Have you ever tried to write a book?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Major Nyte, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. heatherctm

    heatherctm New Member

    I've tried a couple times writing a book. I have a very hard time creating something from my own mind that isn't some form of something I've read or seen before. The first book I started writing was an adaption from the Harry Potter books but I never followed through with it after one chapter. It became overwhelming trying to keep everything straight and remember what I wrote at the beginning of the book. Eventually I will write my own!
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  2. Kennedy Collier

    Kennedy Collier New Member

    When I was about eleven years old I wrote short stories. I would sell those stories for about $0.50 to church members and other people in the community.
  3. StackMoney

    StackMoney New Member

    Yes, and what a book it would be... Although I've started it many times, it never gets completed. Maybe because it's of my life. My life has been, I'll let you be the judge. (The back of the book) Mom died when I was eight. First memory is around three, of molestion. Thirteen more people from there. Mostly Family, Had a baby from cousin at twelve. In the run of my life to make a very long summary short.
    In result of both two kids that I Love!
    By 18 three kids that got took later.
    My last baby father went to prison doing 38 years.
    Father died when I was 24 Planned & Arranged his furneral with No Support!
    Eight of my closest relatives died from 88-08
    7 from from father side they gave me All The Affection in The World!
    Four years later only sibling died we was 4 years apart. Planned & Arranged her furneral with No Support.
    Had a son was going through post partume depression kept him for 2 weeks just up and gave him away, after I Prayed And Begged God for a son.
    3 Days later asked for him back they REFUSED!
    Was with my then fiance' a total of six years.
    And the day before we was to marry found out he was still married.
    Our Wedding date was April 2, 2013, right.
    It never get completed, I think because of the fact forgiving and leaving it in the pass.
    What you think?
  4. Janemariesayed

    Janemariesayed New Member

    I love history and after spending nine years living in Egypt an idea came to me for a novel. There were many books that I read on the pre-dynastic Pharaoh's which included the book of coming forth by day. I have been researching ancient Egypt since the millennium and have loved every minute of it. Once I was back in the UK I started my book and am doing very well at it. I've taken a little break from time to time and written a few short stories but it's the novel that I really want to get finished. I have a word document that I have written up each of my characters personalities such as their age, name, likes and dislikes. After that, I wrote a basic draft of the story and how it will flow. Doing this has helped me to know where I am going with the story while writing. The fun thing about writing a book is the way your created characters end up playing out the story all by themselves. Sometimes what they may do surprises you, but it really adds to the story itself. That's going with the flow and half the enjoyment of writing it. My novel is not about any particular real life Pharaoh, but my main character of Tefen-aha, Pharaoh to be, has become quite realistic.
  5. CBowden90

    CBowden90 New Member

    I think most people have. Then again, I'm an English major so perhaps my sphere is limited to literary minded folk like myself. I have tried countless times, but I never seem to quite like what I'm writing and then life gets in the way of my motivation. It's still my goal to produce at least one good book before I die. I find reassurance in the fact that a lot of my favorite authors were in their 30's or 40's before creating their masterpieces. Before that, they were honing their skills just like I've been doing and will continue to do.
  6. darkcloud11

    darkcloud11 New Member

    Yes, I tried to write a book once. I stoped doing it. I lost faith in the book writing project. I decided to write for other people and I needed the money. But, there are days when I look back and I ask myself "Why." I had time to write my book but I couldn't bring the strength to complete it. There other things in my life that remind me of the same thing. What have I really been doing in my life? I should have did a lot of great and interesting things. I should have did more. I need to stop getting distracted. That's what I need to do. That is what I need to do. I need to focus and take care of business. I need to do more in my life. One of the things I need to do is write a book. I am going to take some time out and do this. I don't know when the right time will come. But, I will keep the dream alive and finish the book. I always wanted to make a scary book. I will start with this idea in mind.
  7. brittanyjo

    brittanyjo New Member

    I have started a few times to attempt to write a book. One of them I started because I had a dream. The dream I had was so out of the blue, when I woke up I had to write down what the dream was. It has been a while but it went something like this...

