Have you ever tried to write a book?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Major Nyte, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. DanielleW

    DanielleW New Member

    I am trying to write my first novel. I have two ideas that are similar, one non-fiction and one fiction. The fiction is about a girl who is being bullied by her own subconscious, if that makes any sense. I am still working it out because what I have written so far needs a little more context. Also, I am playing with the idea of making it YA novel, but I am not sure if I want to go that route.

    My non-fiction piece is going to be a brief account about having a chronic illness and what that is like. My hope is to bring awareness to what a day to day life can be. I am using my own story of having epilepsy. So I suppose it will be a brief memoir.

    Happy writing!
  2. MrsD07

    MrsD07 New Member

    Oh yes, many times I have restarted writing a civil - war fiction piece that I started in 7th grade. It is a story of two brothers. One aligned with the North and the other with the South. They are both black Americans so it adds a bit of drama to the plot when I try to give the back story on why the older brother is fighting for the "bad guys." I have only finished the first chapter as I judge every word at its value on the page. I probably should just write it all down and let an editor sort it out but I think I would just be upset that they cut out pieces. One day I may finish it, or at least finish it in my head - where it has been a wonderful story playing out in my head for many, many years.
  3. MrsD07

    MrsD07 New Member

    I think it's awesome that you wrote 5 e-books. I have about 3 or 4 partially finished stories that I just can't complete. I have a few poems, and some creative writings from college published but nothing official. How do you get started as a published author on Amazon, if you don't mind me asking?
  4. Salem

    Salem New Member

    I have. I had a graphical artist friend I met online who was absolutely obsessed with my writing style and subject matter. He adored my short stories. We became best friends online. He was anxiously awaiting my first actual "book", which I posted chapter by chapter on my blog. I hit a couple of bad patches in life that made me take hiatuses from writing, and he would always be there, asking me to come back and finish more, so he could read it. Unfortunately, he took his own life one day... I never finished the story. I felt really bad that he wouldn't get to read it. I stopped writing altogether after that.

    Sorry about the totally depressing aspect to this relevant story. :p
  5. dattadebayan90

    dattadebayan90 New Member

    I tried writing novels and short stories several times. Till now I only managed to complete a page or two before losing interest. :cry:
  6. MyRestlessSoul

    MyRestlessSoul New Member

    When I was a mighty 7th grader, I had a thought in the shower (I know, cliched): Why don't I write a book? I thought to myself. I was objectively well read at the time compared to people around my age and honestly, how hard could it actually be?
    Oh boy, was I wrong.
    After checking with my mother that you didn't, in fact, needed to be 18 years old to publish (phew!), I sat at my desk to write.
    My first plot idea was almost an exact copy of the Nickelodeon cartoon, Avatar. I thought it was the best thing that had happened to humankind at the time. Turns out, it wasn't. My writing got better during the years and I have finally made my peace that I am more of a story writer instead of a novel writer. I have won a few competitions with my stories which made me reconsider my ideal of becoming a novelist, at least for the time being. But stay tuned for the updates. You never know.
  7. eni.ragram

    eni.ragram New Member

    I have tried to write a book actually quite recently. I began writing because I had been inspired by my friend and had nothing better to do. So far it's going well but I'm still figuring out all the details, (surprisingly, the only thing that is set in stone is the ending...). It's fiction set in a fantasy universe. A little twist on the usual rags to riches story. Very excited to see how it turns out
  8. NormaD

    NormaD New Member

    I am in the process of writing a book about my journey to find my purpose in life. Ever since I discovered how powerful our thoughts and beliefs are, and the role they play in shaping our destiny, I just wanted to share that information with the world.

    That's when I got this really great idea to put it in an e-book and give it away for free! It's one of the most rewarding things I've ever done in my life. Of course my book is nowhere near as big as yours.. It's only about 15,000 words.
  9. MarkWhite51

    MarkWhite51 New Member

    I'm actually a writer, though I'm not published as of this time. Writing has been the one thing I've been consistently interested in during my life and it's one thing I have a natural talent in, at least I think so. I want to make new worlds and inspire people with my words and I feel like writing and letting the world read my stories is the best way to do that. It's also an incredibly stress reliever as when I can't find the words to speak in day to day conversations, I can find them in the pages of whatever story I'm working on.
  10. Daniela Belle

    Daniela Belle New Member

    I've tried and tried and tried again. You may be able to tell, but I have yet to succeed.

    I tried when I was younger, still a teenager, and that might have been the time when I got the furthest. I wrote two novellas which my closest and most supportive friend still remembers and laments the loss of today (I switched laptops and they both disappeared).

