Have You Ever Written Quizzes?

Discussion in 'Nonfiction Writing' started by Meshack Bwoyele Keya, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Quizzes are questions with several answers in which only one is correct. You are to choose the correct answer. Normally if you choose the correct answer, you get a tick but if you opt for a wrong answer, you get a wrong and the correct answer displayed.

    I am in virily which is a blogging site that writing of quizzes is among the activities. I enjoy writing them.

    When you make a quiz, you must look for an interesting topic. Make an interesting title that can attract people to your quiz. Decide on the number of questions.

    Normally avoid questions with answers of yes or no. It is better if the choices are four. Make two choices which are slightly far from the right answer. An intelligent person should eliminate them forthwith. The other option should be close to the real answer that only technicalities will separate them. The right answer should be arrived at if you really know what the examiner wanted.

    I prefer questions with phrases as answers. Phrases can easily be twisted not to tell the correct answer. Just a small twist or a certain English word will put off certain answers. Questions with 'LEAST' and 'MOST' are very tricky. The other tricky ones are those with NOT.

    Quizzes are very enjoyable

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