Have you ever tried to write a story?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by Jeniffer De Leon, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Jeniffer De Leon

    Jeniffer De Leon New Member

    Yes, I tried so many times but I ended up hanging my writings. There are times that I will get tired and the result will be my characters are gloomy. But whenever I get inspired, I try to write and make a beautiful chapters. I guess it is true that what the Authors feel it will reflect on the characters. It will make the writings meaningful and touch the readers emotion by it. As for me, writings is not just about inspiring or sharing experiences but also touching their emotions for them to feel what you, as an Author, feel. Never stop writing and continue to be inspired and be an inspiration.
  2. Jayromy

    Jayromy New Member

    Yes! I'm more into writing than speaking. I guess an introvert like me express a lot more genuinely through writing. Back when I'm still in college, I had two short stories written and published in Wattpad. It was a spur of the moment writing but it turns out I made almost 10 chapters and luckily it was read more than a thousand times. Writing stories or poems feels like you entered another dimension, another world where you are the protagonist.
  3. Dyacezekiel

    Dyacezekiel New Member

    Yes i tried.. And i submitted one of it to a publisher but they ignored me.
  4. Yordles

    Yordles New Member

    I tried one time, got a notebook and started writing, but I didn't go too far with it, just like 10 pages before I ran out of idead and let the time pass. By the time I had a new idea, my mom had throw the notebook away and with that I decided that writing stories wasn't really for me, so I just stuck with the reading stoies part.
  5. LovelyRenee870

    LovelyRenee870 New Member

    Yes actually. When I was younger, I used to write my own stories. I had written over 10 short stories. I would always read them aloud to my grandfather, whom would exclaim with happiness soon after I was finished. He was so proud to see me using my imagination on something that could one day take me far. Of course when I had gotten older the writing came to a halt. One of the best stories to me that was written was called, "Pork-Chop Hill". It was sort of like a war story, which involved death of course. I remember waking and deciding to write it. Instead of outlining, I knew exactly how I would write it and what would go where. After I had written my story and read it aloud, my grandfather that day told me I had the mind of a movie. Even though I really don't bother to write anymore, that has always stuck with me.
  6. cious13

    cious13 New Member

    yes! when i am in grade school i remember my english teacher when she ask us to write a short story about our vacation. at first its quite difficult but if you think of all the happy memories of that event everything will be easier and tha is what happened to me.
  7. Ella23

    Ella23 New Member

    Yes, I did and I am still writing. I am a member of a site called fanfiction.net. I have been writing for only one year in this site and I have previous history into writing as I was also a member of our school news paper - writing short stories was my assignment. I also kept a small notebook in where I can jut down small ideas that pops into my head whenever an inspiration would appear.
    I was told by my story followers that my stories are mix with both horror and mystery. I seldom write about love or humor since I am not an expert in that area.
  8. Astralmach

    Astralmach New Member

    I have written stories when I was in my fourth grade and it did not only comprise of words but also drawings. It was like a manga with the panels and everything. I enjoyed writing and drawing stories because I had a friend who was also like me. We would exchange our notebooks, read each others stories, and get inspiration and encouragement from each other. This continued until our fifth grade, but for some reason I stopped writing and drawing. I tried to write again in my sixth grade, but I threw it all away because I was unsatisfied. When I was in junior high school, I had many stories circulating in my mind that was written on paper, however, all of it did not have endings or the story was never expounded. This situation stressed me and I felt that I was not enjoying what I was doing, but still I wanted to write stories. Until now this is my reoccuring nightmare. Many of the stories that I wanted to write was never written and are always just thoughts.
  9. Markm

    Markm New Member

    I love stories and books in general!Ever since I was a kid I was telling stories to my friends and family and would spent hours locked in my room creating the next story to tell, I was hooked in the idea that someday I would publish my own book that millions of people all over the world would love and be inspired by it. But that was just my dream as a child as I got older I was convinced that I wasnt good enough and I would spent most of my life trying to convince publishers that my books were good enough to be published (that's what my literature teacher believed that I would never make it) I've written several stories but didn't have the courage to sent any to a publisher until my early 20s when my boyfriend at the time read one of my stories and totally fell for it! He was in comics and had the idea to try something different, instead of writing a book I could create stories for comics they are shorter and closer to my style of writing.So we did our first comic together, I wrote the story and he was in charge of everything else. It took us 5 months to finish the first one, our friends loved it and urge us to send it to several publishers.For weeks we didn't get a reply we were devastated, all these hours of work didn't matter, until a new publisher reached out to us and said he liked our style!He said we needed more work but for a first try it was good, said that if we could give him a better one in 4 weeks he would buy it and publish it I was thrilled!My boyfriend on the other hand not so much we end up breaking up after a huge fight about trying again and if all that was worth it... So here I am trying again alone this time
  10. yuzupon

    yuzupon Member

    Tried and succeded. It's currently up in an ebook community site. It's crappy and sound amateurish but people still take time to read it no matter how it seemed hard to understand. Plot was a mess but I guess they just the characters I used so they read it still. Still needs a HUGE improvement and hoping someday I could release a book. That'd be an authors' dream come true.
  11. Abicdefghi

