Have you ever watched Matilda?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Sitting While Helping, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. MasterFarquan

    MasterFarquan New Member

    I probably have watched it sometime when I was just a child. The name "Matilda" rings a bell and after looking at the description of the movie my memories came flowing back. I remember I also read the book and enjoyed it thoroughly.
  2. monstecarlo

    monstecarlo New Member

    Matilda is one of my favorite movies of all time, I used to watch it since I was 8 and I was amazed at the special effects of that year. Watching this movie made me realize I loved everything that happened in the fictional world, it was sort of like an escape to another realm. It might sound ridiculous but as a little kid I was always looking for ways to have fun and this movie was definitely the best way to have a great time.
  3. Fatimat

    Fatimat New Member

    I have watched Matilda before. I watched it more than once. It is a movie I never get bored of. Matilda is a sweet girl but can be crazy at the same time. It is a film that is nice to watch. I like when she tries to get the teacher because she is helping her classmates out. Matilda is a great movie that I would recommend for a family.
  4. Joanna Anastasiou

    Joanna Anastasiou New Member

    Of course! Despite being pretty old, Matilda is probably one of the best, most meaningful movies of all time. Although the main character is a little girl of seven years old, I think the movie was great for adults too.
    • First of all, the story itself: Matilda is child genius who however is not recognized by others and mistreated by her parents who run an illegal business. One day she gains telekinetic powers that enables her to move things only with her eyes. Later on in the movie she develops a good relationship with her teacher Miss Honey and is adopted by her in the end.
    • Secondly, the acting. The acting in this movie was superb. Matilda's role was well-played by Mara Wilson and even all the 'villain' roles were very well executed. I loved all of the actors!
    • Third but not least, the whole message behind the movie. A very deep message to everyone in the world, adults or kids. I think a deep meaning behind a great story might sommetimes be overlooked by viewers, but in this movie, the message was clearly delivered, by using all of the above.
    In a few words, this movie is an absolutely amazing, well-directed fantasy movie. I strongly recommend it to anyone, no matter what age or gender. And I recommend checking out the original book as well as it is one of the most exceptional books ever written!
  5. JaimeLinton8

    JaimeLinton8 New Member

    I have, and I love that movie so much. I felt so bad for her through out the movie and I was relieved when she got a happy ending. She was so smart and talented from a very young age. She didn't deserve to be treated that way, by any of them. The principal should have been put in jail and her parents should have never had kids.
  6. Calderwood

    Calderwood New Member

    Oh the memories! I wore out my VHS copy of Matilda. For some reason the most prominent memory I have of that film is of this one time when I was sick and had to stay home from school... I lay on the sofa in the living room, bundled in my blanket, with my eyes only half open in a delirium, but I was absolutely transfixed by the magic girl on the television.

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