

    KyleDWilly New Member

    I have always wanted to be a writer and just like anyone who has such aspirations, I fancy myself as having a natural talent for writing. I, too, come from a technical background and I believe that those long hours writing syntactically-correct code have made certain connections in my brain that I know for a fact have improved my technical ability as a writer.

    I like the idea of the free-writing exercise that you mentioned. It reminds me of a technique I learned about in an online course about learning called "The Pomodoro Technique". "Pomodoro", which is italian for "Tomato", refers to a hand-held timer. The technique uses 30 minute units of learning or practising something, followed by some sort of small reward and a break. The idea is that you train your body and chemistry to look forward to practising or learning in manageable chunks. I think that this technique could work with your free-writing exercise.
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  8. Toki_Doki

    Toki_Doki New Member

    I've done a single compilation of short stories that I wrote over a 5 year period. Never got around to publishing it or anything, it was quite an enjoyable experience though. Quite difficult and time consuming, but in the end I think it was worth it. I'd recommend giving it a try from start to finish at least once, It is one of those life experiences that has been useful to draw on later in life.
  9. oahuwriter

    oahuwriter New Member

    I've written four short stories already. You can find them at smashwords.com, amazon.com/kindle or books.google.com. Don't just dream about writing just start by jotting ideas on a notepad and write your outline. I write with outline form. My colleague writes just from her heart and types away. This is harder to write a book from memory for all your chapters, characters and format has coincide beautifully to make sense to your readers. It's good to know about copyright laws too. Then you must choose your writing venue and know a little about marketing your books. Have you decided if you'll write fiction or non-fiction? This is a personal choice of type of books. A great place to get started is createspace.com. There is more to writing a book than the book itself and createspace.com helps you with the business end; the talent and books come from you. Don't give up for you could write something to save lives.
  10. Iccy

    Iccy New Member

    I wrote small theater plays for an experimental program call "Microteatro". It was a very good experience, i liked see my writing in scene. Now, i would like to write a book, maybe a science fiction book. I'm still looking the topic.
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  11. olgamlop

    olgamlop New Member

    I have always wanted to write a book! I have tried to do it several times, but I have never finished any of the projects I started...
    I have written many short stories, though, and I am thinking in collecting them all together in a book. I rally love writing fiction, but it is hard for me to stay focused in the same story for too long!

    Right now, however, I think I will be more succesful if I write a manual-type book. Lately I have been learning a lot about online marketing and web anaytics tools for my job, and when I first started using these tools I had a hard time finding basic manuals for beginners like me. There is a lot of information out there, but it's all scattered and fragmented and you have to keep going back and forth and stopping in the middle of a a tutorial to look up something you didn't understand...

    I think I could write a book (or maybe more than one) explaining everything that I learned in a structured way. I really believe it could be useful!
  12. Lala hernandez

    Lala hernandez New Member

    Now I don't mean to sound biased or sexist but I think this is a question almost all girls can answer and the answer is YESS !! I believe it is easier for us because growing up we have some many diaries and journals that our weird family members get us because they don't know what we like for gifts. So as we sit there writing about our day or vacation of typically the boy were crushing on the thought always crosses our mind and as were writing we just start to really get into detail and chapters soon enough there we go trying to write a book on out life's .
  13. Misssherisc

    Misssherisc New Member

    How was your experience with smash words? I am looking to write my own novel. Self publishing seems to be the way to go and get your work out there.
  14. abraham37

    abraham37 New Member

    The answer is in the affirmative.

    I have written a book, unfortunately it is not published.

    I think it is not so much the writing. It is more on whether we are willing to go all out to make it a reality. I mean spend the money, see a publisher. We are always conscious of what people will think about our writing, we hesitate, we make changes, it never end.

    My ‘book’ suffers a miscarriage, until now it is still in my document file. I don’t think it will see the light of day because I completed the draft many years back .I have to update the law, and I am not in Malaysia. It is a How to kind of book. The title is called ‘ Know Your Rights’ it is meant for women in Malaysia.

    There are about ten chapters. It covers marriage, divorce, domestic violence, probate and will , sexual harassment, legal aid etc.

    The draft was produced as a result of my attending a writing course. It was a two days course. The course sort of a showing you how to narrow down the topics that you wish to write. You are asked to choose a topic then brainstorm it into 12 sub topics which will be the book chapters.

    You are asked to make a statement on each sub topic. Then turn the statement into question by asking what, why , who , where, how.

    I have lost my notes. If my memory serves me right, you are required to write 100 words for each sub topic.