    Abicdefghi New Member

    Yes, I actually did try to write. A couple actually but haven’t finnished a single one. My inspiration seem to fly off my mind once I get to the middle. And gets stacked where I left them. I would actually want to Finnish even a single one.
  12. modus

    modus New Member

    I actually haven't, but I'll soon try. I am fascinated on how writers can write hundreds of pages of books. I wonder where they are pulling the paragraphs from, so I wanted to try it out myself. I love reading, it makes me relaxed and I always pick up things from it. Nowadays, movies are often being made inspired by real novels and a lot of comments that I've read are about the movie being a lot different than the plots on the books, and that the stories on the books are much better.

    I have always been curious about books and their authors. A lot of authors are well known but some small time authors have great work too. I like to read their work by the time they are still starting their career and of course the classics are classics, the stories speak for themselves. I also would like to read the books that the movies are based from, at least from the movies that I've seen. I'd like to compare the two first hand as it brings a lot of curiosity.

    I would also like to meet a book/novel writer someday, or have a friend that is a book writer, it's just awesome how they come up with lots and lots of pages without losing the context and value. Of course there are a lot of writers, but I'm particularly interested in book/novel writing.
  13. Elle Gee

    Elle Gee Member

    I actually try to write a story. It was a performance task that was given to us by our teacher. He said that we can make a story of our own as long as it is not copyright in the internet and any genre will do. I wrote a story which the theme was horror since I live for horror series. It's about a girl from a vacation that saw a doll which was haunted. I couldn't believe I made my own story and felt proud of it.
  14. Alyaskimoy

    Alyaskimoy New Member

    Writing a story includes imaginations and I guess that's what I have; wildest imaginations. I have been writing stories since I was in high school. Specifically, love and mystery are my favorite genres or category in writing of stories. Once I have a pen and a paper or in front of a computer, I am just staring for nothing, but inside my mind, I am busy constructing the rising, climax and falling actions of a story.
    Indeed, writing a story is fun. That's me, I am used writing stories.
  15. The fact is editors and agents and attentive readers do read hyper critically. It is because they do that such flaws don't appear in books. The world, even a fantastic world with demon creatures has to have “rules” and you have to know them and they have to be consistent. Characters in full armor can't run 6 miles in 10 minutes.

    There were issues in the prose itself (poor paragraph structure, haphazard grammar), and other issues (wooden dialogue, obvious plot turns, etc.) but the biggest issue was that he was unwilling to do the work to rewrite, revise, reconceive the manuscript to make it the best it could be.

    Read critically the books you love and then read critically what you've written. Trust any expert you've hired to edit. Yes, they're going to tell you things you don't want to hear. That's why you hired them.
  16. loriemay27

    loriemay27 New Member

    I have tried writing stories but I only finished one. It is when I was in second year high school because that moment I was inspired by someone whose setting beside me. Unfortunately, that time we are subject by our Filipino teacher to read a pocket book and report to the class the summary of the book that we have read. After our reports, I was then found myself to be like the authors in the pocket books. Eventually, writing a story is very interesting because as I have noticed that the flow of the story is depending upon my moods and emotions and sometimes not in the mood to write and that is why I finished my first love story book for three months. After that, I have tried many times to write a story again but I failed to finish them.
  17. Millen

    Millen New Member

    Writing stories made me express my inner thoughts and emotions so yes, I have tried and still write stories up until now. Writing is something that I'll describe as my comfort zone since I find it difficult to say the words I mean as they struggle to come out, only to drop back down in disappointment. For spoken words are ones that I fear. If there weren't any numbers and mathematical operational signs in the sentences, chances are, I bound to feel anxious. So I poured out all of my thoughts, emotions, and imaginations into written words, making a story in the process. It makes me feel free enough in expressing myself and at the same time, happy enough that I'm doing something that fulfills my soul especially if someone appreciates my work. Being able to write stories that can also inspire others makes me beyond happy and that happiness made me want to write more.
  18. prilheart

    prilheart New Member

    I tried so many time when I was on grade school. And all my classmates they are happy to read my story that I made.
  19. shanekristina