    The courtroom grew quiet as the judge stood to read out the verdict. The jury just entered with the decision that would change lives. The lives of the three teenagers sitting at the table in the middle of the room. Two boys, wells dressed in black suits and starched white shirts and a girl between the them in a matching black dress with a white cardigan pulled closed and her hands resting in her lap. Her dark brown hair was pulled into a neat bun like a ballerina would. Each of them sat up straight and waited for their futures to be read to them. Memories of that night danced in each of their minds, something that would never be forgotten by any of them.

    The dream that I had is what they had done along with this little bit. I never got much further with it but I can still think about the dream.

    However I am working on something right now, which I have gotten pretty far on. It has become a hobby in my spare time that I work on when it feels right to me. Whatever I leave off on I think about when I am trying to fall asleep and I build on what I have already written. It is a slow process for me but I enjoy the small escape I get from it when I am relaxing and writing something fictional.
  8. Juneberry

    Juneberry New Member

    I have and am still trying to write a book. I did finish once or twice, but I was horrified by the results of my manuscripts and decided to throw them in the pile I like to call 'eternally ignored'. I might actually try to work one of them again to sell...If I can figure out how to reorganize it. The concept was great, but the methodology I used was kind of...non-existent?

    However, I haven't given up and am still constantly working on writing novels- that don't get finished. I'm a seven or eight time participant of NaNoWriMo, and I also take part in"Camp" regularly too. I've won once...With the novel I'm debating on reworking.
  9. plau

    plau New Member

    I am in the process of writing a semi-autographical novel, and it is mentally draining but worth the challenge. This is my first attempt at writing a book manuscript, so I'm encountering structural issues that are not exactly easy to resolve. I don't have much in the way of support or encouragement for working on it as well.
  10. SkeLsky

    SkeLsky New Member

    I used to write a lot back in my earlier years of education, at one point I started writing an autobiography but I decided to quit.
  11. starr556

    starr556 New Member

    I am working on a poetry book right now and almost have it finished. I was wondering if any one could tell me of publishers which are accepting manuscript? I wish you well on finishing your book.
  12. deannajm

    deannajm New Member

    Ugh, how MANY times have I tried to write a book?! Probably every year, during NaNoWriMo, to say the least. The biggest difficulty I always run into, however, is committing to finishing! It always seems that I get my good ideas out and then my creativity runs dry. Does any one else run into this problem? I also start feeling super inspired to start writing a book, but that motivation also runs out after a time and I can't ever seem to finish. Any suggestions? The best advice I've gotten is just to set aside some time for it every day, but I struggle to do that with anything--like cooking dinner and exercising--never mind something as big a writing a book.
  13. Ntandoe

    Ntandoe New Member

    When I was in high school, I used to compile short stories made up of dialogues and short poems. I had always thought that one day I would be able to write a full dialogue book(narrated of course) and/or a book of short poems. I do not know how, when and where those dreams evaporated to but I think I still have it in me because of late, I have been thinking that I should write a book about my life. My only worry is....is it going to be interesting enough?!
  14. Duensing8

    Duensing8 New Member

    I am currently trying to write a book. I am about half way through it. It is difficult at times but I am determined to push through it.
  15. ladegbile

    ladegbile New Member

    Great question! During the course of my life I have always thought about writing a book. However, I only truly attempted to do so when I was about 11 years old. (Seems so far away now). My genre was children's fiction. The plot of my story was about a 3rd grade class that dealt with a very mean teacher and they could not wait until school was over to be free from her grasp. I never did finish the book, though looking back I wish that I would have.
  16. Sophia Rivers

    Sophia Rivers New Member

    I started my creative writing when I was a child and back then I wrote complete short stories. I've always wanted to write a huge novel, but I haven't been able to reach that milestone yet. I did manage to write a complete ebook. Completing that ebook felt really good. I would love to write another book soon. I may write a children's book, but I'm not sure yet.
  17. shehriikhan17

    shehriikhan17 New Member

    I actually did write a book, it’s called: Screwed up somehow but not Stupid: Life with a Learning Disability and it’s about cooking! Ha! Just seeing if you were paying attention. It’s about LD, in particular nonverbal learning disability, which I have.
  18. shabati

    shabati New Member

    Well I tried writing a book and still am trying to finish it now. The struggle with writing books is not about coming up with characters and being creative with the plot and all, rather it is the opposite, which is trying to fit in all the ideas buzzing inside my head. The ideas range from the plot, characters, etc. I struggle to fit them all in and sometimes I just get stifled because I realize I am getting nowhere by catering all the new ideas popping out my head.
  19. Tammy Frazier

