Have you ever tried to write a book?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Major Nyte, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. antonette29

    antonette29 New Member

    I have tried to write a few ones or so but never got the chance to finish all of them. For instance, I have all the inspiration and motivation to write what I want to put in a certain scene but after a few pages, I give up. It is really hard especially if the writer does not have a proper planning onto a chapter or say, for the whole ideology of the book. I have always dreamed to write a romance novel just like some of my favorite authors but never got the chance to do so. I love all forms of writing but writing a book is not just for me.
  2. nomdeplume123

    nomdeplume123 New Member

    I'm in a similar spot. I have a million unfinished stories because I only manage to write a couple scenes, but then lose motivation for the rest of the book. I've decided that I probably need to invest more time into the planning stage, so that I have a solid idea of what will happen at many points in the book. Maybe one day I'll be able to write fantasy like the legends before me!
  3. evfhardona

    evfhardona New Member

    I've tried, but I've never come close to finishing one. I consider myself a decent writer, but writing a whole book seems such a huge challenge compared to writing short stories and essays. You have to: keep track of the plot in order to avoid inconsistencies, develop the characters in an adequate manner, have an overarching story that wraps itself up by the end. No wonder most authors take years to finish their novels. I might give it a try after I finish college though, I'm committed to sinking a few hours weekly into writing a book. Wish me luck!
  4. MelanthaKrasos

    MelanthaKrasos New Member

    Words if penned by a writer’s hand is a masterpiece. The beauty of a literary piece resonates semblance of creativity that spoke a lot about the writer’s perspective. Writing is a calling and it is a not so easy challenge. And I might say I am one of those who took the call. Whatever is genius in us might be worth sharing. Thus, my first book was born out of love and patience. I hope that it will inspire others to live their life the best they can be.
  5. NikSuks

    NikSuks New Member

    Yes, I did, although using 'did' here is not perfectly appropriate because I am still trying to finish it. Let me tell you, it is a tough process, but I think that when I write last page, the act of completion will feel rewarding. You have to carefully ''craft'' your book, your characters, your plots and sub-plots. It is not easy to make a coherent and cohesive work of art. The act of writing a book requires a lot of your time and patience. I have finished 1/3 of my book, for which I originally planned a first season for a TV series, but I decided that a book would be more fitting medium for a story I got to tell.

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