    shanekristina New Member

    I have tried writing stories before but I think it is not meant for me. I usually have a lot of ideas at the beginning (when I was still planning to make a story) but then it came to the point where I want other things to happen to the characters of my story. I realized that it was difficult to change the plot. It made me feel so frustrated; wanting to finish what I started, what thrill or cool scene should I put on the next chapter? or maybe I should add a new character, this or that... So, I think you already know what happened next. I stopped writing stories. Some of my friends actually wanted me to continue and told me to go to places that inspires me to write or listen to music whatsoever. I guess it really not meant for me.
  20. blackpastel

    blackpastel New Member

    Yes. I started writing stories when I was in elementary. As I was growing, I continue writing a lot of different stories. I was writing as a self expression of my imagination. When I'm on my teenage years, I got introduced to Wattpad and started publishing stories there but because I can't handle both my academic and writing passion, I choose one and focus on my academics instead. Until now, it's very sad because I never get to finish even one story. Still, I believe it's not too late and find way to continue this passion of mine.
  21. Sonya L Walls

    Sonya L Walls New Member

    Yes, I have tried to write a story. You can accomplish your goal if you have a place to work with no distractions. If you have many directions that you would like to contribute to your book, you can write all of them down and brainstorm to sort through them. I would group the written thoughts together, and I would start writing what those written thoughts remind me of. Remember to stay on subject, and you are good to go.
  22. demitrious conley

    demitrious conley New Member

    Truly, I attempted such a significant number of times however I wound up hanging my compositions. There are times that I will get worn out and the outcome will be my characters are miserable. Yet, at whatever point I get motivated, I attempt to compose and make a delightful sections. I get beyond any doubt what the Authors feel it will ponder the characters. It will make the works important and contact the perusers feeling by it. Concerning me, compositions isn't just about rousing or sharing encounters yet additionally contacting their feelings for them to feel what you, as an Author, feel. Never quit written work and keep on being roused and be a motivation.
  23. jmai2026

    jmai2026 New Member

    I always love to write stories during my high school days, both fiction and love story. Most of the stories that I made was from my dreams, I just put some extra magical colors after I dreamt it. There was one time that I woke up with a wonderful heart breaking story in my dream and I directly shared it to my partner and he loved it so much. These days, I often dreams about sci-fi, because of busy schedule I leave it stuck in my mind, I'm wishing someday that I would become a successful writter like J.K. Rowling.
  24. chanilove

    chanilove New Member

    Yes! I've been working on a novel for a little over a year now. Before that, it was... a novel I never finished. And, before that, another novel I never finished. But I have a feeling this is the One! I used to participate in NaNoWriMo back before I had my daughter. You lot should check that out if you're still interested in making your noveling dreams come true. They have a huge community, motivational speeches, and tons of advice. I love that place.

    My novel is from the steampunk/fantasy genre targeted at young adults. I really love steampunk. The airships, the weird gizmos, the grunge, the tiny ray of hope in a hopeless world... I work a little bit on my novel each week. Honestly, I'm just terrified I'm going to get burned out like I did on my previous novel idea, so in a way I'm afraid of working on it too much. Ridiculous and illogical, but there it is.
  25. saimanipol

    saimanipol New Member

    Well, I have a lot of ideas in my head but I haven't actually written anything because I'm afraid I'll get obsessed in finishing it in just one sitting. Most of my ideas are memories from my childhood that I would really want to recreate and go back to. The other ideas are just some fantasies, scenarios that I wish happened to me and some situations that I could have changed.

    I am so happy that I have a very active and imaginative mind. I don't know why I wouldn't write. Maybe because I'm afraid that I won't be able to put all my thoughts perfectly into words. Anyway, I will still try.
  26. mabz

    mabz New Member

    Yes, I tried so many times but I always ended up hanging my compositions due to lack of confidence of publishing it. I started writing stories when I was a teenager, most of my writings are based on my experiences and some of them are sci-fi. I like the feeling of having somewhere to go without moving anything but my fingers. I like organizing my world and life into stories. For example, I will notice a connection between something that happened to me when I was a kid, something that happened a few years ago, and something that happened yesterday. I will then imagine a character where these three events form the key events in the story of his life and the three events that most shaped the person he is. And suddenly a plot begins to appear, and for a little bit there, life's purpose seems to be clear, at least for this imaginary character.
  27. rondaye

    rondaye New Member

    Yes, i've already try to write some stories before. This stories usually about a life of a particular person who struggles to survived. For me, this kind of stories pictures my own experiences in life, i am not a proffessional writer but through engaging myself imto writing, i gain some confidence to continue living my life to the fullest. Story writing is a good way of expressing ones self because not all people is fond of talking and speaking to there hearts content that is why writing it in a piece of paper maybe, can help someone overcome his/her fears.

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