    Tammy Frazier New Member

    I have tried to write a book, but it's harder than it seems. I have worked at a newspaper for 10 years, so I say that I'm "writer-ish." But writing a book and writing a news article are two completely different things. When writing fiction - which is what I want to do - you have to have a strong central character along with well-thought-out supporting characters. They have to be 'real,' and they have to 'grow' and not be one-dimensional. But I came across something recently on YouTube. They have courses now called "Masterclass." Shonda Rhimes is one of the people who teaches a class on writing! Squee!!! Shonda Rhimes - the creator of "Grey's Anatomy," "Scandal," "How to Get Away With Murder"... Wow! The class costs $100, but I think it's well worth it. She will teach her students how to write for TV! I'm saving my pennies here and there and, hopefully, can save up enough soon to get into that class!
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  20. Aml

    Aml New Member

    No, I haven't. But I do some writing on my blog.
  21. shehriikhan17

    shehriikhan17 New Member

    I am a freelance writer and while I specialize in non-fiction articles but I have always wanted to write a fiction novel. I have tried several times.
  22. Chinatown88

    Chinatown88 New Member

    I've tried writing two books. The first one I worked on for a solid 5 months but I stopped it since I didn't like the direction I was heading in. Started another one and liked where it was going but I hit a giant writer's block. I think I need to outline more so I know where I'm headed instead of improvising all of the time.
  23. Savingthebees

    Savingthebees New Member

    where is the free ebook?
  24. adeyemi

    adeyemi Member

    Yes have tried to write a book on ''Training student on how to memorize books in a longterm memory through Amazon
  25. Shivani Bhise

    Shivani Bhise New Member

    I tried to write a novel bit couldn't write more than a few chapters. Because the approach I used was wrong. I'm working on the new book now with its storyline sketched out first.
    This way I will get a vision on how to proceed in the following chapters. Its a way better approach as you don't have to wonder about the next part of the story.
  26. Minty714

    Minty714 New Member

    I've always been interested in writing. I've started writing short stories using prompts provided by other people and it was a lot of fun. I've gotten some good praise too! There was one short story I wrote that I was kind of interested in turning into a novel but I never ended up doing it and I stopped writing the short stories too.

    I think my problem is I'm too critical of my work and it's hard for me to keep writing as I feel it isn't good enough. Especially reading books but some amazing writers, it's hard to start when you know who you're up against you know what I mean? I bet writing novels is insanely more difficult than short stories too.
  27. Kassandra

    Kassandra New Member

    I think writing a book is one of the many things people want to do in life. I know I have wanted to write a book since I was little and to answer your question, yes I have tried writing a book before. I was about 7 years old at the time and I based the story on my love life. Believe me, I let my imagination go wild with the situations that occurred. I was even planning on creating some illustrations that went with it. Honestly I can't believe that I even managed to commit to creating a story and feeling confident that it would be something big someday. Even though I never finished at least one chapter, I still keep it in my files as a memory.
  28. chloe023

    chloe023 New Member

    I tried one. But then i get so busy and i forgot about it and what was the history from my book. Couple of year later i tried again to make other book and it took me like 2 year to finished. But i keep it the script in my PC. I was think about make it publict or something like that. I dont know maybe one day i will give a tried and makeing public this book or something like that.

    It could be a free Ebook or something like that but in this moment i dont think to make this script public. Just a coupled of friends readed this book and they thing it was nice and funny
  29. José Rivas

    José Rivas New Member

    I often like to think I'm writing a book because great stories come to my mind. But I forget them easily and when I want to sit and write a little, I can't remember what was my story about.
  30. Maria_C

    Maria_C New Member

    Wow, I have been looking for this type of question. I have written 7 books, all with an average of 5000 words and had self-published them on Amazon kdp earning some royalties ($$$). Writing is fun and it is something I advise everyone to try his hands on.

    Writes gives me an avenue to spread out what is in my heart, to express myself fully and to communicate my opinion in relation to any given topic. Nowadays I am occupied with tending to kids and my husband. In the future I will try and write more to get my name out there.

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