    Well, I could go on and on. I regret that until now I am still not able to fullfil my wish of writing a book and get it published.
  15. Misssherisc

    Misssherisc New Member

    When you wrote your children's books what challenges do you face in that area. I would love to write a children's book series, but I am looking to do picture books. I am no artist, but so your books have illustrations? if so, how did you find an illustrator for your books?
  16. oahuwriter

    oahuwriter New Member

    That's great! Writing is such a rewarding career and I wish you luck in your writing career. You'll find out what topic and genre you would like to write in. Don't give up and don't loose hope for one day we'll all write our best seller and be set for retirement with the right investments. These days you have the internet to do research as well as the library. Good luck in your writing career!
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  17. Shawn Kemp

    Shawn Kemp New Member

    A friend an I are currently collaborating and writing a novella together. This is our first project like this, so we really don't know how it's going to turn out (although, we're both decent writers, with plenty of experience between the two of us). We plan on the project being around 100 pages long, and publishing it through Amazon.
  18. micky

    micky New Member

    Let me tell you about smash-words. It's a great place to learn about the nuances of e-book writing and the fundamentals of proper formatting that are required for the different reading devices. Before you upload, make sure you get all the technicalities spot on so that there are no hiccups during the uploading process. Next thing you got to keep in mind is the niche that you choose for your book. Its a jungle out there. Indie writers are uploading almost every minute! So, visibility counts a lot. Design an attractive cover with a catchy title, position your book in the right niche, targeting the right audience and you are good to go! All the best.
  19. micky

    micky New Member

    After writing 5 e-books which are on Amazon KDP, I've realised that its time to get down to the real business of writing a hard cover. There are a number of plots playing around in my mind, just not being able to narrow it down to a single subject!
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  20. micky

    micky New Member

    Seems like a great idea. Since by your own confession, both of you are decent writers, things should work out well. And as the saying goes - "two heads are better than one"! So dive right in and give it your best.
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  21. micky

    micky New Member

    Its a small world! Imagine meeting up with another smash-word publisher! Anyway, I have also published around three e-books on smash-words and five on Amazon KDP. Hows your experience with smash-words so far?
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  22. micky

    micky New Member

    Well that's a start. I had read somewhere that the inspiration for writing comes in the most unexpected times and circumstances. All you need to do is tune into that moment and take note of that fleeting moment of revelation. The ideas will start to build and slowly the plot to your story will eventually start taking shape. Keep at it. All the best.
  23. Ludia

    Ludia New Member

    I have been writing books for the last three years as a writer and not an author. It is only now that i am settling down to write my own books.

    I must admit that the experience i have gained writing for authors is already paying dividends; i know where and how to start.
  24. valharv

    valharv New Member

    I haven't gotten any downloads yet, but I'm still working on it. Thanks for the praise.
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  25. hayheysnall

    hayheysnall New Member

    I've tried writing books multiple times throughout my life, but I feel like I have trouble finishing all of the things that I start. But it also takes alot of thought and dedication. I have trouble just sitting and doing something for long periods of time, so I guess that helped me realize that maybe it's just not for me.
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  26. Iccy

    Iccy New Member

    Thank you very much! Beatiful words
  27. AMFleming

    AMFleming New Member

    Yes, I've tried to write a book, or two. It's not as easy as I thought it would be. As writing has always came easy to me, writing a whole book is proving to be a challenge. One that I won't back down from.
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  28. oahuwriter

    oahuwriter New Member

    Got books published and working on more for publication. Have you heard of createspace.com? Good luck on your joint endeavor for a book collaboration. These days computers make everything easier for writing. The document page finds all your misspelled words instantly and checks your grammar at the same time. Being over 50 one indispensable book for writing is the dictionary which took a lot of time to look up misspelled words. Today writing a book is much more fun oh so easy. Good luck!
  29. A.Curry

    A.Curry New Member

    I have actually written one book already and am still writing about three more books on a site called "Wattpad." One of my books is called "The Abused Girl," and it's about a girl who gets with the wrong guy that treats her horribly and abuses her. In the end she finds love with the right guy, like in most love stories. I'm currently writing the sequel to that book along with two others. If you want you can read them at www.wattpad.com, my username is "Divedeeper", just type it into the search box and you should be able to find the novels. I do have to warn you though most of them are X-Rated because they do contain sex scenes and sexual content.
  30. lslade

    lslade New Member

    In middle school I thought I was the most genius novelist under 15. I started writing at least 50 books on topics ranging from skateboarding clones to evil potatoes. The only book I actually wrote to full length was about a dead girl who had the choice to go back to life. My writing group loved it, but when I went back to edit it I realized it was too bad to even try to fix.

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