    I've written more since then, but somehow I always get about three chapters in and then life gets crazy and by the time I sit again, there's a new idea that I want to get down and the old idea that's already been put to words gets abandoned or lost somewhere on my hard drive.

    I really hope I'll be able to really write something great and get all the way through the idea sometime soon. My problem is getting the time more than anything. I'm not the type of person that can steal minutes and hours to add to a story but by bit--I have to get it all out until I just kind of need to stop and then maybe the next time I sit at my laptop, I can repeat the cycle. I'm confident that some day I really will be able to tell a full and wonderful story and hopefully get it published. I've got the ideas, and maybe I'm not as polished as I'd need to be, but I still think I have the ability. Now all I'm looking for is the time.
  11. Hcp1988

    Hcp1988 New Member

    When I was in middle school and high school, I worked 40hrs a week nannying during the summer. I absolutely adored caring for the children but I quickly learned that navigating the parent-nanny relationship was tricky, especially with first time parents.

    So, the summer after my sophomore year of high school, I started writing a book for parents on how to properly, professionally and lovingly create a great working relationship with their in-home childcare provider (nanny, au pair, governess, babysitter, mother's helper, etc.). I included funny anecdotes, created tip sheets, provided how-to's for different scenarios and I thought this would be a great resource for parents since it was all written from a nanny's perspective.

    Time got away from me though and I never got around to finishing the book. I still wonder sometimes if it would have been a big success.
  12. Burungu

    Burungu New Member

    I am thinking about writing and publishing my works very soon. But I want it to be done the right way. Nowadays you can publish digitally and as hard copy. I'm going to do everything myself, down to the artwork and all. I'm currently looking for a good publishing outlet that fits my personal needs.
  13. Gogonykol

    Gogonykol New Member

    Actually about ten years ago I started writing a book about child safety and the hidden dangers in the home. I never finished it but I am seriously considering digging it back up, blowing off the dust and working on it again.
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  14. tilburkj

    tilburkj New Member

    Indeed, I have attempted to write a book numerous times, and I've consistently failed. However, I did finally succeed with a published thesis a couple of years ago, and it was far more work than I'd envisioned. Oddly enough, the writing part was the easiest! My work was soundly rejected for not meeting formatting guidelines, but I finally "raised the white flag" and paid a professional to complete the edits in accordance with the university's stringent guidelines. :confused: All things aside, it was truly a rewarding experience, and I now have something I can share with my children and grandchildren one day. I wrote a hybrid collection of short stories and poetry. Have any of you ever published a thesis before or attempted publication? What are you feelings on the subject? :rolleyes:
  15. tilburkj

    tilburkj New Member

    This is such a relevant topic, and as a new parent, I would certainly appreciate a helpful guide that helps me keep several steps ahead of my busy youngster! It would also make a fantastic E-book or other publication you can offer on a website as part of a promotion or something like that! These days, there's so many options to explore that can help you share your talent with ease! Do you have a projected completion date? :) Do you also explore outdoor safety (around the home, that is)?
  16. pogofox

    pogofox New Member

    I tried to write a book. It was pretty fun...I decided to write a book from the first-person perspective of a man was duplicated twice (leaving three of him), where all three versions of him still shared the same thought processes. Any time there was a new paragraph, the perspective had possibly changed to one of the other two versions of him, while they are all trying to live different parts of life with different objectives. I was doing pretty well, but the mental strain required to write a book like that which could still be followed by the everyday reader was just too much. I gave up after about 50 pages.
  17. Dolphinsea

    Dolphinsea Member

    I tried to write a book about fairies when I was 12 years old, but then I was busy with my school work and never finished it. I also used to write poems about different things: nature, mother's love, school, the beauty of the lake, sunset... I got inspired by beauty of the nature most times. I still have the notebook with the poems.
  18. brooke_haufling

    brooke_haufling New Member

    Yes, I've actually tried writing many books. Most I never finished as I lost hope, or I just started another one. But recently I've been working on a story and I've published it on Wattpad. Though I only have one chapter up, I love the story and I plan on finishing it or even creating a sequel. People have told me they love my writing and people have told me they hated it, but I will keep up the hard work for the people that do appreciate it.
  19. TangPau

    TangPau New Member

    About six or seven years ago I participated in National Novel Writing Month. Has anyone here tried that before? You have to write 50,000 words in 30 days.
    It was quiet an experience. I think even though I had been creative writing for over 10 years of my life that one rainy November I actually learned how to write. During that month I had to write 7 pages a day and I did it without so much as even an outline. The focus I achieved that month, the amount of creative energy really opened something up. At that point as a writer I knew I could so anything if I had the discipline and motivation to do it.

    I finished the month with right under 55k words and I do not think I had ever felt so good as I did as when I typed the end.
  20. Bapsy

    Bapsy New Member

    Absolutely! I've written over 100 books somewhere, but only about 60 something of them are really my favorites that I read over and over again. Each of my books winds up averaging out to be somewhere around 180k words, which seems a little daunting. The average novel being about 50,000 words, which implies that each of my books is actually three books in length. Amusing thought. Despite that everyone who has read my work keeps telling me to publish, honestly I'm simply way too gun shy. The thought of people I don't know, knowing who I am... horrifying.

    Anyway, my technical genre is "fantasy", but that realistically applies to a host of sub genres. I tend to write about alien worlds and cultures, big epic plot lines. However, it doesn't count as sci-fi to my understanding because sci-fi is technology focused, fantasy is character focused. I like to mix in a lot of things though like drama, romance, action and adventure, mystery, horror. Life seems to me to be far more complicated than a single genre and I like to be realistic to life.
  21. toejben

    toejben New Member

    I have a folder full of abandoned writing projects in my Google Drive. The furthest I think I have gotten is probably 20 full manuscript pages. I'm not sure if the reason for this is because I run out of ambition or if it's because after the initial excitement of the idea wears off that I don't see the need to continue writing it. I do think that a lot of the reason that I fail to follow through is that I don't want to put the work in if people aren't going to read and enjoy it.
  22. Amanda Lay

    Amanda Lay New Member

    I am a writer. It is my ultimate aspiration to write many books. So far, though I have not written any novel length works, I have written a lot of short stories and poetry. I do freelance writing work a lot and I have ghostwritten quite a lot of stories in the range of eight thousand to fifteen thousand words. My favorite genres are romance and horror. I realize these are two vastly different genres but I have interest invested in both and hope to complete novels in both areas.
  23. applepie29zxc

    applepie29zxc New Member

    I've tried writing my own book before, but I quickly realized that I was way out of my league. People that have been publishing books for a long time have years of experience under their belts, so it's really hard to compare your own writing to theirs, especially when you're just starting out. I took this to an extreme and basically scrapped everything that I had written that week. Some people have a natural talent for writing, but I suppose I'm not one of them.
  24. Candice Vega

    Candice Vega New Member

    I am always trying to write stories, but I've only ever finished one...and it's just part one of a three part story!
    The problem with my writing is that in the middle of me writing, I get another idea and I have to write it out immediately or I'll lose it. Then I get caught up in the new story and continue with that, only to get inspired by a song that's playing or a commercial on television.
    One day I will write all of my stories...all 37 of them.
    I have faith.
  25. hatchem08

    hatchem08 New Member

    I've tried to write numerous books but found I had great ideas but was way to critical with my own work. When I would re-read my work to edit I ended up getting frustrated and removing too much. My goal is to eventually finish a book but at this moment I am nowhere close to finishing.
  26. Shazzam23

    Shazzam23 New Member

    Yes I have! I remember back in elementary school, I had an amazing teacher who inspired me to start writing. I was seventh grade and into creepypastas, so I tried working around some spooky stories at first. My English was nowhere near as good as it is now, so the stories were pretty bad, haha. But then I started writing something big. It was a Game of Thrones inspired novel, but the characters were different pastries (don't ask). I called it "A Tale of a Muffin". I wrote around 40 pages before I just quit.
  27. AlexandraBodine

    AlexandraBodine New Member

    Ive never tried to write a book, myself. My grandmother (in her 90's) loves to write short stories and has many of them collected in short books she hopes to have published someday. I think since I have the gene in me from her, I might attempt to put my thoughts on paper someday about events from my youth and being raised on an East Texas Farm. I hope it might be interesting to someone and be able to be published.
  28. VanessR

    VanessR New Member

    Hi there. I have felt and still feel like I need to do something productive with my, early thirties, life. So I decided to write a book. Three months later and only two chapters done, I can honestly say that writing a book is easier said than done. I love mystery, so my book is a type of sad, mystery. Based in the early 1800s, it follows a young boy who is being haunted by his older sister. That's all I can say, but know this, I will be done by next year.
  29. cleo29

    cleo29 New Member

    I have tried to write a book. However, most of it is just ideas. Whenever I write it out on paper, I tend to go over it a billion times and start to hate it. I feel as if the words written on paper can not keep the characters in my head alive in the real world.
  30. LadyKay518

    LadyKay518 New Member

    I have never written a full book but years ago, I used to enjoy writing short stories. Now that I'm older, I do have this feeling like there's a book "in me" that wants to get out. There are several directions that I could take with my book once I choose to write it but I'm not completely sure at the moment which route I'll select. I look forward to seeing what I end up choosing to write about. My problem is not in choosing what to write about; it's in choosing what to leave out.

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